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    Cropper Hopper Paper Holder 12x12 (12 April 2011)

    I love this Item! I have purchased 10 so far. I have tried several ways to store my scrapbook paper and I never was satisfied. I like the way you can see all of your paper at a glance. I love to go to Crops and line the Cropper Hopper's up in front of me and when I need a sheet of paper I just look up and pull one out. I also purchased several of the Crooper Hopper Paper Pouches and Cropper Hopper Sticker Envelopes. I love it all! I will purchase more in the future. Please keep these items in stock! Thanks so much, Cindy L.

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    DBest-Quick Cart-Rolling Tote (12 April 2011)

    I am very pleased with my purchase of the Quick Cart-Rolling Tote. I purchased 2. These carts are everything they say they are. I bought them to store and carry my 12x12 Cropper Hopper Paper holders. Each cart holds 4 Paper Holders. These carts are handy to have for just about any reason. I also like the height of the handle after it pulls up. I am tall so the handle when pulled up is just right for me. Thanks, Cindy L.