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    Uni-ball Impact Pen (27 October 2012)

    If only ther were 12-24 additional colors ...

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    I really ENJOY-ed this product! (27 October 2012)

    The graphics say it all.

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    Templates with style (27 October 2012)

    I wish I knew about these templats sooner!
    Gonna need the 12x12 size too.

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    Autumn Spice letters and numbers (27 October 2012)

    I love the six color selection of letters and number. Wish the letter were a bit larger. ease of use never gets old.

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    E-books (27 October 2012)

    Nice idea. This is a good pick for the very basic, but almost similar to the websites free classes, just more portable. if that functionality of e-books excites you, this will always be a draw for you as a customer. Similar concepts are offered at scrapbooking sites all over the Internet. Even on this site itself!!?

  • Verified Buyer Kit Club - Fall Season (27 October 2012)

    I love Fall! And I love this collection! Not too orange, or drab, the papers evoke a classy styled motif. As a Kit this one was uber appealing to me because it offers a stamp set and three sets of Washi tape! Top of the line embelishment really make this kit a seasonal bargin for what you get! "Thank-you" to the designers of this kit collection!