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    Easy elegant borders (20 October 2008)

    For a long time I was hesitant to purchase any type of border punches. I used to have one long time ago and it was so much pain to use. I finally gave in and decided to give this elegant Fiskars. The design was perfect for a card I wanted to make and the fact that I own several other Fiskars products that I am very happy with also played a role.

    I was both excited and terryfied to try. The ease of use caught me by surprise. The punch has a platform with the design printed on it which makes alignment efortless and there is a stop for the paper which makes it easy to keep a straight line.

    The results were fantastic and I bought several other Fiskar border punches since.

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    Love it (05 June 2008)

    I wasnít into die cutting until lately. Most of the time if I needed a shape my collection of craft punches would do. I found myself rather limited when it came to creating titles though. Stamping would do sometimes but not always would work for the design, stickers are great but you know how you always tend to run out of particular letters plus their colors are limitedÖ. and the colors were what initially made me start thinking about die cutting machine. The idea to match color of the title to other papers used on the layout was simply too tempting. I did a little bit of research and decided to go with Quickutz Revolution. My decision was based on mostly positive reviews and a deal I found that was hard to pass.
    Iíve been using my revolution for about couple of month now and I am very happy with it. The machine and dies are of high quality and make creating titles very easy. I especially love the cookie cutter Alphas since many times I can have the whole title cut at one time.
    The design of revolution is very cute too and I really appreciate the rotating handle. With punches sometimes my arms start hurting when I need to press them multiple times.
    The only thing I would suggest for improvement would be to make the cutting mat more durable.

  • Invaluab;e tool for adhering tiny embbelishments (05 June 2008)

    I found this glue pen in my local scrapbook store and it immediately caught my attention. Ever since I started using Quickutz Revolution for die cutting alphas I was trying to figure out what would be the best way to attach the sometimes really tiny letters to my pages. Regular glue pens are too wide and tent to drawn the embellies in the enormous amount they dispense (which is great if working with larger shapes or embellies but here I am talking tiny die cuts), double-sided tape is too large and itís so time consuming to cut it, tape runners work nicely but are rather expensive and most of the adhesive is wasted .This pen is the answer. The point head is precious in applying glue exactly and only where needed and it dispenses the perfect amount of glue for the tiny embellies. The glue comes our blue but dries clear. I noticed the best bond is created if you apply the glue and let sit on the embbelie for several seconds, and then adhere to the page.

  • Handy for quick cuts (17 March 2008)

    I've been using my shape cutter for couple of years now. My first project led to frustration and dissapoitment. I had hard time cutting anything without tearing or crosscutting the paper. I thought it was a complete waste of money and was glad it was rather inexpensive.

    I started questioning my technique when I saw how many people used it with great success. I did a little bit of research, ask few questions around and gave it another try. This time it worked better and after practising several times I was pleased with my cutting results.

    This tool works great with the templates fiskars makes for it (make sure you have the template right side up) but it's not limited to use with templates. It works very well as free hand cutting tool. Again perfection takes practise.

    For those who are struggling with proper technique, here is a web side I found very useful.

  • Great Helper (29 February 2008)

    I had a project in mind that required rounded corners so I got this punch. I never imagined how much fun itíll be to work with it. I absolutely fell in love with it the very first time I used it and itís one of the most valuable punches in my collection. It enables you to quickly add a special touch to photo mats and cards. Within second it can help you create ornate scrapbook pages. It comes with the Corner Clip so that you can achieve clean-cut and co nice corner punch placement. You can also chose to remove the Corner Clip and the same intricate design can be punched anywhere along the page.

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    Just like a best friend... (11 September 2007)

    This Fiskars paper Cutter was one of the best tools I ever purchased. Iíve been using it for years and so far it never disappointed me. The razors last for a long time and the cut is clean and sharp. On many occasions I cut up to 4 papers at the same time and it does a great job. (Please note that this applies for light weight paper, with regular cardstock I successfully cut 2 pieces at the same time, but for any thicker paper I would recommend to cut only one at a time.) The gridlines make it easy to measure how much you want to cut.

  • Effortless Elegance (10 September 2007)

    I just recently purchased this set and I absolutely love it. It makes it so simple to add elegance to your projects. Being clear the stamps are very easy to position exactly where you want them to be. I really like the size of the stamps too. They are ideal for scrapbook pages as well as for cards. They come in a plastic storage case which contrary to the foil packing is way more durable and I found it way easier to store. And last but not least the quality is outstanding; they firmly cling to acrylic block and provide clear stamped expression.

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    Unlimited Possibilities (14 August 2007)

    This set belongs to my favorites. It contains great variety of very elegant stamps with very versatile use. I mostly use it to create decorative borders and corners.

    I really like the size of the stamps making them perfect for large scrapbook pages as well as smaller projects such as cards or altered puzzle pieces.

    Very easy to work with. I was also very pleased with their quality.

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    Belongs to my Top 10 stamp sets (13 August 2007)

    I absolutely love working with this set. It openes so many possibilities. You can nearly effortlessly create flowers by overlaping the petals or borders by placing the images side by side. You can stamp them directly to your page or cut them out and mat them with diffferent color to make them really stand out. You can use them all at once or just one at a time to achieve desired result. And as with any other clear stamps they are so easy to work with.