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    Not sturdy (10 June 2014)

    As lots of people have already said, it doesn't stand up. The thin clear plastic in the front tore very easily. Just not a sturdy item. I'll stick with the Cropper Hopper boxes which are great!

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    Great Stamps! (25 April 2013)

    This is a lot of stamps for the price! So many shapes and words. Very versatile set!

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    Beautiful Paper (07 April 2011)

    Beautiful collection of papers! Lots of shades and patterns. Perfect for cards and mini albums. I will probably buy this again. It's that pretty!

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    Great! (07 April 2011)

    Prima stamps are such a great value! Four detailed stamps for less than $2 and some bling?? AWESOME! Love this little set!

  • Great Little Stickers (03 February 2011)

    There are 400 tiny stickers in this package, 15 of each letter. Great value! One minor detail- the word huggable is spelled incorrectly. I didn't even notice there were words in this set when I bought it but someone else might care.

  • Pretty Album! (11 August 2010)

    I got this to use for my 7 yo daughter's layouts. It is so nice to find a PRETTY 3 ring album! It is so easy to fill with page protectors and fill those with LOs.

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    Beautiful! (07 July 2010)

    These are very pretty colors! They are a medium size, distressed flower. Gorgeous!

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    Very Pretty Flowers (07 July 2010)

    These are very pretty! They have slightly distressed edges, very nice for vintage looks. They are actually a nice size, not too small. A great value for Primas!

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    Great Value! (07 July 2010)

    There are actually two little stamps plus the bling for less than $2! The stamps are detailed and stick well to the blocks. Very nice little bargain.

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    Beautiful Stamps! (06 May 2010)

    Another incredible product from Tim Holtz! These are detailed and gorgeous. I'm sure I will use them over and over. They come on a heavy hole-punched page so you can put them right in a binder. Love them!!

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    Great Value! (28 April 2010)

    I love how Teresa Collins prints these on cardstock instead of selling them cut up in a pack for 4 or 5 dollars, like most journaling boxes! These are a nice size and quality and I will use all of them, but if you won't, they have a pretty print on the other side you can use. Great value!

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    Great stuff! (18 March 2010)

    Smooch is perfect for chipboard accents! It covers in one quick drying coat then shimmers and shines. This is my first color but I will be adding more! Love it!

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    Great punch! (10 March 2010)

    This is a very versatile punch. I find myself reaching for it again and again. It's easy to line up and punches cleanly.

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    Great cardstock (25 December 2009)

    I love the slight texture of this cardstock. It's a great weight for cards and the box makes it easy to access. The only drawback to me was that a couple of the colors are not what I would call Christmasy. There is a rust color and a pink that didn't work for me on Christmas projects.

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    Nice Acrylic (25 December 2009)

    I bought these for covers for mini albums for Christmas presents. It's a nice weight acrylic. The Binderie punched through it easily. I haven't used it with my Bind it All yet.

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    Very Cool Cardstock (02 May 2009)

    I love this stuff! It's a pad of cardstock that has brown on one side and a beautiful color on the other. The browns are different shades from light to dark.
    When you sand or emboss the brown side the color shows through. If you tear it you see the color on the torn edge. It is great for cards and a distressed look on layouts.

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    Very cute (17 March 2009)

    I ordered all of the stamps in this collection. They are amazing for the price. Nice detail, good quality and very cute! What a great idea to offer affordable, acrylic stamps as singles!

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    Cute stamp (17 March 2009)

    I ordered all of the stamps in this collection. They are amazing for the price. Nice detail, good quality and very cute! What a great idea to offer affordable, acrylic stamps as singles!

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    Love these stamps! (17 March 2009)

    I ordered all of the stamps in this collection. They are amazing for the price. Nice detail, good quality and very cute! What a great idea to offer affordable, acrylic stamps as singles!

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    Must-Have Tool (21 February 2009)

    I reach for this ruler time and time again to get things centered just right. It is very easy to use and because it is flexible it easily folds into my tool tote.
    This is one of those things I wonder how I ever did without!

  • Great Page Protectors (16 February 2009)

    These are quality page protectors. They are a nice weight, top loading and sturdy.

  • More Wonderful Stamps from Fancy Pants! (26 January 2009)

    I just got this set and I've already used it a bunch. The months are so creative and eclectic. All the number stamps are here along with so much more. 74 stamps is a lot of stamps!
    Thank you FP for improving the material. These peeled off the backing MUCH easier than other sets I have. Awesome set!

  • My Favorite Bling Pack (21 January 2009)

    I use these shades of pink all the time so this is my favorite Bazzill Bling pack. The sheen of Bling and the heaviness of the paper make it great for layouts and cards. Love it!

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    Love this! (18 January 2009)

    I just got this little book and I love it! What an innovative product from Making Memories. Very cute, lots of pages and all held together until you need one.

  • Not for lefties! (30 December 2008)

    I would recommend this knife, to right-handed people only!
    The button is in the wrong place for lefties.
    Great knife, though, replacement blades load safely.

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    Great Stamps (02 December 2008)

    I just got this beautiful Christmas set. I love Autumn Leaves stamps but why are they so hard to get off the plastic backing? It takes forever and you think you're going to rip them for sure!

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    Not a heavyweight (02 December 2008)

    I bought it because it is retractable and is held like a pen. However, it is plastic and mine snapped. I need a craft knife I can put pressure on. The Bo-Bunny is fine for lightweight work.

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    Very Cute Stamp Set! (24 September 2008)

    I love this set and use it quite a bit. It is great for girly pages. The corner stamp is awesome! Sandylion stamps are a good quality stamp that stick well to the block.

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    Worth Every Penny! (24 September 2008)

    I cringed when I ordered these but it is a huge set of stamps and I have used it on every LO I've done since I got it!
    The journaling stamps are great and the swirls are awesome. Fancy Pants stamps are good quality stamps, just be sure to slowly and carefully remove them from the backing the first time. Being so sticky is a plus when you want them to stick to your block but you do have to be careful the first time.

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    Beautiful Stamps! (03 May 2008)

    I love these BasicGrey stamps! They are made from a good quality material, nice and heavy. Besides being beautiful, they stamp clear images. The hearts and swirls are very versatile. Great value for a super set!

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    Useful Page Planner (04 March 2008)

    The Memory Dock Creative Page Planner is a great tool for planning layouts and albums. The clear pocket pages are perfect for putting all the elements for a layout in one place. It is invaluable for planning for crops. Once you've loaded the pockets with your photos, embellishments, paper and cardstock, all you need are your tools to be ready for a crop. It is so nice to have everything in one place.
    If you don't get to crop very often you can plan ahead, keep everything together and just pull out a pocket page to do a layout when you have time.
    I would note that the notebook is very large and it is bulky when filled. It doesn't fit well on a normal size bookshelf.

  • WOW! (01 March 2008)

    I just got this book and I love it! I usually use post-it flags to mark layouts I like in books or magazines but I gave that up after a few pages because almost every page had a layout I love!
    This book really is just layouts and short "Great Scrapbooking Ideas" throughout. There are usually just two layouts or spreads per page so they're large enough to really see the details.
    It is divided into 5 sections, making it easy to turn to what you're looking for. I love the sections: Everyday life; Hard to Forget; More than a Princess; More than Prince Charming; and Open Heart.
    This is going to be a resource I will turn to again and again!

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    Great for dark backgrounds (06 February 2008)

    The first one I had didn't work but I bought another one and it works pretty well. The trick is to write slowly.

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    Lefties Read This! (31 December 2007)

    I read lots of reviews and threads about this before I purchased it. It was easier to load than the tape runner I usually use, so no problems there. However, when I started using it I thought it seemed awkward to have the tape running on the outside rather than the inside of the roller. It's because it is a RIGHT-HANDED tool! If you enlarge the picture you can see it.
    I have learned to compensate but it can be difficult when working on detailed stuff so I just switch to a small adhesive for smaller items. If you can use your right hand for some things you can probably use it for this to.
    I am glad I have it because it is so nice not to have to change the tape roll all the time and I think it will be very economical in the long run.

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    Memory Dock Rocks! (24 October 2007)

    I've had this planner for two years now and it is by far the best planner I have ever had! It has held up well on the outside, it still looks great, and the pages you can get for the inside are incredibly practical and useful.
    Every daily calendar page has a box at the bottom for your scrapbook notes. It is so easy to jot page or journaling ideas as they come to you and then flip back through the planner when you are scrapbooking.
    The Journaling section is very handy and the Reference section helps a busy mom to keep every child's information at hand. Their sizes, their friends, their school information, their medical information, all on one page for each child!
    I can't say enough about this awesome planner. Can you tell?

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    Lotss of Awesome Chipboard! (21 September 2007)

    I bought this chipboard to go with the Samantha paper pack, which is SO pretty. The chipboard is really thick and a nice size. The color matches the Samantha line but it is also a versatile color. The can it comes in is very cute and would make a nice altering project!
    Crateboard products coordinate very well and are a great value!

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    Not just for QK! (31 August 2007)

    This is one of those things I delayed in purchasing because I didn't think I really needed it. Once I got it I wondered what I did without it! The tacky end is so good at picking up little bitty things, nothing else works as well! The tool end is flat and hard so it will lift the corner of things easily.
    I use the tacky end to hold letters and dies while I dab liquid adhesive on the back. You can cover the whole surface, which you can't do with tweezers. Great tool!

  • Bling's The Thing! (30 July 2007)

    Bazzill Bling is the best thing to happen to cardstock in a long time! It is the same textured cardstock we've come to love but with a beautiful new twist, it sparkles! The online pictures really can't do bling justice. It is a pearly, luminescent surface that shines just enough. These pinks are wonderfully intense colors and a must-have for girly pages and pages of all kinds! Stamps look beautiful on it, too!
    I keep coming back for more as I reach for the Bazzill Bling for most layouts these days! It's great for cards, too, as only one side is shiny and the other is smooth for writing.

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    Great Stamp Set! (27 July 2007)

    The day these arrived from the Superstore I used them and I haven't stopped since! The saying are very versatile and work on all themes and types of pages. When I take them to crops everyone wants to borrow them! They are great for cards, too.
    They make wonderful flower centers for large flowers, stamped on cardstock or chipboard circles. Autumn Leaves acrylic stamps are very sticky and good quality. This set is a must-have for scrapbookers and card makers!

  • Wonderful Collection! (21 July 2007)

    The Samantha Collection from Crate Paper is one of my favorite new things I have recently purchased! The papers are rich with an unusual combination of colors. The punch out page has pretty ribbon-like strips, some nice sized tabs and several colorful tags. It looks like it will be great for all purpose use, not just girly pages. I also got the chipboard letters and the beautiful ribbon collection which comes on a big binder ring. I can't wait to use it all!

  • Great Chalks! (13 July 2007)

    Pebbles chalks are an awesome scrapbooking essential. I use mine all the time! Each set comes with a clip tool and little puffs for chalking. Each color has two shades which work well for blending. The chalks go on vividly and stay on over time. The Basic Brights set is great for edging letters and papers to bring out the color. These chalks are great quality and last forever. I've had them for several years and none have broken.

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    Awesome Paints! (13 July 2007)

    Making Memories paints are the very best for scrapbooking. I just purchased the Sherbet set and I love the colors. They are much prettier IRL than in the picture! Making Memories paints are very easy to use. They don't curl your paper and they give good coverage. They are the best with foam stamps. Making Memories paints dry quickly so you can get on with your layout! Clean up is fast and easy. Just rinse off your stamps, rinse off your foam brush and your tray and you're good to go!
    I couldn't do without my Making Memories paints!