PrincessPosh's Reviews

  • Easy to use! (14 January 2008)

    I was new to embossing when I purchased this Marvy Embossing Heat Tool and was worried about how easy it would be to learn how to use and if I would know if it was working when I went to heat up my embossing powders. So, I got out my stamp, ink, powder and gun, stamped my image, sprinkled on my powder, turned on the gun and it was instantly hot when I hovered it over the image and it transformed in seconds! I was so amazed at how I could get the image right the first time and how I just switched on the tool and it was instantly hot and got the job done in the blink of an eye! The stand makes it easy to put on any surface while the Heat Tool cools down and is safe to use in virtually every environment. The gun doesn't get too hot and cools down quickly. Quick and sooo easy to use!

  • Great for small projects! (14 January 2008)

    I already had a regular stapler, but I wanted a stapler I could take with me wherever I went, wasn't bulky and did the job and that is exactly what this Making Memories Stapler is for me. This is a main item I take to all crops, make and takes and classes because it is small, comes with multiple colored staples and is perfect for small, quick projects like cards, paper bag albums, smaller albums and stapling close to the edge of a 12x12 lo. I can whip it out whenever I need it and because it is so small I can pack it anywhere and the staple box is also so thin I can slide the multiple colored staples into any pocket in my crop bag!

  • So sturdy!!! (14 January 2008)

    I had been looking for a LONG time for a filing and stacking system that would work in organizing all of my Patterned Paper and then I found these stackable Open Paper Trays! The second I took them out of the box I noticed how sturdy and well made they were and as I began stacking them on top of each other I really noticed how sturdy they were! I could stack them anywhere and they don't fall, feel like they are going to break or feel flimsy AT ALL! The way the trays are designed papers are easily put in and taken out without tweaking, bending or wrinkling your paper! You can easily see through the trays to see what papers are where and you can stack these as high as you want and they won't teeter! These trays are amazing and I plan on getting many more to organize the rest of my PP collection!