ScrappyLitty's Reviews

  • texture & texture is two! (28 November 2007)

    The color IRL is much brighter yellow than shown here (look at some sample projects for a better idea of the real color)

    Also be aware, that this texture is not the usual canvas one you find on cardstock. This has straight lines. Looses 2 stars for this (I can't use this type of texture, no matter how hard I try)

  • pretty but fragile (23 November 2007)

    The book is made of debossed plastic, it feels soft to the touch, and is basically breathtakingly pretty.
    The spine comes with 2 covers (a thin one and a big one)
    Altough... It is very fragile and scratches very easily. It doesn't come with a protective cover, which this album DEFINATELY needs. When I got mine in the mail, it was already a bit scratched, just by regular handling.
    That doesn't take away, the fact that every time I lay eyes on this album, my heart stops beating for a split second...

  • smaller than expected (20 November 2007)

    The buckle is *only* half an inch tall, and won't accomondate ribbons any bigger than a quarter inch (I don't even have ribbon that narrow), so that was a bit of a let down.
    It might just be my punch too, but i found that the buckle was still stuck to the paper on 2 small places, so you'll have to cut it loose.
    If I planned on buying this again, I would go for the bigger size, as it can be used with more common ribbon.

  • Verified Buyer

    pleasantly surprised (02 August 2007)

    There are 4 of each different pattern in the stack (I guess this is your main concern, as it was mine)
    The selection was also ok: lots of different colours & patterns, some even coordinate with others, as far as I can see it's a mix of some of their "stacks" not seperately available at this store. The mix holds both feminine, masculine and neutral pages.
    Minor downside is that they are ordered very unlogical (back 2 back and in packs of 6) so they take a lot of organising. That's what made them loose the one star :)

  • Too pretty! (24 July 2007)

    I can't use this stack! It's just too beatifull to cut up! I gaze at it in marvel every time I open my paperdrawer. I take it out, flip trough it, and realise time upon time again... There is no way, I can do anything to this paper that actually does it justice. It's too pretty to alter!

  • every bit as good as expected (23 July 2007)

    love - love - love this product

  • Verified Buyer

    cute style (23 July 2007)

    very cute dates, easy to use & clean.

    Lost one star for:
    - the " '9 " stamp, somtimes "bleeds" shut to a 0

    - it's impossible to combine multiple numbers to a "year numer " (like combining a 20, 0 and 6 to make 2006 - there is no 0 present wihtout an accent in front)