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  • Gorgeous papers! (16 January 2010)

    I bought these papers from another online store and received them just the other day. They are GORGEOUS! They're festive and elegant and perfect for my family Christmas photos. I can't wait to use them!

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    I love Little Yellow Bicycle papers! (06 July 2009)

    I used this line for a layout about my teen son. I love that Little Yellow Bicycle carries masculine papers for teens. It's hard to find designs that aren't cutsie and babyish but this brand never disappoints me. Even their flowered papers have an edge to them that works on a masculine page. The paper itself is double sided and heavier than regular cardstock. I can usually get away with one sheet because I use the patterns as an accent.

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    Versatile stamp set (02 July 2009)

    I love these little stamps - and yes they are small. They're good for small journaling blurbs, such as a date, place or short quote. If you want to write a book these aren't going to work. They add a nice touch to a page without being overwhelming. Because it's a stamp you can ink it in whatever color matches your page. You can even choose to not ink the lines if you want to just use the frame. I recommend these as a basic tool for any level scrapper. Easy to use, easy to clean and store.

  • Great little glue pen! (01 February 2009)

    I made an emergency stop to my LSS when my glue pen ran out. She had two brands in stock - a Zig squeeze pen and this Quickie Glue pen. I told her I don't like the Zig and that I used to love Sailor pens but can't find them anymore. She suggested I try this one. I love it!! The glue comes out in a nice thin line and evenly. There's no squeezing or pumping to get the glue to flow. I use it like a regular ink pen. I will definitely buy another when this one runs out.

  • Great for chalking (20 December 2008)

    I bought these to use with my chalks. I have several so that I can use one for each color. I don't chalk often but these are great for the times when I do. They hold the color and the chalk adheres to the paper so much nicer than using a q-tip or other type of applicator. They're also really nice for blending colors. The unique shape lets you stick it on the end of your finger and chalk away.

  • Nice quality album (19 October 2008)

    I bought two of these on sale recently for my kids' pages. I love D-ring albums because I can add pages easily and move things around. I never scrap in chronological order so this is perfect for me. I haven't customized it yet so I'm looking for ideas on how and what to do with it. Until then I'll use it plain and be happy that I can fit so many pages in it!

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    Love these! (19 October 2008)

    I owned a white Souffle pen and used it until the ink was gone. I recently bought this 10 pack because I've been searching for pens that write well on dark colors because I like to doodle on my pages. I love how the Souffle looks after it's dried. The colors are bright and clear. I'm totally in love with my new pack of pens!

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    Love the loopy style (19 October 2008)

    I'm a big fan of letter stickers. I have two packs of these - pink and red. I love the loopy style and how easy they are to use. I also love that there's enough letters for more than one project. They're so inexpensive you can afford to stock up on a bunch of colors.

  • Mod Podge is great for sealing projects. (12 September 2008)

    I've used Mod Podge to seal clipboards and other projects. I recently used it on the cover of a logbook for letterboxing. You can get it a shiny or matte finish. I prefer the matte most of the time. Just make sure you let it dry completely between coats and your project will look great!

  • Love the size of these. (12 September 2008)

    I have several Colorbok chalks in my stash. I bought the individual packages rather than a this set (I couldn't find individuals in the Superstore to review). I use them to ink my cardstock and also to stamp. I plan on replacing my cheap $5.00 set of 20 mini pads with more of these because they're much better quality.

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    Thickers are awesome! (12 September 2008)

    I love Thickers, especially the foam ones. They're so easy to use. I love that they add some dimension to the page without adding bulk when you close your album. I just love everything about this particular set. It comes with a ton of letters and they look nice and clean on my pages.

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    Love the Zach's Life Collection! (12 September 2008)

    I love this line of paper and embellishments. I have a 13 year old boy and a lot of the boy papers are too juvenile for his pages. I was so glad when this line came out. I used this particular pattern as an accent on a layout that's currently in my gallery. The colors are very easy to work with and the paper itself is nice and sturdy. I recommend this line for anyone with a teenage boy.

  • Holds a lot, keeps everything protected (10 June 2008)

    I bought my PSB used from an online friend. I've had it for a few years and it's still holding up great. I have it so stuffed it's bulging! I store all my flat embellishments in it. I love that everything stays flat and the edges don't get dog-eared. Nothing falls out because the sides zip completely around. The outside is made of the same sturdy material as the CIS totes. It has a handle so you can carry it around easily. This is a somewhat pricey investment but once you've got it you'll wonder how you got along without it.

  • Great product, good value. (25 April 2008)

    Mini Glue Dots are one of those supplies that you should always have on hand. There are so many uses for them. You can adhere metal, buttons, flowers and anything else that regular adhesive won't work on. They're very easy to use. Just unroll a few inches off the roll, press your button (or whatever) flat against a glue dot, pull it away and the glue dot is on it. Now you can attach it to your project. Just keep in mind that these are permanent. Once you stick them down you cannot reposition them. To any new scrapper reading this, a pack of Glue Dots is money well spent.

  • Cute and girly (01 August 2007)

    This is great paper for a little princess layout. It's very girly with all the pink and purple. It has several words and phrases that you can tear or cut out to use as accents, or use the whole sheet as your background. I did a layout for a Princess Tea Party that my daughter attended. I used the matching Fairy Tale stickers as accents on the page.

  • Very nice paper (01 August 2007)

    I used this paper with the Cool Stripes paper on a layout for my son. The blues, green and browns have a nice masculine look without being too dark. I cut the paper to use as an accent and inked the edge to match the outside edge. Karen Foster always has quality patterned paper. It's one of my favorite brands.

  • Great quality (01 August 2007)

    Karen Foster has great quality paper. It's one of my favorite brands of patterned paper. I used this pattern on a layout for my son. I love that it has masculine blues and browns without being too dark. I used a strip of it as an accent and inked the cut edge to match the outside edge of the paper.

  • Great invention! (01 August 2007)

    I love these little things and I can't wait to own enough for every color! I'm buying a few at a time to build up my collection. So far I've only tried these with chalks and I loved them. Up until now I didn't use chalk much because I didn't know how to get it to look nice. These are so easy to use and the color goes on so nicely. All you do is smudge it a little with your finger after you dab it with the sponge. The cylinders are hollow so you can stick your finger in it and control it easily.

  • Must have tool! (01 August 2007)

    I got this little tool from a friend years ago. At first I thought "why the heck do I need this?" Before long I realized what a handy tool it is to have on hand. I mostly use it to make holes for brads (be careful - it's very sharp!). You can also punch holes for hand stitching. One thing you should never do is try to clean out your eyelet hole punch with it. I broke the tip off mine doing that so it no longer punches nice clean holes. I'll have to invest in another because I use it a lot.

  • Great quality and colors. (01 August 2007)

    I'm a big fan of letter stickers. They're great when you want to make a quick title. I just used this product recently and the quality is very good. The letters come off the sheet easily and don't tear like some do. They're also repositionable, which is important to me. I also love that there's two colors on the sheet so you can mix and match if you want.

  • Good sketches. (19 July 2007)

    This is a good sketch book. I like that it's separated by number of photos per sketch. There's also sample layouts that show how the sketch was adapted. You can also turn a sketch to give it a different look. This sketch book was my Bible for a few years. Everytime I sat down to do a layout I would flip through the book first for ideas. I haven't used it in awhile because I used so many of the sketches that I needed to take a break. I'd recommend this for anyone who loves sketches and is looking for new layout ideas.

  • Great resource but kind of pricey. (19 July 2007)

    I bought this book several years ago. It's filled with idea sketches for titles, borders, mats, hand made embellishments, etc. There's also a section with layout ideas. It's a great book to keep on your scrap table so you can flip through it if you're stuck on an idea. I think it's a little overpriced so if you can get it with a discount or free shipping it's worth it. Because this is an older book some of the ideas might be considered outdated. However, with a little imagination you can adapt them to suit your own personal style.

  • Quality item, worth the money. (11 July 2007)

    I've been using these a lot lately because my LSS stocks them. They're great for adhering all those little things that regular adhesive doesn't work on (metal, flowers, buttons, etc.). I have found that some stuff doesn't stay stuck but for the most part, most of the projects I've used them on have stayed put. I'll continue to buy them and deal with the occasional "pop offs."

  • Awesome product! Great value! (11 July 2007)

    This is a cheap little product that every scrapper should have! I bought one of these years ago and I still have it. I'm an old school scrapper who uses a glue pen to adhere handcut titles and paper piecings. Any adhesive that seeps out from under the paper is easily erased with this square. I don't know what I'd do without it. This eraser will last forever. When a corner gets a little dirty all you have to do is snip it off!

  • An ok glue pen. (11 July 2007)

    I recently used the Zig squeeze glue pen with mixed feelings. The glue itself is fine. It's great for adhering tiny pieces such as die cut letters, punch pieces, etc. I didn't like the fact that I had to squeeze it to get the glue to flow. As the level of glue went down it became harder to squeeze. I want a glue pen that doesn't require a lot of effort to get the glue to come out. This one isn't it.

  • My favorite glue pen. (11 July 2007)

    Sailor glue pens are my favorite adhesive to use for tiny pieces. I used to paper piece a lot and this pen was perfect for all the intricate details I like to add. The glue flows easily and you don't need a lot so a single pen will last awhile. The Sailor glue pen is good for paper piecing, punch art, adhering die cut letters and any other intricate work you need to do.

  • Great product, good value. (11 July 2007)

    I've used these page protectors for my 3-ring albums. They hold up very well and I've had no problems with them. My kids look through their albums a lot and don't always put them back the way they found them. Despite their "abuse" my pages are still intact thanks to these. Most companies only give you 5 or 10 protectors per pack so this is a good value for the money.

  • Great product, good value. (11 July 2007)

    Mini Glue Dots are one of those supplies that you should always have on hand. There are so many uses for them. You can adhere metal, buttons, flowers and anything else that regular adhesive won't work on. They're very easy to use. Just unroll a few inches off the roll, press your button (or whatever) flat against a glue dot, pull it away and the glue dot is on it. Now you can attach it to your project. Just keep in mind that these are permanent. Once you stick them down you cannot reposition them. To any new scrapper reading this, a pack of Glue Dots is money well spent.

  • Nice little kit (11 July 2007)

    I bought this from my LSS. It comes with everything the description says along with page protectors. I use mine to store my handmade cards. I labeled each divider by category and file the cards in each section. This kit does not come with any type of template or pattern to go by while decorating it. It's easy to measure so if you're handy with a ruler and trimmer you should do fine. Mine is decorated with patterned paper and cardstock, ribbon, flowers and die cut letters. I inked the edges of the dividers with colors that match the outside. I didn't use the chipboard so I'm saving that for another project. This would make a cute gift either as is to a fellow scrapper or decorated by you for a non-scrapper.

  • Quality item, worth the money. (11 July 2007)

    If you like alphabets like me, this is well worth the money compared to a sheet of letter stickers. I love the crisp, clean look of rub-ons. Making Memories rub-ons transfer easily onto paper. You just cut around the letter you want, position it face down on your paper and rub the back with the wooden stick that's included. It's that easy. Making Memories also has great customer service if the product you buy is less than perfect. I bought a pack of their "Beach" alphabet rub-ons and it was missing several of the letters. I emailed MM through their website and they quickly sent me the missing letters and a few other goodies as well.

  • High priced luxury (11 July 2007)

    I *had* to have this a few years ago and now it's collecting dust in my scrap drawer. This is nothing more than a fancy date stamp that sits on a magnetic block. You have to separate all the rubber stamps (they're very tiny) when you first open the package. When you're ready to stamp you line up your tiny stamps on the magnetic block in reverse order and stamp your project. If you're lucky you won't get ink on the edge of the stamp and ruin your image. IMO if you want to stamp a date on your layout, you can pick up a regular date stamp from any office supply store for a third of the cost of this one. Granted you won't get the months spelled out, seasons or holiday words. Despite that luxury, mine stays in the drawer and I journal the date by hand. It's easier than setting this up and cleaning it when I'm done.

  • Not the best trimmer out there. (11 July 2007)

    I was generous and gave this two stars because it does cut. However, I have trouble getting it to cut straight. Fortunately my extended arm hasn't broken like the other people who reviewed this product. When I line up my paper to cut I have to take more time than I'd like to make sure it's going to cut straight. Even when I take the extra time to line it up just so, it cuts crooked. I recommend anyone who's looking for a good trimmer to pass right by this one. There are others out there that are comparably priced and probably a lot better.

  • Great size, good quality! (11 July 2007)

    I take the CIS Jr. tote to crops at my LSS. I like to travel light so this is perfect for me. Looks can be deceiving because this bag holds a lot more than you'd think just by looking at it. I can pack several 12x12 page kits, tools, an idea book and embellishments without it becoming too heavy to carry. This tote isn't on wheels so if carrying a tote bag on your shoulder is a problem this isn't the bag for you. The quality is exceptional. There's several pockets on the front and sides and a large flat pocket on the back to hold a magazine or idea book. The adjustable strap is wide so it doesn't dig into your shoulder.

  • Great for organizing flat embellishments (11 July 2007)

    My PSB is bulging at the seams because I have it stuffed with so much stuff. I not only put stickers in mine, I also have handmade swap items and anything else that's flat. I keep it organized by theme. It sits near my scrap table but it's also portable enough that I can grab it when I go to a crop. The pages that have the tiny pockets are too small for me to store anything in so those are kind of a waste. I like the pages with the half and quarter page pockets the best because those fit my embellishments better.

  • I Love E-Cuts! (11 July 2007)

    I've done several pages using SB.com's E-Cuts. I've gotten some through free offers and have bought quite a few as well. They print very nicely. I like to print mine out on photo paper because the colors come out more vibrant. I used this beach E-Cut on a vacation layout a few years ago. The layout went together quickly and looks great with the realistic looking embellishments. I recommend E-Cuts to anyone who's looking for a way to make beautiful, quick pages.

  • Versatile, a must have. (11 July 2007)

    This punch is a very versatile tool and a must have for any scrapper. The uses for it are endless. You can create titles, borders, backgrounds and go back to basics and make punch art. Paper Shapers thumb punches are my favorite to use because they don't hurt my hand. I like that I can turn the punch upside down to see exactly where on the paper it'll punch. Even my 9 year old daughter can handle this punch without any help from me.

  • Waste of money (11 July 2007)

    I bought this several years ago because I was big into circles at the time. I also bought the mat that goes with it. This is a difficult tool to use. I had to put far too much pressure on it to make a circle. The paper would move at the same time as the blade. The starting and ending points didn't always meet so I didn't get a nice smooth circle. It was a waste of money and it's sitting in a box collecting dust.

  • I love this! (11 July 2007)

    I got one of these a couple of years ago and I love it! I used to scrap in my dining room so I stored all my basic tools in it so everything I needed was in one place. Now that I have my own scrap table I use this only for crops. I carry all my basic tools such as journaling pens, pencil, x-acto, scissors, adhesives, cutting mat - even my 12" trimmer fits perfectly in this bag. I can put this on the table so all my tools are at my fingertips. This is a great tote for both home and crops. It has a separate zippered compartment on top along with several pockets and pen loops inside.

  • Ginormous! (11 July 2007)

    This tote holds a ton of supplies. There's pockets on all four sides and a large pocket inside the cover. There's a separate piece that holds pens and markers (I use it for my deco scissors too). The inside is large enough to hold 12x12 paper, albums and anything else you can think of. The downside of this tote is that it's very heavy if you fill it. If all you plan to do is roll it that's not a problem. If you need to lift it into a car or up stairs then it can be a problem. I gave it 3 stars for quality and the fact that it holds a ton. Personally if I were to do it again, I would buy something a little bit smaller. The extra large size makes it hard for me to handle so I usually take my CIS Jr. to crops.