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    Love this set (01 December 2012)

    I love this set as a cute way to send a get well, cheer up card to a friend who is recuperating. Great for the time when someone is on the road to recovery -- just to let them know you are thinking of them and cheering them on.

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    Packaging (13 November 2011)

    I really like this particular tape runner but I wish that they would package it in a more earth friendly manner. I ordered the 6 pack bargain pack but what I received was six individually wrapped tape runners which made for a great amount of plastic and cardboard to be recycled. Would it be possible to ask the manufacturer to actually package six refills in one container?

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    Overall satisfaction (06 October 2010)

    I really do like the configuration that allows me to put vertical and horizontal pictures on the same page. I like how the 4X6 pockets hold the photos so snugly. When I scrapbook events with large numbers of pictures I like to use this type of protector rather than having to scrap every picture for use in a 12 X 12 protector. My only disappointment is the side pocket that is supposed to be 12 X 2 but is actually longer than 12 inches. I haven't yet figured out how to keep the paper from sliding out of the pocket. BUt, I did appreciate the ideas I read in previous reviews. Overall I would recommend this product. It is sturdy and fits the 3 ring binders nicely.

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    Great product (06 October 2010)

    I like these page protectors because they are so sturdy and a bit larger than 1212. Finished pages slip in and out so easily and I don't have to cut my 12 X 12 paper to fit -- which is what I had to do when using Pioneer 12x12 protectors. The extra bit of space also allows for thicker items to fit well in the pocket. Will continue to order them as I need them.

  • Good quality but way too big (07 June 2010)

    I liked the texture of the cloth cover but I was a little taken aback when I saw the size of the binder. It is a 3 inch binder that, overall, measures 15 1/2 by 13 inches and I'm worried that when I fill it with completed pages it will be very heavy. I already find it rather hard to handle because of the size. I think it might have been helpful to see these measurements in the description. I do like Pioneer products and I will go ahead an use the four that I ordered but just wish I'd known how big it would be. I would not order this album again however and because of the size I do not think that I would recommend it to a friend.