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    I love this product! (14 July 2012)

    I can't say how this product has helped create organization for my negatives and extra photos. I love the sheets in the back for storing negatives, so what I ended up doing was filling the entire book full of negatives so I could throw away those old envelopes that use to hold the negatives. I used a label sticker to write the date and topic of the negatives. I currently own 3 of these and they are completely full. This small size fits on my bookshelf better than the 3up size.

    View my full review/blog post here: http://memorykeeper.typepad.com/blog/2012/07/pioneer-space-saver-2-up-poly-photo-album.html

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    Great binder (24 September 2010)

    Was thinking of using this album for my December Daily. Has 3 holes and no paper is included. Just the binder itself and the elastic band is not attached, just wrapped around. I'm looking forward to getting crafty with it!

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    Great D ring album (24 September 2010)

    Love this album to customize. I plan on using this without the page protector for an artsy type of feel.

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    Best printer paper for journaling (24 September 2010)

    Love love love this paper for printing on and creating journal boxes and embellishments. If you don't own this paper in your stash you need to get some.