Stephanie D's Reviews

  • Bad page protectors (10 August 2013)

    I Pick up a set of them and they are punch way off. Would not even fit one of there scrapbooks or my D Ring. Do not waist the money or the time on them .

  • ok (18 May 2011)

    I got this at M's a couple of month ago and just had the need to use it. When I tryed to open the bottle the cap was stuck. I had to brake off part of the handle and use plire to get it undone. Beside the packing problem it was fine

  • ooh ok (06 January 2011)

    this is a basic quilling tool , pluse a styles this is nothing new.

  • if your on a buget (02 May 2009)

    this is a great little system to get. I have had it for over a year now and. I have fell in love with it for the basic shapes. I use it more then the wishblad. if its not cutting right try filiping over you templete.

  • Verified Buyer

    Do Not Get a Wishblade (20 April 2009)

    xyron has no customer services, they will not help with problem, they do not offer up dates on there program and if you would like updates you have to buy them when other compaies gives them to you for free. Look at a nother brand if you are looking for a pc baset cutter..

    and the only reason this has any stars is that i could not post a review with out one.

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    This is a most have (14 March 2009)

    this one i can not run out of. It one of the things I reach for on my more adult layouts and other project.

  • Stickles are addictive (14 March 2009)

    I use this color on almost all of my layout some place. Onces you get one your addicted for life. Just love this product.

  • Love This one (14 March 2009)

    Just got it this last week and already working on some project with it. I am hopping to get the complete line of them.

  • I Love Theys Templates (14 March 2009)

    I just got three of theys templates this last week and I love theme. Also with most of them if you have a D ring scrapbook you can put them in there so they are easy to store. If you find one that dose not fit just slip them in a page protecter.

    I am hoping to get the rest of them soon

  • Love this (10 December 2007)

    Just picked this up today as a early christmas gift for my self and I love it. I have been playing with it for the last few hours and I have had no problems. Would and have told a lot of my friends about this already..

  • have this (06 December 2007)

    i have this and use it a lot on diffrent projects it works great.

  • Just got the last night (06 December 2007)

    I live in a apartment and setting eyelets were a problems. So a dear friend pick me up this little tool for a early birthday gift and it works great. I tryed 3 driffrent brand of eyelets and had no problems. I love it and eyelet are onces again one of my fave thing to use on my pages. I did not need to stand or anything ells it is just a all around great tool..

    just a side note i have carpal tunnel in both wrist and it dose not hurt to use.

  • Verified Buyer

    This is great (12 September 2007)

    i have had it for a few months now and I have no problems with it.. when it starts cutting funny all you need to do is flip the light yellow bar that the blade runs on and you get perfected cut every time. You can flip it over as well you get at 4 diffrent cutting areas. i use this one every layout and card..

  • Verified Buyer

    love this glitter (25 August 2007)

    i picked up this glitter a week ago and i love it. I have used it on a lot of my projects. I will keep getting this brand a little gose a long ways..