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    perfect boy paper! (11 July 2010)

    so im not one who buys into the its girl paper if its pink and purple. i really use everything. but this stuff is awsome for boys its all those bummy browns, greens, and blues with orange thrown in there to make it all pop. the box letters are the coolest of them all ... there's words there represnting the letter

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    same bazzill (11 July 2010)

    same bazzill quality i have come to expect, just with no texture. which is cool for stamps and running through my printer ... probly should have got the 8.5x11 stuff... but its awsome

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    best stuff ever!!!!! (11 July 2010)

    so i have a kraft addiction. and i will only use bazzill karft. just wish it came in 50 packs ... just seems easier than buying 2 25 packs.

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    also cool (11 July 2010)

    so i got this pack along with the pp one. while the colors dont match exactly (which it totally didn't expect) they go along with the pp perfectly. the shade may be off but they compliment each other.

    so want to get some more of these packs

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    its so cool (11 July 2010)

    the color pallet is really pretty nutral and bright in that retro sorta way. can totally use the extra paper, because you get ALOT OF IT, for may different pages that will have nothing to do with "school" and the glitter is just one of thoses extra perks

    the paper is pretty thick and very yummy

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    love it (11 July 2010)

    i was so bummed when they discontued the kukyo adhesive (it was my favorite) but this stuff comes pretty close to what i have found. love how it feels in my hand and the coverage is great. and its easy to pull up and move if you accidently place your picture in the wrong spot.

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    a new favorite manufacture (13 March 2009)

    i've been eyeing CC stuff for a while and can now say that I am truly in love with 95% percent of all there products. the paper is thick and very nice that way. the colors in the pack, although dominantly "girly" there are some sheets that can work for the more ruff and tumble girls along with little or older brothers. very fun and playful

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    great paper (13 March 2009)

    great paper, vibrant colors ... what can i say I LOVE BASIC GREY!

  • Great STamp (02 November 2008)

    Love the size of this guy about 2" works perfect with the paper or where ever you need a little frog prince.

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    best pens ever!!!! (30 January 2008)

    so i've tried just about all the "journaling" pens out there, and i keep coming back to these. i started with them and will contune to use them! they do everything and so neatly too.... i even have the colored inks too. this manufacture is AWSOME

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    so thought i was never going to get this tool (08 January 2008)

    oky so i wasnt origianally going to ever get this tool, i have a eyelet setter (the clickit) and love that i can use it anywhere on the page yadda yadda yadda. but my scrap space changed recently where i CANNOT pound on the table surface, so i got the cropadile. and love it love the ease and the fact that it setts the eyelets perfect just about everytime, versa the more traditional way where i would have a more than a few mishabs. only thing i dont like is the limited hole punch and setting thing at a inch.