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    Space Saver, Time Saver (01 May 2010)

    Wow, not sure how I scrapped without my Clip It Up all this time. I've had it for three days now and I'm already reaping the benefits.
    It holds way more scrappy goodies that you would think and is so well designed that it doesn't take up as much space either.
    With everything from my bulky SEI embellie packages to my Thickers (all of them) hanging on it now, I've opened up three of my storage cubes and have been able to utilize that new found space as well.
    I now don't spend all my precious time searching through my cubes looking for what I thought I wanted; only to find something I forgot I had resulting in changing the entire design of my project and wasting more precious time!
    I love this and it is so worth the price!

  • Handy Dandy (09 October 2009)

    I just love this design! The cup holder is big enough to hold my extra large drive thru drinks and my large coffee mugs. I love that it has 'handle' slots on both sides, making it easy to place your mug no matter if you're left or right handed as well as where you may have to place the holder due to where you are scrapping.
    The garbage bag is large enough to hold several projects worth of scrap pieces and it is really easy to remove and reattach to empty.
    It does take a little time to screw the clamp into place but really, that's the only downside!

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    fun surprise... (29 May 2009)

    I had been thinking about getting a small token of 'thank you' for the girls who faithfully come to my scrapbook classes and workshops. I wanted it to be economical and fun at the same time...in walks the scrapbook.com scrapstrong bracelet. Not only was it very affordable it also helps with funding cancer research. I bought 20 of them and they were worn proudly during our last class...

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    Awesome! (29 May 2009)

    I love this case! My favorite part about the design...it's see through! How many times do you go digging through a bag and pull out the wrong item because it's too dark to see inside?
    Because all of the In Stitches supplies are thin, they all fit very nicely inside! I love how light weight it is as well! Great purchase...I don't regret this one at all!

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    First time but, not the last! (28 May 2009)

    I can not get enough of this line! The colors are so vibrant and alive. There is such a mixture of colors that it can be paired with any number of bg papers. I just completed my first lo using this line and I'm already searching for a way to use the scraps on another!

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    Such sweet additions... (21 May 2009)

    Doodlebug always has the cutest embellies! The entire Paper Frills collection is perfectly designed to add just enough splash of color or a really subtle focus line. It took a couple of times at trying to get the strips back into the package until I figured out what the trick is...pull the inner packing out and place all the strips back under the flap and then slide the packing into the bag. Soooo much easier that way!

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    The Best! (19 May 2009)

    This is the only white pen I use! Not only do they last longer than any other on the market...the gel sits on top of the paper unlike others that tend to soak into the paper and therefore disappearing.

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    Oh yeah! (18 May 2009)

    I bought this template just because I thought it might be helpful...well, it is way more than helpful. Not only do I use this for doodling aspects but, I have used it with my stitching products to make those very cool circle elements which always add fun to lo's.

    It is truly so easy to use and realign.

    I used this to mark spots where I wanted to place brads and button on my lo's as well.

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    Super duper! (09 March 2009)

    All EK Success punches are terrific. Sturdy, yet smooth. Strong, yet so easy to handle. Durable enough to withstand many, many uses.
    Perfect to add to your basic supply list!

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    Wouldn't scrapbook without 'em! (09 March 2009)

    This is just the perfect product anytime you need to add a touch of 'hey, look at this'.
    Awesome in every way. The inks last forever and adhere to the papers and silk flowers perfectly.
    I have found myself having to repeat the mantra...'step away from the ink pads'. LOL

    You won't regret the purchase!

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    Which one do I choose? (09 March 2009)

    Ok, my Stickles issue (well, that's what my dh is calling it) started when I couldn't decide on a color. I needed a red but couldn't pick just one so, out I walked with every red available-Candy Cane, Ruby Slippers, Fired Brick and Christmas Red.
    Fast forward eight months...now when I need to add a splash of fun and glitz to my lo's, I now just open up my Stickles Stash and try to make a decision from the collection I have obtained from not being able to pick just one when I needed a new color.

    This is such a fun and economical way to make an all your projects stand out. *thumbs up*

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    Wow...Bug Fever catches on quickly! (09 March 2009)

    This is the greatest thing invented since, well, EVER! I love everything about this tool. It has become the first tool that I think about using on any new lo or project. I bought the baby bug in 2007 and graduated to the expressions a year ago.

    During this past year, I have had no problem convincing my friends that they were 'out-of-touch' if they did not possess the coveted Cricut!

    Six members of my scrapbook group at church are now proud owners of there own Cricut due to me singing non-stop praises about the Bug!
    Hey, where's my commission check?!? LOL

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    Great possibilities! (09 March 2009)

    I love this line! All words associated with tailgating are printed somewhere on this sheet. I like this pp so much that once I finished my lo, I went back to my lss and bought the whole line and another sheet of this one.