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    Great Service and Products. My favorite Store (23 November 2011)

    Hello...I am late with this review. I want to tell you how very, very, pleaseed with my order. You deserve a double, triple, star for quality, politeness, fast delivery reasonable s/h rate. I love your site because I know that I can find EVERYTHING that I need. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE, VERY PROMPT.
    ALso, thank you with the follow up of ideas for the papers.
    I am very impressed with with the whole store. I will recommend this store to my friends. Thank you for letting me put items into a wish list so I can build up my wishes, also paypal is great. Trudy [email protected]

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    my review is "super, super Scrapbook Store (05 February 2012)

    Hello....I must tell you that I found Superstore to be fantastic. I have found everything I need right here in the store. Your service is fast, and you do a great job of follow-up . Thank you, you will hear from me again very soon.

    This is my comments for all of the items on this order.

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    excellent (18 December 2016)

    This store is excellent, keeps up with all new items, they have great classes excellent service in all customer helps. a complete store. their worker are well trained, customer service is excellent,fast shipping. available to answer questions. excellent store