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    Great detail (20 July 2007)

    I love these stamps and have probably used them in most all my layouts. They can be great subtle detail to any project or you can really make a statement by embossing and/or adding glitter, flowers, etc. Each stamp is nicely detailed and the clearness is a bonus so you know exactly where you are placing it. Side note: I recommend just using a baby wipe to clean it off after each use--works wonders!

  • Amazing tote! (11 July 2007)

    I actually have the green microsuede large tote, but I figured this red one (that wasn't available when I purchased my green one) must be the most comparable... I really did my research in finding the "perfect tote" and not only did I like the looks of this one, it seemed to be the most durable and was spaced for the items I thought Id want to cart around (space to hold an album, plenty of paper, and still a large open area to just stuff things in haphazardly along with the little compartments for the finer knickknacks, pens, scissors, etc.). The only negative...the price. I'd have to say, when all is said and done though, it is definitely worth the rate. It can get a little heavy if youre trying to bring along your whole scrapbooking room, but the wheels and handle are sturdy, its not awkward and oversized, yet youd be surprised all you can fit in there, and most importantly, its pretty!:) I really cannot say enough about this tote! I love how it zips open all the way (the whole middle compartment opens up so you can see everything in your bag as you're working - also, if you don't have a lot of room to store it, it folds all the way down to just slip under a bed or hide in the corner of your closet), I love how many compartments it has, and I love the size. I've had it about a year and no problems/wear and tear issues yet! Hope this helps in your purchase!