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  • couldn't wait to get it! (29 March 2008)

    i could not wait to get my hands on this paper- i just got it yesterday. i have already made a stencil of the shape- it's so different and very popular right now. it gives a lovely new angle to your layout. i love the blue color and the aged feel to it- it's so gorgeous with the ledger lines- perfect for accents or journaling.

  • so beautiful!! (29 March 2008)

    i am absolutely in love with this whole line- as are plenty others, witnessed in the galleries- haha! the shape is so different, the colors so delicate and feminine in a very antiquey way. i am so attracted to the lines playing off the shape of the borders. i have seen amazing different ways to use this paper- it really brings a cool element to your layout. the paper has a good strong feel and nice texture. i can't wait to use it in my own layouts!

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    so lush (01 February 2008)

    i love this paper so much- it really is just a gorgeous color and texture. the whole collection coordinates so perfectly together i had to have the all! the design is so delicate and feminine and the distressing really makes it stand out! you can not pass this line up- especially knowing the quality product bo bunny puts out!

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    couldn't work without it (21 November 2007)

    this is by far my favorite runner so far. it's easy to use and applies so smoothly. it always dries clear which is a bonus. the ergonomic design is great on the hands and grip- my hand gets tired after a long run of scrapping, but not when i use this! i definitely like to buy the bulk b/c i use this on everything including chipboard. highly recommend the duck brand...QUACK. mmhhm. excuse me.

  • LOVE it! (21 November 2007)

    i am absolutely in love with these stars! the colros and the distressing are what drew me, but it is even more adorable in real life. the greatest bonus is that you flip it over and there's notebook paper on the back! again, it's distressed in the perfect way. the notebook thing is such a big trend at the moment and rusty pickle met the call with style.

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    LOVE (21 November 2007)

    cosmo cricket does it again. this box comes with such a great variety of colors, fonts and shapes. i absolutely love the muted tones and the cut out versions of the letters. i came across this box by accident and i would have been sad to have missed it! the quality is, of course, stellar. cosmo cricket is one of the most consistent values out there. highly recommend!

  • interesting... (21 November 2007)

    i tried these out last night. i must say that i absolutely love everything layout i've seen that uses these. i haven't quite found the right place for them in a layout of my own, but they are super easy to use. i played with them for about thirty minutes- haha! they are tacky, so they stay in place, but i definitely recommend also holding them down when you really get going.

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    SO gorgeous!! (21 November 2007)

    i have to start off by saying i was terribly intimidated by these books at first. seeing the amazing creations online here really took my breath away. but i must say, this album just arrived and all of a sudden - i'm so inspired! they all make the perfect gift and there's just no end to what you can create. the chipboard is so easy to work with and i just can't wait to show it off!

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    such a fan (21 November 2007)

    i'm such a fan of tim holtz and his line of distressing ink, so i was pleasantly suprised to find out that he also has a whole array of distress embossing powders! he has such a different twist on color- and the dimension it adds to your projects is unmistakable. i just want them all!! they take tot he ink very well and i have no complaints. another one out of the park by ranger!

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    so fun! (21 November 2007)

    i just learned to emboss about a week ago from a friend. the next morning, all i could think about was how fast i could get to the store that afternoon! i bought a heat gun and several different colors. the ranger line is great, comes in a fantastic array of colors and really sticks to the ink well. i actually have only tried ranger powder and find no reason to stray!

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    my new favorite! (21 November 2007)

    this is my new favorite tool! i love the cat's eye inks so much. they come in such a great array of colors and i love how they come in corrdinating packs. the stylus tool just adds to the ease of use and helps to keep my fingers clean- which is great becuase i am a very messy scrapper! i love how the shape allows you to get into places that other inks just miss. it is a very convenient tool!

  • love it! (21 November 2007)

    i am so completely in love with this line. when you first see it, you think it is so perfect for an unconventional layout, but in reality the detail and perfect flourishy nature of the tattoo culture is a great accent for a scrapbooker! i love the birds and the hearts - everything about it. the colors are so rich and beautifully distressed. gorgeous!

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    WOWEE!!! (21 November 2007)

    this is such an absolute stunner! it's very easy to work with and chock full of character. i chose to cut pieces of it to use to add dimension throughout an altered gift. it is really full of personality and sweetness. it has that rocker edge but still makes me a little melty- the perfect accent for a less feminine layout, without losing the prettiness!!

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    gorgeous (21 November 2007)

    this paper is even more beautiful in person!! if you're like me, a little less girlie and a little more rock and roll, this line is like heaven! the tatto culture is pervading every aspect of life- so why not scrapbooking? i love the phrase and i love the distressed colors. i am planning on using this for rocker christmas gifts and very happy with the product!!

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    fave (08 November 2007)

    hands down favorite combo in the whole line. these two colors go together so gorgeously- the red looks like fire and it's just so cool! the paper is thin but makes up for that in design, for sure. the entire line is peiced together so great- there are fantastic elements that you just have to buy with the paper. very inspiring!

  • favorite (08 November 2007)

    i think this was one of my top two favorite papers in this collection. i absolutely love that red pinwheel against the yellow paper. i also was drawn to the way it's distressed with the signature blue peeking through. i think i used this paper twice- once as is and a second time with the pinwheel cut out. it really brings out the creativity!

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    REALLY GREAT (08 November 2007)

    these are a nice touch for added dimension to your layout. the pashmina line is really vibrant and fun- it's such a unique line, i really love it. these were quite easy to punch out- no rips at all! i love the brackets most of all. and the way designs are all over the tags and just accent everything so perfectly! great buy!

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    great colors (08 November 2007)

    these letter stickers are really vibrant and pretty. they go so well with the pashmina papers. this particualr line is so different- they have chosen some very interesting color combos and i think their bold rick paid off! the stickers are thick and sturdy and come off very easily. there's a good variety of upper and lowercase.

  • awesome (08 November 2007)

    once again, fancy pants serves up a deliciously vibrant double sided cardstock paper. it's so versatile- it looks great with a color photo or tinted. this entire line is so fun. the distressing is gorgeous and it is just one of those papers that is hard to let go and use! i find that alot with fancy pants- haha! i love the stripes and the polka dots together= it just makes ya smile!

  • sweet (07 November 2007)

    i haven not gotten a chance to use this yet, but i love these muted colors and distressed edges so much. the angels are just so sweet and i know this is going to accent the perfect picture- once i find it- haha! fancy pants never seems to disappoint, consistently coming up with wonderful themes and mixes of colors and ideas. i find the company very insirational, and this line continues the trend!

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    my continued obsession... (07 November 2007)

    here i am, continuing to gush over my obsession with fancy pants. these rub ons are SO much fun. the layout i used them on- it was the first time i ever used all couurdinating elements- the patterned paper, the coordinating color, the rub ons. everytime i see it, it makes me smile! i love the quote and i absolutely LOVE the silly alligator guy. it's just so much fun. another score for fancy pants!

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    hard to let go of (07 November 2007)

    seriously- this paper was so hard to let go of once i finally chose a picture to go with it! there are so many colors in it and the added distressed bits are so beautiful. i never realized that i would be drawn to such vibrant colors! fancy pants just has a knack for finding the right shades to look cool and funky but still have so much life in them!

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    fun! (07 November 2007)

    these shapes are so much fun!! the colors are really neutral and will go with so many different styles and shades. i am having a hard time using them because i don't want to let them go- haha! there are so many pieces that there's bound to be a little something for everyone!! felt is such a nice added dimension.

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    had a great time with this (07 November 2007)

    i loved using this overlay!! i wasn't sure how it was going to work or if i was going to like it but i really had a good time with it. it took rub ons and paint and ink really well- just had to be extra careful with smearing i used the duck adhesive and it dried clear and perfect. it's an interesting addition to layer with, i will definitely try a few of the others!

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    another one out of the park (07 November 2007)

    fancy pants has really become my top front runner. i can't wait to see whatever the newest thing is. i absolutely loved using this set of rub ons. it's so vibrant and sweet- the colors are all so perfect together. i did have a tough time with the transfer- it took me more than time that i would have thought. but i gladly suffered through when i started to see my layout come to life with such dimension and finish.

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    an absolute breeze (07 November 2007)

    i JUST got my crop a dile in the mail two days ago. let me tell you, i think there may be holes in everything i own! i can't believe how easy it is to use. i would highly recommend this one in particular beczuse it comes with 400 eyelets! what a bargain! everything is in it's own little compartment- the color is hip and stylish. buy it!

  • this is my scrap room! (10 October 2007)

    my boyfriend bought me this for christmas last year- all on his own, by the way :)- and i don't know how i lived without it! livingi n new york city is tough on scrapbooker! space and the ability to be flexible is essential. so although i would love to be able to brag about my own scrap room, i'm happy that i can say that the navigator IS my scrap room- haha- and it serves me very well. it's sturdy and can take a beating going up and down stairs. the adjustable handle is a godsend for rolling it around and then pushing it down to be able to open it all the way up. it holds a ton of supplies. i couldn't live without it!

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    LOVE THESE!! (10 October 2007)

    this was the first chipboard alphabet i had ever bought. first off, how could you resist the little box it comes in?? there is a really wonderful selection of upper and lowercase letters in several different designs and fonts. so much to choose from. i have found, as usual, that i have a hard time committing to gluing these down cuz i just don't want them to be gone! great product!

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    such a fan! (10 October 2007)

    these look even better in real life! i actualy am having a very tough time using them because i don't want to let go of them- haha! they are a great accent for any style of scrapping. they go so perfectly with all of the coordinating basic grey patterned papers. they are easy to punch out- i usually rip at least one letter when i am punching them out. :) basic grey has done it yet again!

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    sweet way to accent (10 October 2007)

    i recieved a handful of these big time brads in a swap kit challenge from my critique group. a tfirst, i said to myself "those are really cool, but how am i gonna find a way to use them?". once i sat down to do my layouts though, i found them to be more inspiring then anything else! you can use them by themselves, or as an accent piece, or a photo corner- so many choices. they are very good quality and the backs them are easy to butterfly open, once you've put them through. great embellies!

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    beautiful (05 October 2007)

    first off- i just loved this color combo. it's so strange and beautiful. when i used it, i choose to cut out that great viney stuff and let coordinating side show through. it came up so perfectly and i've gotten nothing but compliments, so thanks rusty pickle! you've done it again. it's so easy to get excited to work with their line.

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    best of both worlds (05 October 2007)

    i just got a chance to give this new trend a try and i really7 think it offers the best of both worlds. you have the option of taking the cap off if you'd like to use it traditionally and dip a brush, or you can use it to diretly apply to stamps or your pages. once you get it going, it's really fun the lo9oks you can create with this different surface applicator. i really like to smudge it on to give my background paper texture and depth. looking forward to experimenting more with it!

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    so cute (05 October 2007)

    i had such a good time using these- they have a tiny boy of sparkle to them that really makes them stand out. i love that they come with coordinating brads. they are a great accent for chipboard or stamping. i think her color hues are just a tiny bit different than others and i they are easily folded or left open the way they come. really pretty delicate product.

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    great buy! (05 October 2007)

    i'm really not a flowery girl (i know- don't lynch me!) but the color of these flowers just won me over. i had them in my stash for a good two months before i finally joined a challenge to force myself into busting open the seal! i used them on a masculine layout and the color really kept it manly. they are such a quality fabric and are easily paired with chipboard, buttons, brads, eyelets- you won't be sorry

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    great product! (05 October 2007)

    i've had such a great time with these pieces. there are so many for the money that you spend- you have so many choices and great combinations. they were my first venture into chipboard and i think i hit the nail on the head! i love that they are so nested into one another- they really used every inch of space to allow the best spectrum available. these shapes lend themselves to so many different styles too, there's a little something for everyone!!

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    so cool (05 October 2007)

    i fell in love at first sight with this paper and i was not disappointed when it arrived. it's even more vibrantly muted (is that possible??) in real life. i really liketo distess things, and this was so easy to match with a nice blue bazzill sheet. there were so many colors to choose from, it was tough! rusty pickle just does not let you down!

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    LOVE this!! (04 October 2007)

    i just got one of these from my sister-in-law and i am absolutely in love with it! no more tangling with adhisives, how am i gonna make this small enough to fit on the back of this, etc... this works like a dream! i'm kind of a make it work kind of girl who's fairly new to the scrapbooking scene and i live in ne wyork, so i don't have room for a ton of tools and cool stuff- i have to keep it minimal. this is small enough to travel around with and so convenient. the cartridge change was a snap. highly recommend it!!

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    one of the converted... (04 October 2007)

    i actually own three different sizes of those fiskars springy eyelet setters that sound like you are punching into concrete. my sister-in-law just got a cropadile and i'm wildly jealous now that i've gotten a chance to try it out! it's so smooth and so easy to use- the tool does all the work for you. there's no need for muscle, you don't have to squeeze terribly hard. it's perfect for anyone who has a touch of arthritis. the only drawback is that it only works on the outer edges. you can't on the inside middles of pages.

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    even better irl! (04 October 2007)

    these papers look even better in real life. i just got it and the colors are more rich and perfect together. i've just started mapping out how to best play up those cool circles and the fun nature of the design. it's i think i'm going to push myself to really get creative so as not to hide too much of the pattern behind pictures- haha! that sounds so funny to say but maybe something really quirky and fun will come out of the sheer inspiration of the paper! i'm hoping so!

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    LOVE!!!! (04 October 2007)

    i have fallen head over heels and hopelessly in love with the entire fancy pants line. i just got these rub ons in the mail and i used them for the first time last night. they transfer like a dream- i've had terrible problems with other rub ons, so i'm always nervous buying them. i'm definitely going to purchase ALL of them now that i know- haha! i love how bright this line is and how it blends in so well with all of the papers that coordinate with it. can't say enough about it! love them!!

  • sticky chipboard (04 October 2007)

    i bought these letter without even realizing that they are self adhesive! one step closer to brilliance- one more step you can take out of the process. they are good quality patterned paper ontop of the chipboard- i've come across cheaper ones that peel away after awhile. the patterns are really pretty and compliment her line of papers so perfectly. i love that she throws in doubles of vowels and a few consanants. highly recommend them!

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    first time changer (04 October 2007)

    haha! so i just got my first xyron from my sister-in-law and i had to go out and get a cartridge- which was not easy to find in nyc but i couldn't wait for the shipping! from now on, i will! i was kind of nervous cuz it really doesn't give too detailed a layout on how to change it. but you really just drop it in and that's that! i'll bei nterested to see how long they last for a newbie who just can't stick enough in there!!

  • Love this project! (30 August 2007)

    I had this on my wish list for awhile and one day, my bf surprised me with it! Although I do wish the blocks were actually wood, they are made of a thick corrugated cardboard, and should stand up well for a good long time. I also purchased the stickers shown above and they are just adorable. I wound up modpodging the entire block, to give it an all around finished look. I've already gotten some great compliments from guests, and I'm thinking I'll be purchasing a few for Christmas gifts! It was an easy project that is very unique and will be a conversation peice for years to come!

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    oh...pashmina... (29 August 2007)

    when i saw these papers online, i had to have them. IMMEDIATELY. and i'm glad to say that i do have them at present. they really are even more beautiful in real life. the colors are vibrant and muted at the same time. they really just have the market on knowing when to let it pop. another great feature is that it's the doublesided paper, that we all love! it really does add so much to a lo when you have coordinating papers and designs. and my favorite part of that feature is that they don't play it safe. they have bold and crazy pieces that can be cut out or worked around as a focal point. there's just so many options. i highly recommend giving these papers a shot. they'll spark something new in you!

  • My rolling scraproom! (29 August 2007)

    I live in Queens, NY in a great apartment with my bf. Our big passion in ife together and seperately is music, so our extra room is a studio. Now that I am officially a slave to the scrap-hahah!- i keep trying to figure out how to work a scrp corner in there- hahah- and it's just not going to happen.

    I tell you this story, because the bf gave me this tote for xmas last year. What a genious invention!! i can keep so much a the big stuff in here- trimmers, cutters, paper packs, 12x12 filing tote, ribbons, markers, pens, buttons, get the picture. One of the greatest features is that you can set up your own world in their because the walls are all attached with velcro. you figure out how you need thing to be divided. you decide what goes where. it's got pockets and flaps- they really just use all of the space that the had in the design to be fully functional for us. I can roll it out when I'm having or attending a crop and then roll it into a closet to be out of the way, when I'm not. I'd highly recommend this to any one who has space issues and hasn't graduated to scrap room, or for anyone who plkans to travel to crops. it's a steal!

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    My newfound love (29 August 2007)

    A friend recommended this line of distress inks. I had never used them before, but found that I mostly leaned towards paper that had that look to it. She explained what to do, and I could hardly wait to get home and crack them open. This particular color has become my favorite, it adds a really nice edge and can even make that cracked old photograph look if you use it all over the paper. It's really easy to work with, and if I was a little more careful I could easily keep from getting onto my fingers. All of Tim Holtz's colors are so unique. I highly recommend this line to anyone, new or pro!

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    My new favorite tool!! (29 August 2007)

    If I could give this 10 stars, I would! I got this as a birthday gift about a month ago. If you go into my gallery, you can see that I've been having a TON of fun with it!

    Being a relatively new scrapbooker, I've found myself quite overwhelmed at the enormous range of choices of tools, and I've done alot of impulse buying so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this circle cutter is very consistent, the blade is very sharp- doesn't take much pressure for you to get a good cut, and the variety of sizes is just endless! It really helps give a depth and personality to your pages. It's an inspiring tool that opens a new door in your mind.