Moxiegirl23's Reviews

  • So Surprised! (03 May 2008)

    I admit, I bought this stack because it was DCWV and I didn't really intend to use it. Imagine my surprise when I found myself reaching for it for layout after layout! I'm about a third of the way through it, and it's no longer a stack and I can't wait to finish it! Most stacks I buy only get half used on a good day before I either gift or trash the leftover paper, but I can see myself using every sheet of the Glitter Stack!

    The only thing about it that bugs me is that sometimes I have trouble adhering things to it because of the glitter, but I'll gladly work around that!

  • Crystal Stickles (21 January 2008)

    I used this on my Millard Fillmore Birthday Card. I love the product because it's so easy to use and control the amount that comes out. I picked this color to fill in the white stripes of the flag. I should've paid closer attention because Crystal isn't a pure white, there is some pink glitter in it, not a lot, but enough to pick up the red in my card and make the stripe look slightly pink in person.

  • Burgandy Stickles (21 January 2008)

    I wasn't so sure about this color when I first saw the new colors released. I bought it anyway, because I need to have all the Stickles. I ended up using it on my Christmas cards. I needed a deeper red and this was perfect!

    Always shake your Stickles to avoid clumping and clogging. Use a straight pin down the nozzle if you get a clog.

  • Verified Buyer

    I love Stickles! (21 January 2008)

    I think this is one of my favorite colors in the line. All of the "white" colors in the line have a slight color tinge/sparkle except that this one; it's the closest to clear/pure white. One of my favorite things to do with any color stickles is to outline die cuts with them to help them stand out even more. For added pop, I layer the color: match the cardstock of the die to the Stickles color. Always shake the Stickles well to avoid clumping in the nozzle. If you do get a clog, use a straight pin stuck down the nozzle to unclog.

  • Verified Buyer

    This could make me a stamper! (12 November 2007)

    It certainly changed my scrapbooking style! I saw this in Ali Edwards' book Life Artist. I was so taken by the stamp that I put the book down and immediately placed an order for it. Now that it's in my croproom, all I want to do is stamp my belongings with it, marking them as mine forever! Even my husband liked it, and he rarely offers an opinion about any tool I buy. It took some practice to get a stamped image that wasn't smeared or blurry. Right now, it's my new favorite thing and made me order more 7-Gypsies stamps. My next purchase will be for more inkpads, in all the colors. That's right! You're not just stuck with basic black! You can clean the stamp and swap out inkpads. I'm loving this and If I had a bazillion dollars, I think one of these would go in every scrapbookers stocking this year (2007).

  • Verified Buyer

    all sorts of possibilities (12 November 2007)

    I actually bought these before I bought the stamper for them. They are so easy to interchange on the round stamper, it's actually harder to get ink on your fingers than it is to change the seal. Once they're on the stamper, you need to stamp on a practice sheet for a bit to get perfect ink coverage, but after that you're good to go, just make sure that when you stamp down you use even pressure so the image stays crisp. Pressing down with a moderate speed and even movement seems to work best for me.

  • Wish I bought this earlier! (12 November 2007)

    I was surprised at how easy it is to change the seals. The tweezers make it next to impossible to get ink on your fingers. It took a little practice to get the ink covering all parts of the seal, some seals needed the inkpad moved around a bit for best ink coverage. I also love that I can swap out ink pads and be able to use different colors. I'm not a stamper, but I can see this being used in my LOs quite a bit.