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  • The only scissors you'll need! (29 December 2007)

    I bought a pair of these when I first started scrapping over a year ago and at first wasn't sure if I really needed them. After using these for every scrapbook page and card I make, I'd definitely say they were worth every penny! Adhesives won't stick, the scissors stay sharp and cut perfectly every time!

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    Perfect for photos! (29 December 2007)

    I love my herma vario tabs and use them all of the time! The only problem is that rolling the tabs across your pictures or paper doesn't always work the way you'd like. I roll the tabs onto my finger, and then put them exactly where I want them. I like that you can easily reposition things after you've adhered them to a layout or card without destroying your paper. I recommend it, but wish it worked a little better.

  • A great product! (29 December 2007)

    I bought this originally after hearing good things in the forums here on Every good thing I heard was true! I use it all of the time to remove excess adhesive, especially from my xyron sticker maker. I use it all of the time, and always keep it near me when I make scrapbook pages or cards!

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    Perfect adhesive for small diecuts and ribbon! (31 December 2007)

    I love the little x! I use it all of the time, especially for ribbon. I also sometimes use it to adhere small diecut shapes and letters from my cricut. I have had the same problem with the adhesive showing around the edges, but like other reviewers have said keeping an adhesive remover (like an eraser) around gets rid of the excess very easily. Also, be sure to use something like a rub-on tool or popsicle stick to go over your objects before removing them. A great product for scrapbookers and cardmakers!

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    Great to use for small letters and diecuts! (01 January 2008)

    I originally bought the Xyron X Sticker Maker to use for diecuts. I've been using the ZIG glue pen constantly, especially for the tiniest letters and die cuts! It's so easy to use, and I've never had any problems trying to get the glue to come out. I use mine all of the time for scrapbooking and cardmaking. A must-have for papercrafting!

  • Good to have if you love Becky Higgins' sketches (02 January 2008)

    I love Becky Higgins' sketches and wanted this book since it has all of her sketches in one place. (I waited and didn't buy the two creative sketches special issues). I like that fact that is is organized by the number of photos, with layouts showing for each sketch. I actually don't like how small it is, and how it is spiral bound. (Seems overpriced for such a book.) The sketches themselves are pretty small, with the focus being more on the layouts themselves. Overall I like the book, I just wish it was bigger and better made for the price. If you like Becky Higgins' sketches, it is a great resource to have.

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    My favorite Cricut cartridge! (16 April 2008)

    I just bought Jasmine, my first cartridge other than George, and I love it! I really like the font, perfect for cardmaking and scrapbooking! It really is elegant! I just finished making a friends' baby card and I love how it turned out using Jasmine! I also really like the photo corners you can make with it! I haven't really had any trouble with the letters not being cut, I just adjust my setting if the cardstock starts to tear. Definitely a great cartridge to use for all sorts of projects.

  • Herma Vario is a great adhesive for paper crafting! (07 May 2008)

    I was introduced to the Herma Vario tabs 2 years ago at a Scrapbooking Basics class at Archiver's. I use it all of the time for everything, usually attaching paper to paper on my pages and cards. I even cut the tabs into smaller strips for smaller things sometimes! I recently used very thin strips to attach ribbon "stems" on a Mother's Day cards. I know that some people complain about how it comes off of the roller onto your paper; I solve that problem by taking it off with my fingers first, and then putting it where I want it. The tabs hold very well, and are extremely easy to use. Wouldn't scrapbook without them!

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    Love the Cuttlebug! (02 May 2009)

    So I have a Cricut baby bug already and love to use that for diecuts. I kept reading rave reviews about the Cuttlebug and wondered if I needed it... the answer is YES!!! I use my Cuttebug for embossing - cardstock and envelopes for cards, even diecut letters. The possibilities are endless! You get everything you need when your order a Cuttlebug. Just add a few of the embossing folders (Swiss Dots and Dvine Swirls are my two favorites, but I'd love to own them all!) and you're ready to go. Very easy to use and comes with a user's manual that shows even shows you how to use dies and folders from other brands like Sizzix! Definitely a must have whether you're a scrapbooker or a cardmaker!

  • Great way to store Solutions and Seasonal Carts! (01 May 2010)

    I bought a few Solutions carts and found a temporary storage solution - a clear plastic container. Unfortunately I outgrew the system (which wasn't really working great anyway...) I'd heard Provocraft made something specifically for the cartridges, so I checked it out. It's the same size as the regular Cricut cartridge boxes, just double! It fits perfectly with the rest of my cartridge boxes! And you can hold up to 8 Solutions or Seasonal cartridges in one box. I have 6 currently, but I'm sure I'll soon need to buy another one of these storage boxes. It works great!

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    Love the I-rock! (12 August 2010)

    I was a little worried about picking up one of these tools after reading some reviews. So far so good! I love it! It's very easy to use, and heats up REALLY quickly! It does seem a little awkward at first, but you get the hang of it. You have to hold the button down while you're using it. You can use the Imaginisce brand gemstones, or it seems like any other "hot fix" embellishment. I found Darice brand packages at Pat Catan's that are working great with my I-rock! If you have trouble finding gemstones, check where your craft stores carry t-shirt making supplies. Just make sure you are buying "hot fix" stones; the glue is already on the back and just needs heat to make them stick. I am so excited to use this on my cards and layouts!

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    Love my ATG - I can't believe I waited so long! (03 February 2011)

    I had heard and read here and on other messageboards all about how wonderful the Scotch ATG was. I researched online, but couldn't make myself spend $60+ for adhesive. When I heard one was coming out just for us scrapbookers I was beyond excited!

    This is the greatest adhesive I've ever used! It looks bulky but is SO easy to use. And being bright pink, you won't lose it in the middle of your mess if you scrapbook like me! The adhesive sticks so well - don't even think about repositioning items! The adhesive lasts a really long time. Economically it really is a must-have. I was buying refills for my Tombow Mono Adhesive (which I also like) CONSTANTLY. I got my ATG in August and just refilled it this week! Definitely a must-have for scrapbooks and cards!

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    Love the hearts embossing folder! (03 February 2011)

    I bought this set just for the embossing folder! The dies are also really cute and I'm sure I'll use them sometime, but I seriously love the embossing folder! Swiss Dots is my all time favorite folder - this is similar but with HEARTS instead of dots. I used it on my hubby's Valentine's card and just used white ink pad to make the hearts pop! If you don't have a Cuttlebug yet, you NEED one! I have one just for embossing and I use it on cards and layouts all of the time!

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    A Must-Have with your Cricut! (03 February 2011)

    I wanted one of these for a while, but finally broke down and bought one when ProvoCraft had the promotion for free cart downloads. (Can I just say I adore Smiley Cards?)

    There is a learning curve. Watch videos on Youtube and blogs - just search and you'll find tons! I looked at the manual online, but for me the video tutorials were much much easier!

    I love that I can design in the car, sitting in a waiting room, or just on the sofa while my hubby is working on the computer! I can save my projects and cut them out when I have time! I also love that I can upload pictures of my favorite projects, sketches, etc. for inspiration wherever I go!

    I haven't had any trouble with mine at all! I had one cartridge that wouldn't link, and PC sent me a replacement that worked! Highly recommend the Gypsy!

  • Great Cartridge with lots of extras! (03 February 2011)

    I got this cartridge to use with my "baby bug." I am a teacher, and have been using it all year so far to cut out calendar numbers and titles for my bulletin board! (I loved the boxed numbers.) There are images for holidays and a font too! I've seen cute mini-calendars made with this cartridge that I can't wait to try!

  • The Only White Gel Pen You'll Need! (03 February 2011)

    Like others, I drove myself crazy trying to find a "good" white gel pen. Some worked, for a while but ultimately ended up being a pain. Whenever I was in the middle of a project they would stop working. I had to keep multiple white gel pens on hand for this reason.

    I kept reading reviews about the Uniball Signo gel pen. I am so glad that I bought one. That's right, I bought ONE. And it works! All of the time! I know it will eventually run out, it's a pen after all. But it is the most consistent, quality white gel pen on the market!

  • Great Scoring Board! (03 February 2011)

    For the longest time I put off buying a scoring board. I'd seen the Scor-pal and Scor-it but couldn't bring myself to pay a lot for a scoring board. When the Martha Stewart Scoring Board first came out I knew I had to have it! Not only is the price very reasonable, but it works great! I've seen some great projects using a scoring board to create a design of raised lines, and now I can try it for myself! I love how much cleaner my card folds look now too!

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    Great for any project! (05 February 2011)

    I love using Stickles on cards and layouts! It adds that extra bling and is so easy to use! I love the look of glitter and love how this does just that but without the mess! My advice - put it on LAST and leave it out to dry overnight. The first time I used it I waited maybe 5 minutes, and smeared Stickles everywhere!

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    The best of the Cuttlebug embossing folders! (05 February 2011)

    This is one of the first folders I bought, and it's my favorite! Cuttlebug embossing folders are so easy to use and really add that extra something to your projects! I've used this not only as a background but also on cake frosting and Santa's beard on cards I've made! Love it!

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    Great for Cards and Layouts! (05 February 2011)

    This is the first of many border punches I've purchased! It takes a little getting used to - but the images on the punch make it really easy to line up the paper to continue the punch as far as you want. One of my favorite ways to use this punch is with rhinestones or brads to fill in the holes.

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    Just like Threading Waters but without the holes! (05 February 2011)

    I found this punch recently and just used it on a card! I love that the scallops are the same size of the threading water punch, but without the holes. Very easy to use and to line up to continue punching an entire sheet of paper!