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    Awesome paper!! (07 April 2008)

    I loved every single sheet of this pack! Every one matches perfectly! THe colors are amazing.

  • It will hold ANYTHING (30 August 2007)

    I never have to second guess GLOO it will hold anything from heavy buttons, layered chipboard. It dries clear so it works great with ghost letter and shapes. I love using GLOO it really is the best.

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    "silent" is good when the kids are sleeping!! (30 August 2007)

    I love my silent setter. I have no problems with using other brand eyelets with it. I love the fact that it is silent and I don't wake up the whole house with it. I love it has setting for diffrent size eyelets. Really good product!!

  • Great for a CJ (30 August 2007)

    I used this Album for a circle journal I am in I love the size it gives you more space to work on but not much bigger to store then a 8x8 the cover is very easy to clean itis very durable. I love the big spiral on the side, you ca alter this album very eaily and make it your own masterpiece. I love it and I already bout another one to make for my daughter!

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    Love these staples!! (30 August 2007)

    If you like to care for even the minor detail these are perfect for you! I know that when I look at a LO I notice everything in it I think the minor detail in a LO is very important. I love to match the staples with the color combo I am using. You really should try them!! They shine and look very pretty.

  • SO many buttons!!! (29 August 2007)

    I love this Bag o buttons the colors are awsome and I have used them in so many Lo's and I still have a TON!!! Great price for them. They are very easy to stick I use mono liqiud adhesive and it works great with them. They are so well worth the price they really do last FOREVER!!

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    Perfect for final touches! (29 August 2007)

    I loves these brads when I am done with a LO and I feel like something is missing I just add a few of these so pretty blingin brads and I am done!! VEry easy to use. They make every page look its best!!!

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    Awsome paper!! (17 August 2007)

    I loved working with this paper. It is so easy to use. It has all the work done for you!!

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    Can't scrap without it! (17 August 2007)

    This adhesive is my favorite it holds just about anything. Chipboard, buttons, ribbon you name it, it holds it. It is not messy at all it comes out smoothly and it dosent clog the tip.
    I would recommend it to everybody!!