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    tool kit (19 August 2012)

    Great product. What is suppose to be sharp is. Great for a beginner. I had part of these tools already but nice to have all in one kit.

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    Cordless engraver (19 August 2012)

    Haven't used as yet; however, it looks great and hope to have time to give it a try soon.

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    Corner Mounter (19 August 2012)

    Works just like it says it will. Great for scrapbookers to use.

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    Measure before you buy (17 January 2013)

    I have wanted to buy one of these for a couple of years. I did not take into account the depth of my table and the screw will not fit on my table. I can use it when I scrap in the other room on a temporary table that can use this screw. I am disappointed.

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    Birthday Present (17 January 2013)

    I bought this for my daughter in law's birthday. She is very talented and just getting started. I bought one for myself but have not used it yet. looks good in package.

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    Portaink dual swivel traveler, craft organizer (28 May 2013)

    This organizer was easy to put together. Holds Ink as stated. Swivels with ease. I liked this product. Need space to use with room to swivel.

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    Ford T-bird Fin (28 May 2013)

    I do not know what I was thinking. I have no use for this paper and I am not a Ford Vehicle fan.

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    tacky tear tape (28 May 2013)

    I have not used this tape before but I am looking forward to many projects in the future using this product.

  • 3-D pop up cube twist (27 November 2013)

    Just watched the video on this product am ordering now and it will make awesome gifts for birthday or Christmas.

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    Feathers (13 January 2014)

    The feathers were smaller than I expected but I will still use them.

  • Spellbinder Tool (12 June 2014)

    It is the most necessary scrapbooking tool EVER made!. I Love this tool. It has cut down on the time it takes to make a project. This tool has also stopped me from procrastinating to make something using my intricate dies. Yes wax paper helps but it was not the solution that this tool provides. Highly recommend anyone with a die cutting machine to have one.