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    BEST PENS (11 February 2008)

    These are the best journaling pens! I use the black pen religiously on every layout! They are truly a must have, I have several black on hand at all times, the fine tip is amazing!

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    Great on any surface (11 February 2008)

    These are great for any kind of surface, even non porous!
    I love the colors, but sometimes the tips gunk up and get annoying but otherwise this is a must have for any journaling fool!

  • Not just simple (04 February 2008)

    This book Clean and Simple is for any genre of scrapper, From Ecletic to linear and beyond. This is full of great inspiration and a lot of great messages to concrete the reasons why you are a scrapbook artist!

  • Scrappers Block (04 February 2008)

    This will totally break your scrappers block! Follow the challenges in order or flip to any random page and be prepared to be inspired!

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    Durable! (01 November 2007)

    I loved these and would buy again. Great for mini books. Clear no scratches and durable. A little thicker than others which is great!

  • So sharp (01 November 2007)

    I cannot get over how sharp these are! They are small and easy to pack with a safety holder I love.

  • Spin spin (03 September 2007)

    Even though it has been around for a while I recently purchased the Clip it up Base Unit.
    Let me tell you I do not know how I (or anyone) got along without this.
    First of all I thought it was pretty expensive, but when looking around at other organizational options it is lower in price then other things. Also it is one or two pieces instead of a whole bunch of a set.
    Second it is soooooooo easy to put together, I am bad at that stuff and I did it with complete ease.
    Third you can literally clip up anything, the clips are strong and there is so much room, it is such a space saver! I fit all of my embellishments and stickers and chipboard on there, my stuff that took up a huge toolbox fit (with room still!) on my clip it up and I just have the base unit.
    Fourth it is a huge space saver, I know I said that but let me explain. All my stuff was in storage tubs and in a big tool box and all over my desks. Now it is all clipped up and in a corner of my desk. I have so much more floor and desk space. Plus it saves in clean up time, I don't have to spend ten minutes putting everything back in its specific tub or drawer, it just gets clipped back up!
    I now the idea of spinning it around to find what you want seems like a great idea but let me tell you it isn't just a great idea it is a truly great product.