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    Cute piece, but a little difficult (23 October 2015)

    I guess I was under the impression that it would be assembled when it arrived. But I opened the package and it had a bunch of little pieces and an illustration of what the final product should look like. Would have helped to have numbers on the pieces to correspond with numbers on the drawing or something. It was a bit confusing to figure out what went where, especially where some pieces were meant to be layered. Some of the pieces didn't line up correctly either - not sure if it was a manufacturing defect or just a result of me not assembling it properly. Either way, some instructions would have been nice.

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    I LOVE THIS PEN! (20 November 2007)

    I use this pen religiously. I've tried a lot of white pens, but only this one works on EVERYTHING I throw at it. It even writes on photos! The ink flows perfectly! I'll NEVER use another brand of white pen.

  • Bling bling (27 September 2007)

    These brads are so cute and are an easy way to add bling to your projects. I like to use them as centers for flowers, but you could use them in a lot of other ways, too! They give a nice finishing touch, without being too flashy. Bling, bling, baby!

  • Great product (27 September 2007)

    I've tried the Making Memories metal glue, and it just didn't seem to work very well. This glue, however, holds great, and worked on everything I've tried it on. It's very easy to use, and comes with a pin to open up the spout if it gets clogged. It dries clear, so you don't have to worry about it gunking up your project.

  • Fun, fancy letters (27 September 2007)

    These letters are a great way to add words to your page. They rub on really easily without a whole lot of headache. The letters are really pretty, and easy to read. I only wish they were a little bit wider so they would show up a little better on the page. Other than that, they're wonderful!

  • Best scissors I've ever used! (25 September 2007)

    These scissors are a MUST for any scrapper! They're sharp and precise. They're small for easy handling, but big enough to get the job done! They stay sharp for a LONG time - I've had mine for over a year and haven't had to sharpen them once! I can't imagine scrapbooking without them!

  • These things don't last long! (25 September 2007)

    The problem with these mats is that you really have to keep good maintenance on them for them to last - and even then, they're only good for a handful of uses before they're not sticky anymore. How do you maintain them, you ask??? You have to buy Cricut's special tools to scrape the fibers off with. So you're spending money on the tools to maintain them, then a few weeks later, you're spending more money on a new mat anyways. What a rip-off.

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    So glad they make a refill! (21 September 2007)

    It's so easy to refill, and less expensive than buying a brand new runner. And it works like new each time it's refilled! Tombow has really made the whole gluing experience fast and fun!

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    What a fun way to add emphasis to a page! (21 September 2007)

    There's so many things you can do with these! Paint them, cover with paper, etc. They work as water splashes for those pool and bathtime layouts, they could be stems for silk blooms, they make a nice frame for any photo, or you could turn them into virtually ANYTHING! Your imagination and creativity is the limit! They add dimension to your page, while giving it a nice finish. Plus you get 3 12x12 sheets!

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    LOVE this set! (21 September 2007)

    This is SUCH fun paper, and there's SO much you can do with it! I did a LO on this paper about a year ago, and to this day it still remains one of my favorites. I love the colors, the different patterns, oh, and the pages are even double sided, so you get more for your money!

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    It does the job... but only on certain things! (21 September 2007)

    I really thought the ink would show up more "pure" than this. It works on dark colored paper (dark green, dark purple, etc.) but I couldn't get it to show up on bold yellow paper. Also, if you want to write on your photos, this is not the pen for you.