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    Chipboard. (22 July 2008)

    There are lots of chipboard "lots" on some auction sites...but I didn't want a lifetime supply...just a few pieces, so this package size was perfect. The only thing I didn't like was how difficult it was to use. Maybe it's just a TAD too thick? I used a paper trimmer to sort of mark where I needed some straight cuts to be...then I used an exacto knife to actually cut through it. I have used it with some sizzix dies (letters), and some letters took multiple turns. I haven't used this since I bought some tools that will help with rough edges/ maybe I will amend my review later...

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    Fun! (21 July 2008)

    This was so cool! A friend has a hand-held perforator tool, but the only things I have really used it for were for straight lines. And it was hard to find a way to make uniform perforations on a multi-piece project. So this was worth a try. I figured for the cost, I wouldn't be too heartbroken if it didn't work. But it works really well...and b/c I can measure everything with my cutterpede, I can do a ton of perforations - one right after another.

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    I heart rotary blades. (14 July 2008)

    I love rotary blades, and so far, cutterpede is my favorite. Changing out the blades for specialty cuts like this is really easy. I probably don't use this a lot, but I didn't think it was very expensive, so I thought, "Why not just get it to have around?" It's one of those things to keep around for "just in case".

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    Gorgeous! (10 June 2008)

    This is really pretty. It's fairly heavy, too. I love heavy patterned paper, it makes it easier to use for other projects. And the colors make it easy for me to find coordinating colors in non-RP stuff. So I can stick to my theme, but not look "off", ya know??

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    Daddy's Girl? (09 June 2008)

    I had a hard time seeing this image on, but I got it b/c it's Rusty Pickle...and I've never found anything I didn't actually like. True to RP quality, the paper is nice, the colors are what you would expect. But...the lettering in the graphic is a little...weird? I just wasn't what I was expecting. I guess that's not really RP's fault. But had I been able to see a better image of this & what it said, I wouldn't have gotten it. This might be really funny for some families, but for mine, it's not true enough to be funny, ya know? For those curious, it reads, "Daddy's Girl/Personal Shopping Service/'With Dad's credit card and a ride to the mall.../how can a girl go wrong?'" Since it's double sided, I don't have to use the side with the that's a plus! Maybe if I hang onto it for a few'll be relevent. ;)

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    Girlies. (09 June 2008)

    These are really cute, not your ordinary "girl" stamps. But, less "sisterly" than just plain for girls. I have been using the Drama Queen stamp non-stop. I have a four year old daughter who is BEYOND Queen. More like Supreme Ruler of drama? And it's fun without being too judgemental. ;) I have some ideas for layouts coming up that these are going to be perfect for. Also a good size for card-making!

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    Great! (06 June 2008)

    I was a little skeptical about these...they don't look very big and two of them look sort of like basic nail files that I already OWN. But I took the plunge...the cost was okay enough that if they didn't work, I wouldn't feel too cheated. These are AWESOME though! They are really heavy METAL. I did not realize they would be so heavy duty. I was really expecting sandpaper covered chipboard with pink paper handles. The handle area is rubber...I was just really surprised by the physicalness of them, lol! And they work pretty fantastically, too! ;)

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    Momma stamps! (04 June 2008)

    I had these in my wish list for MONTHS. I just thought they were so cute...and finally I got them just a few weeks before Mother's Day. They are really cute stamps. The only issue I have with them, is the same issue I have with nearly all clear stamps. The ink doesn't stamp as nicely as it does with a rubber stamp. Otherwise...I really enjoyed these & they are SUPER cute.

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    Good product. (16 January 2008)

    I read the reviews before deciding what to put in my own review. Mine cuts well, I have never had a problem with irregular cuts - everything comes out straight as an arrow. The black numbers on the plastic is a good contrast so I can clearly see where I am measuring. The *only* reason I did not give this 5 stars, was b/c I do have a problem where the arm bends to give "perfect 6x6 cuts". The joint is right over the 5 1/2 inch mark. Cardmakers know that cards get cut at 4 1/4 or 5 1/2 inches. While I can still see the line where I should be isn't quite as clear or easy to read as the other numbers.

  • Pretty. (08 January 2008)

    These are really pretty, and I love using transparencies. The only reason I gave a 4 star rating & not a 5, was b/c it wasn't very easy to use just one item without getting too closely to something else. Like the circle items & the straight items? I wanted to keep things neat and they're a little close. I was tempted to just use it as a single 12x12 layout...but it seemed way too busy to me.

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    Beautiful! (04 January 2008)

    I got these with a class kit from an expo...I am already in love with the movie "The Princess Bride", and I would have bought it whether I was married or not! :) My wedding was not really frilly & it was really small, but using these to dress up some of my photos has really fancied everything up, lol!

  • Very cool. (03 January 2008)

    Got this for Christmas, and it has already been put to fantastic use. I love being able to individually store & sort my photos...and the size is just right for the shelves I have in my scrap area. I have seen the larger ones, but this size feels a lot more manageable to me. And it seems like it would not be too much to have more than one of this size to store even more photos. I think I may get some more, so that I can seperate my daughter's photos - one for each kid! :)

  • Awesome! (02 January 2008)

    My husband got me some of these for Christmas, and I started organizing that same day! I have been hanging onto photos in their orignal paper sleeve for YEARS & they were falling apart (and probably not the most "photo safe" thing to store in either). My filing system was on the brink of just coming apart at the seams. I haven't stuck my labels on yet...but b/c the packets are clear, I can see through to the first picture & I turn around the last picture, so that one shows through also. It makes it easy for me to quickly see what photos that pack contains.