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    I'm sooo in Love with my Pazzles!!! (12 August 2009)

    I'm sooo in Love with my Pazzles!!! I've had it for a little over a week now and I can't stop playing with it. I watched some tutorials online and had no trouble learning how to use the software. I have made more cards, pages, and projects this week than I have so far this year. I am really enjoying this machine. I can't even fathom how I got on without it for so long!

  • Perfect tool for cardmaking!! (10 January 2009)

    I love the Scor-It mini. It is the perfect size for card making. I thought I'd prefer the big one, but I'm really glad I got this size because it seems to fill all my needs and the size is perfect for storing. I love the perfect folds you can make with this tool and I can't imagine how I managed without it before. I've been in cardmaking heaven since I recieved the Scor-It mini!!

  • Love this thing!! (01 January 2009)

    I've spent oodles looking for the perfect tool to cut out circles and squares. After being disappointed by so many more expensive products my mom bought me this little thing. Who would've thought that such a simple little thing would be and do exactly what I've been wanting.

  • I love this little thing!! (01 January 2009)

    I first used this tool in a card making class and thought I'd never use it at home, so I didn't buy it. As the holidays came around and I started making my own Christmas cards and gift tags I wished I had bought it because I wanted to use some of the techniques I'd learned in the class. My sis gave it to me for Christmas and I couldn't be happier. The tool is used for removing adhesive from the backs of stickers so you can popdot them and add a little more depth to your project. I can't believe how much I've used it in my cardmaking already and I've only had it a week. It isn't one of those tools you'll use much, but it is pretty handy at times.

  • YEAH!!! Eyelet setting is easy now! (01 January 2009)

    My sis got me this for Christmas. I had used one in a class, but hadn't had the opportunity to buy it yet. I am so thrilled with this tool! I love how easy it makes setting eyelets! I also love the hole punching feature as well as I love making cards and gift tags!! This is a great product!!

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    Can't live without it!!! (01 January 2009)

    My mom got me the ATG 714 for Christmas. I've only had it for a week and I already can't live without it. I can't believe I went so long buying tons of expensive adhesives. The initial cost for this item is kind of high, but I'm already convinced that it is well worth it!!

  • The Best Embossing Heat Tool Ever!!! (28 October 2008)

    The Marvy Embossing Heat Tool is the best heat tool ever!!! It heats up quickly and is really quality. I've tried other brands and I'm so glad I got this one. It's worth paying a little more for sure. When I go to classes etc., I take my heat tool b/c I will not use the ones they have for us in the classroom.

  • Cool! (14 September 2008)

    I love this stuff! It is so fun to distress, ink, chalk, paint, etc. You can do anything to it and it doesn't affect the quality at all. Really fun to use!

  • Really Cool! (14 September 2008)

    Wow, I just picked this stuff up yesterday! Really Cool! I saw a tutorial on it on youtube and thought it looked neat. It is indestructible! You can ink it, chalk it, paint it, any thing you want and it looks so cool. It comes in different textures too! This product is so much fun and I really like it a lot better than chipboard!

  • Great set! (14 September 2008)

    This is a great set of coordinating ribbon. I needed 6 more Christmas cards and didn't have anymore of the supplies I was using for this years design. I happened to have picked this ribbon up a few weeks ago b/c I liked it even though I didn't know what I'd do with it. I remembered I gotten this ribbon and made the cutest cards with it. I wish I'd made all my cards this way this year. The patterns work really well together and the quality of the ribbon is excellent. Great choice for cards, gifts, etc.! I love this set!

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    Love, Love, Love it!!! (14 September 2008)

    I'm so happy that Fiskars came out with this punch. I love the scalloped edge look and the holes are such a great accent. The quality of the punch is wonderful. I used it on Christmas cards yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. This is a great punch. You have to do a little pre-planning if you want to use it to go all the way around your paper, but the look is so worth it. I'd love it if Fiskars would come out with a circle version of this design!

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    Brilliant! (08 September 2008)

    The Dew Drop Brilliance set is simply brilliant! They were the perfect addition to my Christmas cards this year. I couldn't be happier with the quality of these inks!

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    Great! (08 September 2008)

    I really love the VersaMagic Chalk Inks! They dry really fast and don't seem to smudge. I love the way my inking looks after it drys using these products. They are a must for all who love inking and for those who'd like to start!

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    Best Ever! (08 September 2008)

    I just tried Glue Dots for the first time today! I know people have been raving about them for a while now, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy them when I could find cheaper adhesives out there. Well, I broke down and got some and I'll never go back! I love the ease of the sheets and the perforation between each dot is a really handy feature. These little guys can stick anything down. I really loved how well they hold down ribbon. I recommend Glue Dots hands down over any other adhesive!

  • Great product! (05 September 2008)

    I love these Bazzill stitching templates! They are super easy to use, durable, and provide a really fun and easy way to start incorporating stitching into your LO's! I have several sets and I adore them.

  • Cuts beautifully! (05 September 2008)

    I'm really pleased with this punch. It cuts beautifully!

  • Neat, but not what I expected. (30 August 2008)

    I can see where these pens could be fun to doodle with. I guess I expected them to be a little puffier and not run as much. They probably would have been great on a non-porous surface. I did enjoy them though. You have to write really slow!

  • Really Disappointed! (30 August 2008)

    I was excited to get this system and try it as I've been really impressed with other Purple Cows products. I'm really disappointed! The cutter doesn't seem to work well with the templates. You have to push down really hard, and even then you'll have to go back with a craft knife to finish the job. It's okay used as a freestyle cutter. I was kind of upset to discover my mat was printed backwards, and if you turn it over you can't see the numbers through it. The straight edge doesn't have the wave side like it shows in the photo. I'm really considering getting rid of it, but the freestyle cutter would be the only reason I might keep it.

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    Love em' (06 August 2008)

    I just discovered Thickers and used these in a LO tonight! Love em'! They stick well, look great, and come in so many styles and colors. Great product!

  • Love the colors! (02 August 2008)

    I just used some of this collection today! I hated to cut the paper, it's so neat. This is a really fun collection!

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    Really Nice Selection (02 August 2008)

    I just received these in the mail and I'm really excited to start using them. I think the selection is wonderful. The colors are great, the quality of the stickers is excellent, and I thought they were a really great deal. I like that each letter comes in different styles and sizes. You can never have too many letters!

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    Great Value! (02 August 2008)

    Just got this the other day. I was really impressed with the quality of the contents. I honestly would (and probably will) use everything in the box. I know some reviewers had some problems with stickers being messed up etc., but mine was packaged very well and everything was in good order. I'm very happy with the whole set and think it is a great value!

  • Great first kit! (31 July 2008)

    I think this was the first scrapbook tool I bought and I still use something from it almost every time I scrapbook! Great buy!

  • No success! (31 July 2008)

    I had no success with this metal glue. It was too hard to get out and didn't seem to work well at all when I finally did. I won't buy it again.

  • Love It!! (18 July 2008)

    My mom got me this for Christmas. I had never seen it before and was so excited about it I went around and asked everyone I know if they needed me to laminate anything. None of them was as thrilled as me! I've only had one problem. I tried to laminate something in a sleeve that was way too big for it and it got all wrinkled. That's why you should always read the directions first huh! I haven't had a problem since and I use this thing a lot. My mother-in-law borrows it so much I'm thinking about buying her one.

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    Cute! (18 July 2008)

    I really enjoyed using these papers in my Disney LO's. I hated to cut them cause they were so pretty.

  • It's About Time! (18 July 2008)

    I'm so happy to see some Coast Guard products. I bought this album to scrap my husbands CG pics. It's really nice. I hope to see some more papers etc. in the future. Our Coasties risk their lives everyday to keep us safe, on the home front and overseas. Thanks to all our service men and women!