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    Love DCWV (25 August 2009)

    I love the colors in this DCWV pack! Note, not everything is foiled or glittered; the rest in the pack in standard textured cardstock, but the colors are wonderful! I just wish there had been a RED glittered page in the pack (there is red foil, but no red glitter!)

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    No hesitation here! (25 August 2009)

    This is the perfect pen for writing on dark textured cardstock. I had been wanting a white pen, and all the rave reviews here at did not steer me wrong. This is as close to perfection as we are going to get! If you are searching for a white journaling pen, just stop now... and if they are in stock, you might as well order two of these!

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    perfect rub-on (31 July 2008)

    This rub-on was so perfect for what I needed, but I also wanted to brag on how easy it was to use. Often rub-ons get "sticky" and don't adhere well, but this one did exactly what it was supposed to do. I will not hesitate to buy more rub-ons from Karen Foster Design!

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    now wild about my stickles! (edited review!) (25 July 2008)

    I am editing my original review, which I left below, for information sake, in case anyone else has the same problems. But I have received lots of great advice from other members about how to "unstick" my Stickles, and I'll just say that I changed the title of this review from "not wild" to "now wild". Now that they are unstuck, I am in love, and they are SO MUCH FUN! Will be buying more More MORE!

    Original review:

    This is the first and only bottle of stickles I have purchased and I have to say I am NOT thrilled. I know lots of people are in love with stickles, and that is one reason I bought a bottle to try.

    Mine is hard to get out, does not flow well, and all I have done is made little dots with it, that don't really shine at all. I have been told that there was evidently a bad batch or a few that glob up inside the bottle, that they are supposed to flow nice and easy. Mine doesn't.

    I've been disappointed with this venture, and I may try another bottle, but if I have the same troubles, I won't be a stickles user...

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    Beautiful Brads! (18 July 2008)

    These are gorgeous colors and will go with so many things. I love love love brads, and these may very well be the prettiest ones I have ever seen!

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    So much fun! (27 June 2008)

    I love pretty much everything about these chipboard alphas -- the colors and patterns are perfect for the colors I scrap with,and I love that they are in two different fonts. (I especially love the font of the pink/green ones.) And they are self-adhesive!

    They are HUGE, though, so you aren't going to make a wordy title on a layout with them... maybe better suited for a one-word title or a monogram.

    And although they really aren't "gellie" like someone else mentioned, they are painted with a high-gloss sheen so they do appear slick or gellie.

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    Cool chippie letters, color not accurate (23 June 2008)

    These are cool chipboard letters, but the color was much lighter (more like a light baby blue) than I expected. I'll still use them, though!

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    WHAT A DEAL! (23 June 2008)

    This was a great deal for the money, considering I had paid almost this much for ONE set of these just a few weeks earlier. I can never have enough alphas, and I love the size and font of these, and the velvet adds dimension to my layouts. VERY happy with this purchase!

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    Neat effects, hard to work with... (23 June 2008)

    This self-adhesive felt embellie is a fun product and adds dimension to layouts and other projects, but small doses are probably easier to work with than running a 12" length down a scrapbook layout. Because of the detail in the pattern, it is hard to get the adhesive backing to peel off together, and placement can be hard -- don't stretch it too much or the pattern gets "funky". With this one, I also cut out a few of the stars and used them as accents in other places. Overall, I am happy with this product -- I just need more patience when working with it!

  • My Preferred Adhesive (19 June 2008)

    This was the first adhesive recommended to me at my LSS, and after all these years scrapping, is still the one I reach for time and time again. I use the Tombo Mono on just about everything -- photos, paper, chipboard, ribbon, fabric...

    I love the fact that unlike many other adhesive runners, it is refillable, and the refills seem to hold a lot more adhesive than some of the similar off-brands at discount stores. And unlike many other runners, this adhesive goes where you want it to and doesn't leave gaps.

    While I still keep glue dots and Xyron refills for specialized needs, the Tombo Mono is the one I reach for most often. This is THE scrapbook adhesive.