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  • Every fairy princess needs these! (17 August 2009)

    Whimsical, delicate and so pretty! The petal edges are heated so they have a light brown edging that's hard to see in the photo.

  • Colors and dimension (17 August 2009)

    I expected these to be a fabric which they are, but they also have a glossy but flexible coating on the wings. They stand out well among flowers or against PPs. Love them!

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    Gorgeous, but... (17 August 2009)

    The flowers are darker than the photo shows. The paper darkens into a blue/green as it gets into the center of the flower. Also the lettering on them is very tiny.

    Lovely shapes and quite a bit of stiffness so they'll be good for projects that will be too rough on delicate embellies.

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    Lovely as is or altered. (17 August 2009)

    This came to me from my Prima swap parter, MelissaW--thanks Melissa :0)

    These flowers hold color beautifully! Alcohol inks, Glimmer Mist, paint wash, all of them work . They also look gorgeous embellished with Glossy Accents--it gives them the look of glazed porcelain.

    Love them and will be buying LOTS more.

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    LOVE these. (12 May 2009)

    Very heavy. The flat keys "life" "love" and "dream" work well without adding a lot of bulk. The skeleton keys are much thicker but still lots of fun and are easily altered with ink, sandpaper, etc. They fit best on greeting card fronts and scrapbook stuff where the bulk won't cause a problem.

  • Super-cute monkey stuff! (12 May 2009)

    This is a great collection, my only complaint about these stickers is the adhesive is pretty useless. Worth the extra step to make great monkey LOs!

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    Tough enough. (16 February 2009)

    These weather multiple layers of Glimmer Mist, all manner of distressing abuse and still make a great base for your ATCs.

    And, if you get them, then you have a reason to get the ATC Card Holder ;0)

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    Cute but very small. (16 February 2009)

    I'd been wanting these forever and while they are very cool and the quality is fine, they're also very small.

    The smallest one is 3/4" and the largest is 1". I'd say for me they're better suited for cards, ATCs or smaller LOs than 12x12.

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    More cool Idea-ology (16 February 2009)

    These tokens are great. I thought the center letter was white but it's actually cut completely through.

    When resting on light/bright paper the paper's color emphasizes the letter and really makes it pop.

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    Super-strong clasps, but... (16 February 2009)

    the end of clasp that you slide your item onto is too small for the Muse Tokens to fit on :0( They do fit through the hole on the oher TH tokens, though.

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    Love love looooooooove Glimmer Mist! (16 February 2009)

    Gorgeous rich green without a lot of spraying required. A single layer is a little closer to a lime peel green. Beautiful!
    I was expecting the glimmer to be gold but it's silver--lovely either way.

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    Love these, except... (17 July 2008)

    I wish they lasted longer! I have to replace my Glaze pens almost as often as I have to replace my adhesive but they are worth it. They're perfect for working on something small like a card where you don't want the big show of "real" embossing. Do make sure you allow plenty of time for the ink to dry though, especially if you decide to add a second layer of ink (not needed often, maybe with white ink on black cardstock).

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    Perfect coordinates for the PP (24 May 2008)

    The stickers include several 12x12 borders and a variety of other shapes. All look great with the PP.

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    Perfect for a little buckaroo. (24 May 2008)

    This paper is great. I didn't realize it until I actually received it, but the pattern is like a the floral design seen in tooled leather--very cool!

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    Lots of stickers! (24 May 2008)

    Plenty of duplicate letters, the patch stickers are really nice, all are photo realistic. They are very thin though, pop out a lot more with cardstock underneath.

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    Very nice (24 May 2008)

    Substantial weight and beautifully enameled...would be 5 stars if not for the price. Perfect embellie for an Eagle's page.

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    So pretty! (24 May 2008)

    Love this ribbon...tulle isn't always easy to find. Got an excellent clearance price and am happy with the quality.

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    Suggestion for wrinkles/kinks in ribbon (24 May 2008)

    I'm happy with the kit--tons of colors and serious adhesive. My ribbon came off the cards kinked also. I unwrapped them and re-wrapped them onto the cards ribbon side in. I left them on my patio (still in the box) in the sun for an afternoon to sort of warm the wrinkles out and they came out wonderfully. I am keeping them on rolls though, to prevent more wrinkles. Good product, packaging not so much.

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    GREAT deal! (24 May 2008)

    Wow, this kit has a ton of stuff! Not only do you get all the items shown in the photo, you also get a second stamp handle and set of tweezers, also in their own tin. This kit would be great to wrap up and give to your favorite paper crafter (after you get your own of course).

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    Love the patterns and the embellies... (24 May 2008)

    but I wish the paper was a little heavier. It seems really thin. Overall the kit has more than enough in it to make several great LOs and the 3-D letters and stickers (the stickers shown in the bottom left are nicely done 3-Ds) are of good quality.

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    Dependable (23 May 2008)

    Most versatile refill pages I have found, load easily and work in strap albums as well as post-bound (also includes to post extensions). Great value!

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    My current favorite! (11 April 2008)

    These stamp beautifully! I really like the largest stamp best since you can leave the flower un-inked and build really pretty custom flourishes. One caveat though; the first time you remove the larger stamps from the plastic backing, do so carefully otherwise the flower may tear off of the stem.

  • All of the pros, none of the cons... (10 April 2008)

    The Tape-N-Roller is my favorite adhesive and the replacement cartridge is one of the reasons. No threading little strips or cleaning off gummy glue involved. Both the empty and full spools come out together and are replaced with a cartridge and it's ready to go back to work.

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    All of the pros, none of the cons... (10 April 2008)

    this is my favorite adhesive dispenser. It dispenses easily without gumming up and is easily controlled. The tape is actually made up of perforated rectangular pieces and can be easily used for very detailed work. I wouldn't recommend it for a LOT of intricate gluing--pulling those little strips apart would get tedious--but this stuff is a great multi-tasking adhesive.

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    Perfect matches to the Sugared papers... (10 April 2008)

    but the paint chips off of these brads easily, even on top. Still love them but replacing them was a pain.

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    Party pages for big and little people! (10 April 2008)

    These papers make great LOs for birthday boys and girls both young and old. The combination of vibrant colors and retro patterns make them work for anyone that has outgrown "baby" papers. There are lots of patterns not party oriented also. The included chipboard embellies are very cool too and include party favors and wrapped presents. Basic Grey rocks as usual!

  • If you're tired of the usual, you'll love these! (10 April 2008)

    These papers are fun and can easily be used in a lot of different types of LOs. Everything from funky paisely to dainty pink roses is here and the color combinations are sometimes unexpected. The name "Sugared" threw me off because it makes me think of sparkly or shiny things. There's none of that here and all of the patterns are distressed to some degree. I wasn't sure I liked them at first but they grew on me fast.

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    Soft & Beautiful (10 April 2008)

    While these pps are very soft they lend themselves to punching up with inking, etc very well. Lots of patterns work together beautifully without being overwhelming. Basic Grey never disappoints!