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    The only ones I will use (10 October 2007)

    These are the only scissors I will use. I have a pair in every color that they offer. These scissors are super sharp. They cut through paper like butter. The tips are also very sharp, which makes it easy for precision cutting. Also, sometimes when I am too lazy to grab my paper piercer, I use the ends to make holes in my paper for brads. These scissors come with a cover for them, so they will not open while you are transporting them and also so that you don't hurt yourself, because like I said even the ends are really sharp. You won't be disappointed if you get a pair of these. They are really worth it!

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    Great for at home or on the go (10 October 2007)

    At first glance, you may think that cricut was just designing another product to generate revenue. Its an extra and I won't need it. I NEVER scrap without my cricut tool kit. I believe that it is an essential if you buy a cricut. I always use the scoop and the hook. Those are really the only two that I use, but I think they are worth buying the whole thing. It makes getting the letters off the mat so easy. I don't know how you'd get the letters off without this too. There is also a spot where you can put extra blades in. I would strongly recommend that if you are buying a cricut, you get this.

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    I love these (10 October 2007)

    Are you ever at a loss to find the perfect album just for you? Get one of these. Not only do they have bare chipboard so that you can customize it yourself. It is a d-ring with top loading high quality page protectors. Do you like to scrap bulky? This will be perfect for you. I've got 40 page protectors in mine so far and it's still going. I highly recommend you get this, because decorating it is half the fun!

  • This is my paper friend (10 October 2007)

    I love these cropper hopper paper holders. I have two of them right now, and they are great! I keep all my stacks in them, and I can get about 3 stacks in each (big stacks) plus I stick some loose paper in the front of them. It is also great to stick your project ideas in. They are super durable, and I even move them with all the stacks in them and they hold up.

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    I love this ribbon! (10 October 2007)

    Finally a ribbon for us from american crafts who are patttern coordinating challenged. I love their ribbon, but I can never get their patterns and colors to match everything. I was so excited when they finally got plain colored ribbon. Not only is it plain colored, it is super cute! There are some felt ribbons, some ricrac, and some really cute shimmery ribbons. I use this almost every time I scrap. You won't be disappointed if you purchase this.

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    awesome tool! (10 October 2007)

    I love my cropadile. It punches through everything. Its amazing how many things that you can use this for for hole punching that isn't scrapbook related. I have punched holes in many things so that I can hang them up. The punches are very strong. I gave it a 4, however because of the limited reach. I wish they would make a long reach cropadile so that you can punch in the middle of a piece of paper. It can set eyelets and brads, which is great. There are two black squares with all the setters and you just spin them around to the setting you would like. Don't press too hard either, or it will just smash whatever you are setting. I use this tool a lot, and would be lost without it.

  • Always with me (10 October 2007)

    This is a tool that is one of those, must have, take everywhere with you. It is so great to be able to center anything. It is so easy to use, just line up and you get perfect centering anytime. I also use it as a plain ruler too. It is clear, so you can see right through it. That helps a lot, because you can see the page that you are working on through it. I highly recommend this to everyone. It is an inexpensive must have. I didn't think I'd use it that often when I first bought it, but I use it all the time. I am even considering buying another one so I can have two and always know where they are.

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    Chipboard Scrolls (10 October 2007)

    I was so excited to get these, but was disappointed. They work great if you want to paint them, but adhering them to patterned paper and trying to cut around them is impossible. It ends up torn and ratty. I tried cutting around them with a craft knife and scissors, but it doesn't turn out good. The shapes are too intricate and small to be able to cut around. If you are looking for something to paint, leave bare, or stamp these would work good. But unless you are a pro at craft knife, I wouldn't recommend getting these to adhere patterned paper to.

  • Great little product!! (09 January 2008)

    These are nice little cards that are fun because the sky is the limit!! They are also very thick and durable, none of that flimsy paper like some brands do. I used these for a swap and they turned out great! I would highly recommend them.

  • Simple, fast way for letters (09 January 2008)

    I love my cricut, but there are times I just don't want to deal with all that work. The coluzzle is nice because it is just cut and go. Very simple and mess free. There is a learning curve with the coluzzle. It took me a while to realize that you can't always go the full way around a letter in one knife move. You have to stop, pick the knife up and do it again. I would highly recommend this though. The cuts are very clean and nice.

  • So pretty!! (09 January 2008)

    These are so useful, even if you want to use the same color as your paper is just to make it glimmer. They glide on flawlessly and the glimmer is definitely noticeable!! They give you 3 sized applicators for each color duo which is so nice! Perfect for different jobs you need them for.

  • So many uses (23 April 2008)

    You know how you buy a set of embellishments by a certain brand, and they only really match with that brand's paper? Not these! These work so well with any brand. I recently used them with some older Heidi Grace papers and they looked great! The shapes are really good sizes too. Very good quality also. These are not see through either, which I liked a lot.

  • Self Adhesive (05 May 2008)

    These are adorable!! They really are see through, and there is glitter on them, but the kind that makes them look sugary. They even come with adhesive on them, which was really suprising since they are so thin! There is a clear sheet on the back that you can peel off. They seem very sticky too. I gave it a 4 because I love them, but with the color tones and shades, I couldn't use them on some layouts that I wanted to.

  • Great outcome (16 August 2008)

    I did an album class at archivers with this and it is amazing! The end product is beautiful. The only annoying part is that you have to peel all the film off before you can use it. They are so versatile and the possibilities are endless. I recommend this to anyone who wants to try something different, it really isn't as difficult as it looks! Stayz on works on it, as well as souffle pens.

  • Where have you been (08 September 2008)

    Finally no little clear sheets all over my floor!! This tool is by far my favorite new little tool. So much so that my birthday gift to myself was another one! This is such a good idea and I have been waiting for them to make one forever!! This makes adhering embellies, letters, flowers, etc oh so easy! Just press and stick. Plus if you want to use it for pictures, no problem!

  • My new best friend! (08 September 2008)

    This tool is so neat! Having the blade closer to the paper with a small knife like this gives you so much more control for precision and accuracy. It is especially good for trimming chipboard and getting into tight spaces. You won't be disappointed if you buy one!!