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    Love it! (20 September 2008)

    Where were you when I bought the other 2 rulers I have??? This ruler is amazing. It takes the place of having a gridded ruler and then having a ruler with the metal edge. Plus the little holes are great for making faux stictching. I absolutely love it!!!

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    Love it!! (20 September 2008)

    A few months ago I bought the base unit and filled it up right away. It was so packed it was hard to see what I had. Added the upper tier and boy what a difference. I now can see all the products and it is very easy to find what I need.

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    Perfect closures (27 June 2008)

    These are amazing!! Very strong. I had an interactive, dimensional element that wouldn't fit inside the page protector so I used these snaps. I put the negative snap on the page and the positive on the back of my element and then attached the element right over the page protector. Awesome!!!!