Erin13's Reviews

  • I wouldn't spend the money again (09 August 2007)

    My dh purchased me one of these for Christmas a year and a half ago. The size is fantastic and so are all the pocket. It keeps everything nice and separated, my friends tease that it is like a magicians hat sort of a bottomless pit of fun stuff. But on the down side two months after I got it the side zipper broke, dh got it closed again and there are so many other pockets I didn't think much about it. Then about four months ago the bottom supports fell right out of it. Now I am really gentle with my stuff and when this happened I had only been going to crops for about three months so most of it's life it sat next to my kitchen table just as storage. When I called the company they said that it had been over a year and they can't fix normal wear and tear any way. I don't feel the supports falling out would constitute normal wear and tear. So if I were given the chance to purchase this again I would take my money to another company

  • Verified Buyer

    Love this! (09 August 2007)

    This is one of the first scrapbook tools I purchased for myself and I still love it. This is easy and comfortable to use. I like how you butt the center part against the template instead of holding the bare blade against it like some other systems, I have never cut into my template and gouged it yet. It is also very sturdy. Mine has been dropped several times and while it has popped apart once or twice it always has gone back together with no damage to any of the parts. This is the only template tool I recommend to anyone.