Bohoatheart's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Great for Crops! (09 May 2008)

    I just recently received my Kokuyo Kaddy Supply Tote and love it. You can fold the sides down to make a portable pen, etc. holder.

  • #1 Adhesive (09 May 2008)

    I just love this adhesive. It is so easy to load refills. When the packaging says permanent, it means it!

  • Not too happy (27 April 2008)

    I wasn't too happy with this tote. Once loaded up, it was hard to pick up to load in the car. I scrap in the 2nd floor of my house and I was worried about my back when I carried it up. I sold mine at my scrapbook store's yard sale.

  • What a great paper for boys layouts! (10 April 2008)

    I highly recommend this paper and all of the embellishments. It's been terrific for the layouts of my son swimming on his swim teams. I intend to use it for soccer also.