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    Amy Tangerine Stamps (05 October 2014)

    This is another set of stamps that I have used a lot in the past couple of months. I especially love the houses although I have used the other stamps for other little touches to my Project Life cards as well as to many other projects. These stamps stamp well with all sorts of inks and stick well to the acrylic blocks. Overall, I'd say this is a great set to own.

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    Dear Lizzy Acrylic Stamps (05 October 2014)

    I totally adore the Dear Lizzy line and these stamps are no exception. I've mostly used them to make my own Project Life type cards and ATC's, but I have also used them for some cards. They stamp out well with any type of ink and are just a good all around stamp set for adding little touches and details to your projects.

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    Song Bird Acrylic Stamp (05 October 2014)

    I love this stamp. It's the type of stamp that you can pop on pretty much anything to add a little 'cuteness'.
    The stamp itself stamps well whether you use a dye ink or a distress type ink. It's also fun to color in with copics, water color, distress inks etc.

  • Souffle Pens (04 September 2007)

    I love using these pens on dark paper. They show up really well. It's fun to doodle and write with them. They weren't as puffy as I would have liked, but then again these aren't puffy paints, they are pens/markers. I liked the variety of colors and ease of use. What you can do with them is really endless.

  • Crop-A-Dile (04 September 2007)

    I really like this tool for punching holes. It goes through so many neat things, cd's, tin pails, chipboard. I am always using it for that type of stuff. I'll admit to it having a bit of a learning curve as far as eyelets are concerned. I don't think I've mastered that yet (and I've had it for over a month). Sometimes the eyelets are set perfectly and other times part of the eyelet gets bent and part doesn't. I've watched videos, looked to make sure I don't have it upside-down and I make sure I don't press too hard. I still am having some issues.

  • AMM-Vituri-Urban Wallet (04 September 2007)

    I bought this wallet before I actually bought the handbag that went with it. I LOVE this wallet. One side has a snap closure that when open, the wallet sort of flips open. There is room for your credit cards, drivers license, your checkbook etc. On the other side is a zip up pocket that opens to reveal a place to put money and then there is even a smaller zipper which opens the change purse.

    I love the small pick stitching as well as the cute photo frames. I also really like that they give you a purse strap as well. I actually keep the straps on so that if I am going somewhere where I don't need my whole purse, I can just grab the wallet.
    The only thing I wish was that there was some sort of template given so you can figure out how much to reduce your pictures to fit in the photo frames. (I am not super computer savvy and that would have been a great help). Other than that I think this is a GREAT Wallet!!!

  • AMM- Vituri- Urban Handbag (04 September 2007)

    I cannot be happier with this purse. I am a pretty picky purse person. I was looking for a purse that would hold everything I needed, but where everything wouldn't get lost within the purse. I also wanted a purse that wasn't HUGE (I am pretty petite and some purses overpower me). This purse has all kinds of pockets and holders inside as well as some pockets along the outside. Everything is organized and neat. I also bought the wallet that goes with this bag and that fits nicely right inside yet I still have space for more stuff. I love the styling (very simple black purse with some pink stitching). Of course I really loved the windows that you can put pictures in.

  • Fiskars Stamp Press (04 September 2007)

    I love this. I am not a big stamper, but I used one during a make and take weekend and I fell in love with it. It's got grid lines on it so you can easily figure out where to place your stamps. It is also nice in that you can basically stamp out a whole card in one fell swoop (ie. you can place a number of stamps on the press at one time. I used this to make a some invitations and I stamped the whole invitation at one time!). It's extremely easy to use, light weight and even travels well.

  • Sakura - Glaze pens (04 September 2007)

    I bought these a while ago and never used them until now. NOW I love them and use them in many of my layouts as well as with my stamping (I'll outline the stamp and it gives it almost an embossed look).

    These pens really start to shine and raise up after they have dried. They just add that extra little "umph" to your page or card. I highly recommend these

  • Bo Bunny 6x6 Bare Naked Binder (04 September 2007)

    I LOVE these little albums. They are so versatile. The one I got came with six pages. You can also get more refills pages and page protectors. They are also well made and quite sturdy. My kids have flipped through a couple of albums I made using these and they are holding up just fine.

    The size is perfecting for making a "quick" scrapbook. I use these for making little scrapbooks for my In-laws and my parents. I am in a couple of recipe swaps and I've already decorated one to use as a recipe book for all the 6x6 recipes I am going to receive.

    These are great. If you are looking to do a quick album definitely give these a try!