Scrappingaddict's Reviews

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    Great picker-upper! (29 January 2009)

    This is perfect for picking up small pieces of paper or light items. I have found this tool is great for placing small letters into my Xyron. The other end is great for scrapping excess glue away from your project. Highly recommended!

  • Many great designs! (09 January 2009)

    When I first bought this pack, I didn't think I would find so many uses for it! While I wish the colors were different, I have already used most of the stickers within a few pages of my wedding book. See Garter/Bouquet Dance for example.

  • Knife glides perfectly! (09 January 2009)

    Place a light underneath for use of the rectangles or just use to protect your desk while using your swivel knife or circle cutters. I didn't think this would be a "must have" until I tried it out, and now it is always with me!

  • Making life easier! (09 January 2009)

    I have the oval cutter an I love it! It did take a few tries to get the hang of it but now I can cut out my shape easy and quick. With the template being see through, you can place exactly where you want more wasting paper!

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    Great time! (03 September 2008)

    I bought the oval template and didn't realize that I needed this lil bugger. Great investment though. The swivel handle makes it easy for you to keep your hand on the cutter and never have to reposition your hand. Only suggestions I have are (1) buy a glass mat as other mats will make cutting much more difficult. (2) keep the plastic protective blade cover so you can replace it when you are not using your cutter. The handle opens for storage so there's no excuses that you lost it!

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    Super-easy to use! (03 September 2008)

    I am so glad I bought this tool! I have already used it a half a dozen times and I haven't even made any cards! Great for cards and scrapbook pages. I love the measurement information so I know what size envelope to make. This has definitely replaced the bone folder!

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    Talk about variety and quantity! (03 September 2008)

    When I received these flowers, I couldn't believe my eyes! There are so many colors and varieties of flowers that you can create something different each time you use them. They came bagged according to size and although there are several colors in each bag, they are easily separated due to the way they were placed in the bag. This is a MUST HAVE to anyone looking for flowers!

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    Looking for that perfect paper? (03 September 2008)

    I read the reviews prior to buying this package and I was under the impression the sheets were not 12x12. I'm here to tell you that they are! While I prefer doubles of every page as I like doing double LOs, I am glad I bought this package! This is my first time with Basic Grey paper and I have to say....I LOVE IT! It is much thicker than the patterned paper I am use to and the designs are endless! So many wonderful colors and designs that you will find a use for every sheet. If you are looking to try Basic Grey paper for the first time or looking for a variety, this is the package for you!

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    Great Scrapbook album! (26 August 2008)

    The size is perfect for 12x12 and the durability is great. As you can see, the majority of the album cover is plain cardboard so you can design your own cover.

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    Great sticker maker! (26 August 2008)

    While I wish the width was wider, I do enjoy the simplicity of this product! I have used it for numerous projects and still haven't changed the original cartridge. If you're looking for a sticker maker, this is the product to get!