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    The perfect present... (11 December 2011)

    I made a digital layout for my husband for Christmas and I didn't know how to present it. I found this frame and decided it might be perfect. It's lightweight and highlights the layout without distracting from it. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. I'd recommend it to anyone.

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    Oh what fun! (01 December 2009)

    I've been slow in entering the "bling field". These were the first pearls I'd ever used and boy did I have fun. The color is useful with different colored flowers and projects, the size range fits all types of needs and they were just a joy to use! I've already got more pearls in my shopping cart! A definite re-buy!

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    Great Flowers! (01 December 2009)

    These flowers were purchased for a specific color card. The color coordinated beautifully and the size was perfect. The size is big and "bushy" enough to cover large areas when used in multiples. Singly they are just the right size to cover a nice big area. I would definitely buy these again ... in other colors, too!

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    Perfect little flowers... (01 December 2009)

    These flowers are just the right size for embellishing small spaces on cards. The bright colors go with just about anything and the size is perfect. I would definitely buy again!

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    Rusty Pickle Chipboard Tag Album (19 June 2009)

    To be honest, I snagged this little tag book because it was a Clearance item that I needed for a discount. Lucky for me! This is what you would expect a black chipboard book from Rusty Pickle to be ... not flimsy, good surface to work with.

    I was disappointed that the photo showed black binder clips and it came with silver. Other than that, a good purchase all around.

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    Bravo to BasicGrey... (19 June 2009)

    Once again BasicGrey has come up with a wonderful collection pack! The Ambrosia Collection is a set of classic, muted colors and patterns with the brilliant pop of citrus accents. I've done several album covers and each one was a success of color coordination and surprise brights.

    Not only would I recommend this product to a friend, I'll probably buy another for myself!

    "Yes" to BasicGrey's Ambrosia Collection!

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    Quote Stack Stickers (19 June 2009)

    Unless you want more than one of some stickers (like me), you won't be left wanting with Die Cuts With A View's Quote Stack Stickers, (clear adhesive - 300 sayings and quotes). Besides wanting duplicates, the first time I used one I found that they're really "flimsy" ... very thin and with a mind of their own! You might get fingerprints all over the back (as I did) until you get used to them. It didn't help that I was trying to position it under an already existing element!

    All in all, there's an excellent collection of stickers and once you get used to the stickers consistency, nothing will stop you from using this product and even buying more!

    Definitely "thumbs up"!

  • One of my all time faves! (15 October 2008)

    I have had problems finding an adhesive that wouldn't wrinkle paper, was easy to use, and didn't make all kinds of messes. I found it in this Photo Tape! It's narrow and easy to get into tight places. I can cover large areas without using a whole roll of tape to do it. My only problem with it is that the tape is narrower than the backing paper, so it's a little difficult to position. If that's the worse thing about it I will gladly use it until they go out of business! A definite keeper in my stash!

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    Disappointed . . . (02 September 2008)

    I had been on Scor-Pal's website before and was fascinated with some of the projects. I finally had the money to buy this and was anxious to try it out. I was disappointed with the total lack of instructions with the package. It shows the very basics ... how to fold a card in half. The site was not very much more updated than when I visited it years ago. I'm fortunate to have a mind-set of "tell me I can't do it and I'll prove you wrong!" ... so I'm sure I'll figure my own projects out. I was just hoping to use it sooner. Don't buy it if you don't have a very large imagination!!

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    Not just for die storage . . . (02 September 2008)

    I don't even own a die-cutter! I needed some storage for small, odd things that didn't fit anywhere in my studio. I saw these and figured, "why not?". My husband is a Novice Woodsmith and was upset at the price ... until he took one and gave it a good once-over. He was thoroughly impressed and was impressed with the price, too! The "drawers" are fun. They would be excellent for dies [in my un-experienced opinion] and they are great fun and excellent small storage for that "where do I put it" stuff! It turned out to be a totally awesome purchase! I would buy again.

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    Over decorated . . . (02 September 2008)

    and childish looking. Would probably work on a children's page or item ... too childish for my needs. Somewhat flimsy. The sizes were awkward, also. A plus ... the adhesive was some of the best I've come across on embellishments!

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    A problem at first . . . (02 September 2008)

    I got this and it was defective. I have to say that the customer service at Scrapbook.com is incredible ... five stars at least! I had my replacement in 2 days. [yeah, wow!] The stamp was perfect and when I got to use it, it worked very well. It takes a while to "ink up" and that just takes some patience ... which I have not much of in certain things! The image on the fancy bordered, lined stamp, is clear and looks so classy! 7 Gypsies hasn't let me down yet ... will buy from them again ... and if I need another stamp like this, that's where I'll go!

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    Knock your socks off ... (02 September 2008)

    ... GORGEOUS! the art on these hearts are exquisite and the size is perfect, even for smaller pages. The cream and black are a perfect go together. Before I opened it, I was concerned that I had paid too much. Absolutely worth every penny! I rarely rate things with the maximum rating ... I don't believe anything is perfect. This comes that close. A bargain if you love beautiful things on your pages!

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    I Love These . . . (02 September 2008)

    I got an EK Success - Art Blanche Collection - Calendar Tent [see my review] in the same order as these flowers. I opened the flowers and simply pulled the adhesive cover off and "stuck" the whole bunch to half of the calendar! Lots of fun ... no work ... and a cute look. The black and red go so well together! They could work with any style or color you're scrapping. Did I mention that my top 3 "have to haves" are ribbon, punches, and FLOWERS!!! I love any flowers and these are tops on my list!! I think I'll buy some more . . .

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    Not my size . . . (02 September 2008)

    This is a good to scrap product! My problem with it is the size. Even with a ruler I have trouble translating sizes. It's big. At least for me. I have some small places [my studio is have of the dining room] and this takes up too much space. I finally put it on my bookcase until I could find a good place ... and it takes up about a third of the shelf! It is open to endless ways of decorating it ... big spaces and a good calendar grid. If you've got the room, get the calendar!

  • If you know anything, don't bother! (15 March 2008)

    I thought there might be something special about using ECuts. Don't get me wrong, I love the concept and designs of Ecuts, but if you know anything about scrapbooking, card making or other paper arts, you already know what's inside this book. Save your money for something fun!

  • So good I keep buying more... (15 March 2008)

    I love this book and am looking forward to buying other "words". I liked the thickness of the book ... easy to work with and could add more weight and still have a decent book. The only thing I would tell someone considering this is that the "binder rings" aren't included. That's okay, I saw some from 7Gypsies and bought them in the same order ... without knowing I would need them so soon! Totally Awesome, in my opinion!