TableScraps's Reviews

  • Creative GENIUS! (26 February 2008)

    I WISH I OWNED THIS BOOK!!!! I have seen it first hand and this is seriously a MUST have book! Elsie is a creative GENIUS and just looking at this book inspires you! Everything that she does is colourful, whimsical, unique, eyecatching, just all around inspirational! If ever you are stuck with a nasty case of scrappers block, Elsie can help you out! Or if you just need help taking your scrapping to the next level, Elsie is there! Her challenges give you things to do that you wouldn't normally think of. If you can only do one Elsie assisted layout per week, than in 52 weeks you will be rocking the scrapworld Elsie style! Trust me on this one! GO BUY THE BOOK, and when you do, can you buy me one too?? :D

  • These tweezers ROCK!!! (23 February 2008)

    I got these tweezers in the tool kit, and honestly didn't think much of them at the time...but then i needed help with the alphabitties and wow did they help! and then there are the teeny tiny blings that i like to use but can hold as my fingers are just too big...or pulling the letters off my cuttlebug mat...The only downfall of these tweezers that i have found in over two years of almost constant use is that the purple "making memories" grips on the handles are not adhered very well and i've had to reattach them quite a few times.
    Definitely a FABULOUS product with multiple repeat uses. A staple on every scrappers desk!

  • These scissors are sharp!(sorry for the pun! lol) (20 February 2008)

    I have these scissors, and they are AMAZING!
    They are comfy to hold and use(thanks to the rubber handles!)
    I love that they are springloaded, it just makes things easier. I never thought that i'd care about this, but using normal scissors after just isn't the same.
    I like that they lock closed(cause these scissors are SHARP!!).
    I absolutely LOVE these scissors, but am also rather scared when using them too...(there is actually a photo on here somewhere with these scissors embedded in someone's thigh!!!! Yes, i am VERY serious!!!). These suckers are the sharpest scissors around!!! They do come with a cap for the tip though, which i recommend using even if you put them down for 1 second...accidents can EASILY happen!

  • Verified Buyer

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this paper!!! (19 February 2008)

    OH MY GOSH!!! This is the best paper ever! It's on the top of my faves list right now. It's sturdy, it's OH SO COLOURFUL!, the amount of sparkle is just right(it accents the flowers, etc), it VERY easy to coordinate other papers with it. If i could i would paper my scrap room with it!!! LOL! It's SO gorgeous!
    If you are crazy about bold colour, then this is the pack for you!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Super Useful! (18 February 2008)

    I absolutely LOVE this glue! I use it for all my tiny gluing needs. I recieved it from a fellow scrapper, and will never let it go. It is far and away the best glue for adhering small things. I love that I can use TINY amounts for thin lettering or tiny buttons, etc. And a little goes a LONG way! It's strong and quick drying, and the tip has never clogged on me yet! Would highly recommend to everyone!
    (sorry, i haven't even used the broad end yet! lol)

  • Verified Buyer

    it's good if you need cheap! (17 February 2008)

    I have this marker. I love that it's opaque. Medium point is exactly that, you CAN'T do any finetip work with it unless it's like DOTS! lol.
    This was my only option at the time of purchase and the price was right! It's lasted me quite a while, it's old faithful...but I'm on the hunt for the uniball signo!
    Hope this helps!