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    Wonderful cutter (03 October 2012)

    I have a guillotine-type cutter, but the blade was constantly needing to be sharpened and the paper would slip out of place; this is a wonderful cutter, I have even cut chipboard with it (although probably that's not a good idea). But what sold me on it was the fact that the blade never needs replacing, according to the manufacturer; and the measurements are very easy to see for this elderly lady!

  • Super for a "punch" to your project (21 November 2012)

    I am using this paper to create hand-made calendars and I love this paper. My only disappointment was that the paper is designed for holidays only, and I was hoping that there would be some "generic" pages for spring, summer, fall, etc. But since my calendars are 4x6, I cut sections out of the holiday pages that don't particularly relate to the holidays. It is good, heavy paper to accent your other paper projects.

  • Love it (21 November 2012)

    I have a guillotine-style cutter, but I bought this one for greater accuracy! It is really easy to "read" and the blade is sharp enough to cut through more than one sheet at a time without slipping.

  • Fun powdery ink (21 November 2012)

    I didn't know what this was for when it arrived... you can sprinkle it on your journal page, then spray water on it, or mix it in a spritzer and spray over your page, either way it leaves a multi-color effect. It doesn't take much. It is a fun product to add another element to a journal page.

  • I use this a lot.. need larger sizes! (21 November 2012)

    This is quite similar to the self-leveling gel sold in art supply stores, but is great to have in a tip-applicator bottle. I use it to dress up ATCs, to attach metal findings to paper, and to fill in bezels. It's safer than the melt-pot stuff, and just as effective.