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    Really Good But... (11 July 2007)

    I have been a Fiskars' fan ever since elementary school. So when it came time for me to buy a trimmer, I knew just which one I wanted. I really like the fact that it is not a guillotine or rotary blade. Since it's a "slicer" you can place the blade at any point on the paper; not just the top or bottom. I also like it's portability. Since the arm folds in and because it's so flat it's very easy to take with you anywhere, as well as easy to store.

    There is one problem that I have with it. The outer edge (where the arm comes out of) is a curve. At first, it looks cool and adds style to the trimmer, but when you need to cut something at 5 inches it can be very difficult to line it up correctly because not only does the arm come out at the 5 inch mark, but the curve is at that mark as well.