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    Beautiful, BUT... (27 June 2012)

    OK. I love how this looked on the page I used it on. It's a fairly simple flourish and it doesn't take up TONS of room, which is one of the things I love, but here's where the however comes in. It was hard to remove from the plastic backing, and while removing it, it got all tangled up in itself. I put it back on the plastic backing so I could untangle it, and then had trouble removing it from the backing again. I feel like the adhesive has too much grab, which can be a good thing, but not in this case. It made it very frustrating to work with. If MME fixes that problem, this would be a 5 star product, for sure!

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    Alpha with texture! (25 June 2012)

    These look AWESOME on a page. They add texture and dimension and are very versatile. And they aren't as bulky as one might think, either, which makes them good for stacking and staggering. They won't add a ton of bulk to the page. The only thing that kept them from being 5 star is that some letters were difficult to remove from the sheet, especially letters like e and s.

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    Great embellishments! (25 June 2012)

    I was really excited to get these corrugated shapes - they work great on a page, no matter what the design. You can rough them up, ink them, paint them. The sky is the limit!

    The only thing that kept me from giving this pack 5 stars is that I felt like it was all arrows and few stars. I would love to see more stars in this pack. I used almost all of them up on one page!

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    My new favorite punch! (25 June 2012)

    I love the look of this punch so much! It is easy to line up, easy to punch paper, and it looks great with just about any paper or pattern. The punch itself also stores and travels well because it clips together when pushed down so that it stays flat and can be stacked with other large edge punches.

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    Pretty, high quality, BUT... (22 April 2011)

    I was kind of disappointed in the structure of the flower. They really are a simple flower that most anyone could make themselves for a lot less money. Just take some fabric, thread it along one edge, then pull the thread tight. After that, just stick a flower center on it and call it good. Of course, if you're not really a "DIY" type of person, these are great. I think they're a bit pricey for what they really consist of, though.

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    Inexpensive circle template! (05 September 2010)

    Finally, no more hunting down plates and bowls in my cupboard with my 12x12 circle template! To connect the sections, I've found it easiest to rotate the template enough to connect the lines and you don't have to worry about any flat spots at all.

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    The only thing that shows up is your powder! (05 September 2010)

    Water mark or heat embossing, this pad is a wonderful addition to my supplies! Unlike other brands of embossing fluid that are tinted and claim to dry clear but still leave a tint to clear or translucent colors, this embossing ink goes on clear, dries clear, and leaves your heat embossed items looking great! Highly recommended!

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    My favorite ink for heritage pages! (05 September 2010)

    This ink adds a nice sepia effect with white which is great for heritage pages! Another must have in your scrapbook supply!

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    Great for subtle distressing! (05 September 2010)

    Milled lavender is a wonderful color to add a subtle inking to any page. Add more color for a less subtle effect. A must have for any scrapbook inventory!

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    Great ink for any project! (05 September 2010)

    This ink works well for any need. It comes out close to a lime green on white paper and the color on the lid matches exactly with the color on paper.

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    A touch of sparkle with your distressing! (20 August 2010)

    I love Smooch ink! The colors are perfect and go with just about any paper line. The ink is easy to apply and the applicator brush is great. A must have for any stash!

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    So cute with great colors! (20 August 2010)

    These papers are perfect for any boy page! I also love the decorative strips on each paper!

  • Reliable, easy-to-use, company-backed product (12 February 2010)

    I'd had the trimmer for about 8 months and only replaced the blade once, and hadn't replaced the cutting mat at all. I have experienced many of the same problems with this trimmer as others have mentioned. I have the pink version. About a month after purchase, the magnet fell out, but it didn't affect the cutting at all. It cut straight until only recently, and then the 12-inch arm broke while I was pulling it out to cut a piece of paper. I emailed EK Success with my complaints and they sent me a brand new one, no questions asked. The fact that the company will back their product, no matter how old it is, says it all to me! This one lasted much longer than any other trimmer I've purchased. It's beat out my Fiskars trimmers, hands-down.

  • Not worth it. (27 January 2010)

    I bought these, excited because I loved the designs and was disappointed because of several reasons: 1) the packaging is terrible. The plastic box doesn't offer much protection to the chipboard and so it was bent when I received it. Several others who I know have purchased have said the same thing. Also, the chipboard adhesive doesn't stick very well, especially since the chipboard came warped. It wouldn't stick well enough and I ended up having to use additional adhesive and then press the LO between 2 flat surfaces to try to resolve the warping problem.

    They're pretty enough, but PP needs to change the packaging so that the product comes in a condition that's scrappable!

  • Chocked full! (27 January 2010)

    This sticker book contains a lot of different designs in it to aid you in embellishing your page! I love that you get journaling blocks, borders, and alphabets all in one. They stickers themselves are high-quality cardstock, so durable with great colors.

  • Great, beautiful fall-themed paper! (27 January 2010)

    This gorgeous paper looks great on many fall-themed pages! The colors are rich and the design adds unique texture to your pages. :)

  • Cute but buggy! (17 May 2009)

    I tried these for the first time about a week ago and it isn't as easy to do as it should be. The first time I tried to peel the flower off the paper, the petal fell apart. The store replaced it for free, and the second time I used my tweezers to help remove them from the backing.

    First, the adhesive is very delicate and tears very easily. Second, the jewels have a tendency to pull away from the adhesive, rather than pull the adhesive up.

    After talking to a couple of people, I found that BG recommends using transfer tape to remove the bling design from its backing and put it on paper to help preserve its shape and stability. If the shape came with a piece of transfer tape, that would be great!

    I expected them to work as well, or better, than other brand of jewel shapes. Since this is the first run of the product, I hope they will continue to improve the product. Otherwise, the designs are gorgeous and really look great on pages and projects!

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    Best bang for the buck! (11 May 2009)

    When compared to the other systems, the Silhouette really is a winner, hands down. Printing up to 8 inches wide and 14 inches long for paper, it allows me to die cut most of the designs I would ever want to print. No cartridges needed, either, so you save a huge expense there, as well as no additional software to buy to use it with your computer. If you choose to purchase Quickutz dies, the prices are great, but you can also find many free designs around the web. I love my Silhouette!

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    Lovely design for a punch! (07 April 2009)

    The apron lace punch is a fun scallop design. It's easy to use and adds a pretty touch to any page. Because of the design, it's good for masculine or feminine pages. My only wish is that it was easier to punch around corners!

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    Useful tool! (07 April 2009)

    I really like that Fiskars came out with a "plain Jane" scallop tool. It's great for making scallop borders on any piece of paper. My only wish is that it was easier to do corners!

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    Beautiful paper! (07 April 2009)

    Useful for any theme, this Pink Paislee paper is one of my favorites for this season.

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    This tote ROCKS! (02 April 2009)

    I have been looking for the PERFECT laptop/tool bag and I have finally found it! It is roomy but not too big, well designed, and looks GREAT! I'm a huge fan of this AMM tote where the others have not always been as well-done. Tote-ally worth the money!

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    Perfect! (15 January 2009)

    I have not one, but two of these in my scrap space. They offer a clean look while holding so much! I store all of my paint, stickles, flowers, buttons, and spooled ribbon between the two units. I love how they look and how much they can hold! Everything looks neat and organized. My embellishments are in open view so they are more often used. They're easy to get to and look great, too! I don't know if there are enough positive words in the English language to describe how happy I am!

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    Extra adhesive needed! (03 January 2009)

    The chipboard itself is great. The glitter gives it texture but doesn't rub off like on other glitter-coated items. I probably have almost one of every kind of Thickers by now. The only drawback is that the adhesive doesn't always adhere very well. Picking up the LO or doing additional work on the LO will cause the Thickers to pull away from the paper. I've found that I've had to add additional adhesive in order for them to really stick.

  • Beautiful stamps, but... (15 July 2008)

    These stamps are beautiful. They make gorgeous images that you can use on scrapbook pages and in cardmaking and other paper crafts. The only drawback that I encountered was when using the Cats Eye chalk in, the color tended to stain the stamp. The BG acrylic stamps are the only ones that I have this problem with. It isn't anything to affect the quality of the image or even your stamping. It's just not expected out of a company of this caliber. All in all, though, they are great!

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    Make gorgeous pages with these gorgeous stamps! (15 July 2008)

    I own a lot of stamps, but these have been by far my most favorite. The images are beautiful. They're easy to combine together. They clean up without staining. They're my favorite!

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    -The- perfect white pen! (15 July 2008)

    I love this pen! It writes evenly and smoothly! It shows up against all dark background papers! It lasts a long time. What more could you ask for in an opaque, white pen? Not much! :)

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    Versatile, gorgeous paper! (15 July 2008)

    I had this in my stash for a month or so and finally used it even though I was scared about finding another project I might like it better for! LOL! Not only did it give the perfect touch to my page, but it was so much easier to integrate into the design than I anticipated. You can use this as a photo mat, as a background PP, as a border. There are so many wonderful uses for this paper. I just love it!

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    The -best- paper! (15 July 2008)

    I love using the white textured paper through my printer to print heritage photos. It gives it an awesome look and I know that the photos will last because of its archival quality. Bazzill paper has stood up to all of the tests I could put it through and the 8.5x11 white cardstock is perfect for printing journaling, photos, and anything else you could think of to add to your scrapbooking and papercraft projects!

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    Great bang for your buck! (15 July 2008)

    I love that when I run out, it seems that I always have another one to refill right away. No stopping in the middle of my project to run to the scrap store! No waiting for my next order to come! I love the Tombow adhesive. It is the best of the less expensive adhesives and at a bargain pack price it certainly can't be beat!

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    Great adhesive! (15 June 2008)

    I really like the Tombow Glue pen. It works great for all of those small things that you need to glue without the mess of a glue stick. The adhesive dots dispenser also works well. You don't get the clogging like you do with the other dot rollers. So far, so good! I like them both!

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    GREAT portable organization! (15 June 2008)

    I -love- my S Purse. I use it to store all of my acrylic stamps, my stamping blocks, and if I wanted, I could store my ink in there as well. This has enough room for everything. The only recommendation I make it to purchase a few extra packages of the storage pockets because once you have a way to store your acrylic stamps, you will keep buying them and buying them!

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    Big bang for your buck! (03 May 2008)

    I am a huge fan of Heidi Swapp embellishments, especially her alphabets and this one does not disappoint! You get way more stuff for the price. It was like Christmas when I received this kit! It's got the best of all of Heidi's alphabets!

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    Love my Oh Baby! Boy paper (04 April 2008)

    I've used this paper on quite a few pages - baby related and not. I've loved it so much that I've rebought the papers I've used so that when I need them again, I have them. The paper material is high quality. The designs are beautiful and versatile.

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    Great for the price! (26 March 2008)

    I was surprised to read that people have problems with cutting straight on this. I find that any problems I have with not cutting straight are caused by my own error - not lining the paper up along the botton. The only problem I have had with this, and it is very minor and experienced on other trimmers as well, is that when I am going to cut off 1/4 - 1/8 inch strips, it doesn't trim well. I have had to take my scissors to complete the trim. The blade lasts a long time, too! I have made TONS of pages and projects on the original blade that came with the system. No fuzzy edges, yet! I love this trimmer - very portable, easy to use, and well designed for the price!

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    It's OK (26 March 2008)

    I bought this a couple of years ago and the original, new tape worked great. I've had problems with the refills, where the dispenser gums up, and the tape backs up on itself. It's frustrating to have to stop in the middle of a project to wind the tape back up. "Degunking" it does not improve this problem. That said, the adhesive works incredibly well. I love that if you make a mistake, you can "un-do" it by rubbing it away. And all of that said, if you don't have a lot of money to invest up-front, this works well for the cost and it is very versatile and portable.