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  • Good when short of storage (03 July 2013)

    I got a ScrapRack several years ago. At first, since I had no scrap space other than temporary use of the dining table, there was no place to set it up properly so I just laid it flat in a big plastic storage unit that fit under the bed when I wasnít scrapping. Eventually I carved out space in the laundry room and was able to actually set it up properly on the base unit. I really, really like it a lot except for storage of card stock and paper. It just didnít work for me in that regard, but itís great for organizing all kinds of other things. Itís so easy to quickly find what I want, as itís organized by color or general subject. I would caution anyone buying one though to be careful about going overboard on all the different types of storage ďpages.Ē I have way too many of some and not enough of others so I would suggest getting just a few of the different types and see what you will really need and what you will not use much. I highly recommend this product, especially when you donít have the luxury of a scrap room and your storage space for all the necessary goodies is limited.

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    Good deal! (22 October 2012)

    C-Line makes really good products and I love being able to get page protectors in a large quantity at a much better price than others that are sold in very small quantities. Being able to get a box of 50 at a reasonable price is very important to me since I am working on a huge family history project.

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    Recommended with reservations (19 October 2012)

    Having recently returned from Paris I just had to have this stamp, and I do love it. I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that it is so big I'm having difficulty finding a block anywhere that can be used with it. Be aware that you will need to find a block that is at least 5 1/4" X 6 1/4." The length is not hard to find, but the width is.

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    Indispensable! (16 July 2012)

    You know those days when everything goes wrong? I either quit scrapping for the day or keep this close at hand to clean up after my "oops" moments. It really does work.

  • Excellent storage for stamps in a binder (16 July 2012)

    I have used these for several years and am glad that Scrapbook now carries them. I have had no trouble with my stamps falling off (neither acrylic nor rubber which I removed from wooden blocks) and I have 5 large binders full of stamps. These pages are tabbed for classification of your stamps but the company also makes pages without tabs so you can add to any division. I hope they start carrying them on this site. The same company also makes pages with a different sort of material that you can put in binders for storage of your acrylic blocks--and they really cling.

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    A More Versatile Cow (12 December 2009)

    I have drooled over all of the auxiliary blades ever since I bought my 2 In 1 Combo Purple Cow a couple of years ago. I recently took the plunge and spent the exorbitant amount required as I had never seen them on sale. This set includes, as far as I can tell, every rotary blade made for this tool. I feel this gives me more versatility in the use of the rotary portion of the tool, which encourages me to use the rotary cutter much more than ever before.

    The interchangeable blades are removed and replaced very easily. They cut very well. The purchaser should be aware, however, that it is necessary to stand while using the rotary blades in order to apply sufficient downward pressure on the blade. I don't know about other models, but the 2 In 1 clamps down on your paper/cardstock so that it cannot shift its position until you release the clamp. If you do not maintain an even downward pressure on the rotary blade when cutting, it will not cut entirely through your material on the first stroke. However, because of the clamp, you can simply push the blade back in the opposite direction and it follows the exact same path giving you a clean cut.

    I like to cut strips of cardstock and paper for use on my pages. In the past this has been accomplished with decorative edge scissors, which is slow and with which I tend to wander and get an uneven piece. With these blades I can select any of the patterns and get a straight cut resulting in a strip that is evenly spaced for its entire length; and I get it very quickly.

    For all of you cardmakers out there, one of these blades will cut a score so that you can easily fold a sheet over.

    One caution: I recommend that you test all of the blades immediately upon receipt. When I did this I found 11 of the blades to be perfect. However, the shaft of one projected too far out of the center of the blade and could not, therefore, be installed in the mount. Being blessed with a DH who can fix just about anything, I had him take a look at it. He managed to pull the shaft out without damaging the blade, found it had not been properly seated all the way into the hole, cleaned out the old glue and re-glued it. It now works perfectly.

    At the current sale price which is about 1/3 of what I paid, I highly recommend that anyone who wants this set buy it now. It is great. Up-date 12-12-2009: This product is no longer on sale.

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    Toys for the boys in the family (20 June 2008)

    These stamps are not only sturdy--even the very slender nail, screw and screwdriver shaft--but they also provide crisp clear images with great detail when stamped. The only complaint I have is that they are not to scale--the plumber's wrench, adjustable crescent wrench and hammer are all the same size. The nail is about half the length of the hammer. This is rather nit-picky, but believe me, the Tool Man in your life will notice.

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    Hanging by a SHORT thread (20 June 2008)

    I needlessly worried at the time I placed this order that these stamps might be fragile. However, they proved to be very sturdy when removed from the backing. The set provides a great variety of "stitches" for those of us who really dislike sewing. The stamped images were sharp, clear and detailed. My only complaint is that they are shorter than I had expected--only 2 5/8" long. They will be great for tags and other embellishments but will require a lot of repetitions for borders.

    Tech. Tues. has another set that would be great in conjunction with this set. Look for "Borderline: Notions". That set is a little longer (about 3 7/8") than "Hanging By A Thread," is of the same good quality, and includes images such as buttonholes, pins through fabric, a zipper (in 3 pieces so you can make it as long as necessary), a row of buttons, more stitches and a measuring tape.

    These two sets in combination will be wonderful for some heritage pages I need to do.

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    The best and safest affordable 12" guillotine (21 May 2008)

    After becoming disenchanted with my Fiskars trimmer, I switched to a CM trimmer which was much more accurate. However, at the same time I bought CM's little 6" guillotine and loved it so much I started looking for a 12". CM didn't make one (they should consider doing so) and the prices of the office equipment type were startling. Then I saw an ad for the 2-in-1 in a magazine. Finding one I could actually look at, however, was a problem. While on vacation I ran into a lady who was closing her store and while I was looking around at the bargains my hubby spotted the Purple Cow I had been looking for. The store did not carry them but had one for use in their classes and crops. After examining the trimmer and talking to the owner, I ordered one upon my return home and started using it immediately upon receipt.

    Several months later I noticed that the plastic housing that covers the screw and nut that hold the arm to the body was cracked. I called the phone number on the brochure that had come with the trimmer. I was treated very nicely by the young woman who answered the phone. After explaining the problem, she said they would send me a new one the very next day. I had it in less than a week and then boxed up the old one and mailed it back. I was never without the use of the trimmer and the company was very good about the exchange. No one could ask for better customer service.

    Please note that this is not an ordinary guillotine type paper cutter. There is no cutting blade on the arm. In order for the cutter to cleanly shear off the edge of your paper, you MUST press down on the "lever" (for lack of a better term) right next to the arm and hold it firmly when you bring the arm down. There is NO blade to get dull. The paper is cut cleanly and accurately by virtue of the shearing action of the arm against the body. This will prevent you or your kids from cutting fingers, although it is possible to get a painful pinch if you don't use it properly. I have found the measurements to be accurate and my cuts are straight.

    I had never used a rotary trimmer before but have found this very useful for making attractive embellishment strips for borders and such. I am thinking seriously about getting some of the new blades they are now making for it.

  • My Favorite Gizmo (20 May 2008)

    I can't work without this. In fact I have 2 so that I can do both pages of a double LO at one time. I have used these for about a year and a half and have had no problems with the strength and quality of the boxes. However, when working on a project I usually set the magnetic box into the up-turned lid--more to save space on my table than anything, but maybe that provides extra stability.

    I did buy extra magnets though--any brand of super magnets will do. You have to be careful when putting the magnets back together as the magnetic attraction is strong enough that they will snap together if you don't hold them securely, and then the chromed coating will chip off. The resulting sharp edge can cut your paper if you try to slide a chipped one. (Voice of experience on that one!)

    I needed extra magnets because I carelessly chipped a few but also because I use the magnets for more than holding pieces in place when planning a design. When I am ready to apply adhesive to the individual photos and embellishments, I use magnets to surround one or more pieces, setting each magnet up against the edges of the pieces so that nothing can shift. Then I use my CM multi-tool to pop the photos (or other pieces) out without moving the magnets, apply the adhesive, and set everything carefully back into the magnets. Every piece goes on exactly where I want it using this method with no boo-boo's. I now rarely need Un-Du for anything.

    UPDATE: I wrote this review quite sometime ago and am still enthusiastic about the product after using it for 2 plus years now. After recently reading the negative reviews below, I thought it might be helpful for others who are considering purchasing this product to have these complaints addressed.

    First, I noticed that a couple of other reviewers are unhappy about the product being "just a cardboard box," and thought it might be helpful to point out that it is in fact more than just a cardboard box. Those extra strong magnets have to stick to something, and even someone like me who is not familiar with physics knows that magnets do not stick to plain old cardboard.

    Secondly, for those who are concerned about wear and tear on their boxes, I suggest that you turn the lid upside down and set the box into it for additional strength and protection. I have done this since Day One and my boxes have held up very well.

    Third, regarding the complaint that the strength of the magnetic force will cause chips if they snap together, this is in fact true as indicated, although indirectly, in my original review. You do have to pay attention to how closely you can set 2 magnets together before they snap together, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the box. These are not ordinary magnets, but rather are what are known in the industrial world as super magnets due to the extra magnetic force that they have. This extra force is helpful when tacking down thick or heavy items, but it can be dangerous to the magnets themselves if they forcefully snap together. As mentioned in the original review, I purchased additional magnets (packages of 10 by Basic Grey) because I got careless and chipped several and because I needed more for the process of surrounding pieces for adherence in exactly the position I wanted without any guess work when returning an item to the layout after applying the adhesive.

    Fourth, in regard to the fact that there is no fastening system to hold the box closed when in transit, I have found that very large rubber bands work wonders.

    All things considered, I still rate this product 5 stars and recommend it highly. I love it, love it, love it!