Mam725's Reviews

  • No more banging (06 September 2007)

    With the crop-a-dile, I can get rid of my hammer! No more banging, I don't have to worry about waking up my husband or ruining a table top either. I use eyelets on almost all my projects now because this multi-functional tool is so easy to use. The only disadvantage to this tool is that you can't go anywhere on a page with it, I try to place the eyelet piece on a smaller piece and adhere that to the page wherever I want to eliminate the problem though. All in all I highly recommend this tool because it is easy to use and versatile.

  • The one I always go back to! (06 September 2007)

    I use this one and the Mono Adhesive permenant tape and I think they both work great. I've used other brands and they are usually not as user friendly as this one or don't stick as well either. It's affordable and does it's job.

  • This is a great machine! (06 September 2007)

    I was in the dark about die cut machines for a long time, and I did a lot of research on various machines and finally decided on a cricut. This machine is very easy to use & I can do so much with it. It has helped make my cards & pages look so much nicer! I highly recommend this product to scrapbookers on any level.