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    Very versatile tool... (14 July 2007)

    I have always loved rotary trimmers...they do a much better job then the little stationary blade style ones, and are much easier to line up than a guillotine style.
    However, the portability has been a huge issue until recently. With all the new, portable rotary's coming out, I chose the cutterpede b/c I love the other products by this company. I have not been disappointed! I love the magnetic locking of the bar. I really like that when you push the shuttle all the way back it locks itself in place. There is a variety of optional blades...I really like the deckle for echoing a 'grass' type effect, and the kids that visit to scrap on occasion LOVE the blade options. The blades themselves are super easy to trade in and out, but lock in place well enough that they don't fall off.
    The cutting mat does does wear out fairly quickly on each area, but you can flip it in four different directions, which makes its lifespan pretty substantial. Blades are inexpensive to replace, as are the channel mats.
    Straight lines are a breeze.

    Love this trimmer!
    Highly recommended...have NO reason to complain about whatsoever, and will not switch trimmers anytime soon.


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    One of the best circle cutters (14 July 2007)

    I have tried several...the circle scissor, the fiskars shape cutter, and several others. The only tool I've found that's easier to use than this one is the CM circle tool. However, for the price difference between the two, this is the best choice between the two. There is a slight difference in how easy it is to use, but a huge difference in price.

    -On a glass cutting mat, this cuts beautifully.
    -Circles are smooth on the edges, not slightly town, or imperfect as I found happened with some other circle cutters.
    -Matting is easy to cut, and it's easy to keep track of what size you're cutting (unlike the coluzzle).

    -Does NOT work on a self healing mat. MUST be used on a glass cutting board! The packaging did not state this (at least when I purchased mine) but the instructions do.
    -On mine at least, the 'maps' in the center do not line up properly. Until I figured this out, I ruined a couple of photos.

    Thanks to Flamingo for helping me figure out the sizing issue...I really appreciate it.

    I have had some issues with my blade carriage...I am currently contacting EK Success about this...I have heard their customer service is second to none, however!

    Hope this helps!

  • My favorite scissors! (11 July 2007)

    I do a LOT of paper pieceings, and these sharp-to-their-tiny-tip scissors get into even the smallest little areas to snip and clip those tiny little bitty pieces off.

    It's also extremely useful when I start running low on adhesive. The non-stick surface can be used to cut photo tabs into two or three smaller pieces to make them go further.

    The tip gaurd is also nice to keep them from poking holes in my hand when I'm digging around in my scissor drawer! (yes, I have a whole drawer...and that's NOT counting the fancy edges. BUT this is my favorite of them all!)

    These are the scissors that I keep tucked away and hidden, so that no-one in the family walks away with them! I've had them four years...they are still going strong, have not been sharpened, believe it or not, and I don't want to lose them now!
    Gotta love 'em!