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    Best Thing I Own (14 September 2008)

    This is it!!!

    I received this wonderful machine as a gift from my husband. Of course, I am the one that planted the seed. It was the best gift I have ever gotten.
    The machine can do wonders. I am amazed at my layouts. I feel they are so much better. They now have a special touch to them.

    I LOVE IT and so will YOU!!

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    FINALLY WE HAVE IT!! (29 February 2008)

    I have been waiting and waiting for scrapbook. com to get some of this WONDERFUL product in. I can't tell you how happy you will be do use this product. A friend told me about it and NOW I'm hooked.


    I'm serious..if you want the extra bling to your page and you don't have a lot of money for all the cutest blingy items. Dab alittle of this on the layout...INSTEAD bling. The bottle also last a long time.

    RUN...Don't walk....let those finger do the typing and BUY IT!!!

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    It's Good!! (31 December 2007)

    It's Good!! That's about the only thing I can say about the Cutterpede Trimmer. First, let me say that this is the trimmer that I currently use and I own two of them. It is easy to carry to crops and I like the simple use of the cutter. However, there are problems with it. The cutting mats wear out FAST. I have to replace my mats a lot. I have also replaced my blades a lot. Maybe I like really sharp blades, who doesn't? It seems like now...even with the blades and mat replaced, that it doesn't cut as good as it use to.

    I have used this cutter for 4 years and have been very happy with it.
    I would now recommend to my scrappy friends to try it out and see if they like before they decided this will be their final cutter. If they want to purchase a cutter for crops and small jobs, this is the one. I think there are some better cutters on the market for all of us that loves scrapping.

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    I couldn't live without these! (31 December 2007)

    These are the best things I have ever purchased. I couldn't live without them. They are the best for cutting out tiny details or doing any cutting job.

    I want a couple more pairs to stash around my scrapping room.

    I would HIGHLY recommend buying these and ONLY these scissors.

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    I love these!!! (31 December 2007)

    I'm a Disney everything I purchase for some strange reason is Disney. I really like these Photo Corners. They are easy to use and make pictures have that special princess extra touch.

    For me, I am currently using them on a layout where I don't put them on the photos but use them for the Disney Princess Magic.

    This product is a four star for me. Easy, fun and adds the special Disney touch. The best thing...they were free because I won them on

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    It was a GREAT GIFT! (17 December 2007)

    My friend knows I'm NUTS about Disney and it seems all I ever do is Disney layouts. When she saw this, she knew it had my name all over it. To be honest, it is one of the best scrapping gifts I have received.

    When you want to add a unique look to your layout and don't want to put the traditional Mickey head..this is the one.

    It's small and easy to carry to crops. The punch size isn't too big and looks great on layouts. In fact, it looks super inside of flowers.

    Buy it for yourself or give as a gift. You will be sure to put a smile on your friend's face.

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    Ticket to Fun (17 December 2007)

    I know there are TONS of stickers out there and they cost money. Who can afford to purchase sticker after sticker?? I love buying them but do I even use ALL of them. NOPE!

    I'm a Disney freak...and I do say that in the nicest way. I bought these to use with my layouts and I use them over and over. There are so many things/ways you can do with them.

    If you love Disney..then this is a good purchase. Not only do you get the man, but you also get Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto. That's a lot of stickers for your layouts.

    To sum it up: They are on sale, many uses, and in great colours. You can't go wrong!!

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    I didn't like it at first.... (01 August 2007)

    Zip Dry....I didn't like it the first time I tried it. I was at a workshop, working on mini clipboards. The instructor told us to try Zip Dry to make sure the paper and all the goodies stuck to the board. (I personally thought..what a good way to push a product. Not going for it) So I tried it and it worked. At first I thought this product is too messy.

    The instructor said..this product will hold everything and anything down. I then thought..maybe I should try it.

    I bought a bottle and IT WORKED. NOW I'm a firm believer in the product.

    Try it...YOU WILL LIKE IT!

  • So Cute! (01 August 2007)

    I bought this album for a special Disney forgotten pictures. I am going to scrap all the special but forgotten pictures of the years at Disney. The ones that didn't fit into my regular albums.

    I love the 8x8 size, which is perfect.

    This album would also be great for a little girl's party.

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    I Love It! (01 August 2007)

    I love this tool. I know there are tons of fancy and cool setters on the market, BUT for the money and the easy use...I RECOMMEND IT. I have tried many different setters (not going to mention companies) and they were great. However, I found this setter to work just as good as the competition. It is easy to carry to my crops. The storage container is really cool and it is handy. It is so safe and easy to use my 11 year old step daughter uses it all the time and I don't worry about her hurting herself.

    I not only use it for a setter but for a hole punch. I will admit that sometimes my eyelets aren't flat but I never could get them flat with other tools.

    To sum it up....The price is right, a 11 year can use it, and it is easy to carry. Try it out and you will like too.