Bran's Reviews

  • Great Trimmer for life (03 May 2008)

    Before I bought this MM trimmer I was using a light weight travel trimmer.

    What an amazing difference. I love that this trimmer has a self sharpening blade, so I will never have to spend money to replace the blade!

    The cut is amazing. No frayed edges! Just a nice clean cut.

    I love that it has some of the more popular cuts already marked on the trimmer. It is actually really helpful.

    This trimmer is a bit large. So it does require a bit of room but I say it is absolutely worth it!!!

  • Lovely stamps (20 December 2007)

    I really do loves these stamps. They are so beautiful and useful. I see so many gorgeous lo's in the gallery that use these stamps! It is a must have

    The only think autumn leaves could do to improve this product is make it easier to take off the packaging. I have ruined one of my stamps trying to pry it off the clear sheet it comes on. Most clear stamps are like that so it is not just autumn leaves.

  • I threw mine away (20 December 2007)

    I did not care for this product at all.

    I bought it hoping that it would be good for ribbons, larger pages and even letters but I found this product to be just awful.

    It wrinkled all my pictures and papers that I used on it. While it does dry clear, it doesn't dry with out leaving the wet marks and also my sponge at the top became glued down and unuseable very very quicky.

    Oh did I mention the time that my paper stuck to the applicator! Yes it did. This went right to the trash.

  • I heart tombow (20 December 2007)

    This is the only adhesive I have used so I may be biased but I really do like this product. It is easy to use. Doesn't get stuck or brake. The tape lasts a long time for me and it is easy to change out for a refill. Plus the refills are cheap and are really easy to find. Which is really the plus for me!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great Buy (20 December 2007)

    I think this item is a must have for any scraper. I use this for every single lo!

    It is easy to use and the tape really does last a while. The only thing I can suggest is to be sure you rub the back of the tape before unsticking your item. This will help make sure there is no glue on the sides or inbetween openings.