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    LOVE THESE!!! (04 June 2008)

    These beautifully intricate stencils are GORGEOUS!! Once I saw them in real life I just had to have them...they did not disappoint. They are wonderful to use with mist spray, chalk, staz-on ink, chalk ink..... gorgeous! They are good quality too...not to thin.

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    good product! (15 April 2008)

    These chipboard letters are a little large but they are beautiful and excellent quality! The adhesive back works excellent and doesn't need extra adhesive like many other brands of chipboard. They punch out easily and clean. I also like that when you pop a letter out, the back sheet of plastic stays attached to the letter you took out...that way when you go to ink, paint, cover them etc the protective plastic is still on your letter and your letter isn't sticking to everything before you get it on your layout. FYI - these are very similar to the mini monograms.

  • great deal (04 April 2008)

    This glue works wonderful and it a great way to keep your pages economical. It's doesn't wrinkle or buckle or anything like that...wonderful way to attach large sheets of cardstock, pattern paper, chipboard etc.

    The reason I only gave it a 3 out of 5 is because it is STINKY!! It's quite strong smelling..very industrial smell and when I used it at crops someone always said something along the lines of 'ewww...what's that strong smell'.

    So, it's a wonderful glue but if you are sensitive to smells you may wish to opt for something less smelly ;)

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    LOVE THESE!! (14 March 2008)

    Out of all the chipboard that I have purchased these are some of my favourites. The shapes are perfect and this package goes a long long way. I've painted them, inked them, covered them in pattern paper, cut them with my exacto knife to change the shape as necessary.... great bang for your buck!! I've even used the negative shape to trace & make more chipboard elements.

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    Fun & Easy (03 January 2008)

    These new Queen & Co ribbons are a dream to work with and look & feel great. I love them and highly recommend them!

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    Love these (03 January 2008)

    I love these rub-ons. They don't crack when you try to rub them on ...the lines stay together. They are also great eye-candy. I only gave them 4 out of 5 because theare so close together on the sheet you have to be really really careful cutting them out so they don't stick to your scissors. I would still recommend them though.

  • so disappointed (29 October 2007)

    I was sooooo disappointed in the quality of these rub-ons. I have used dozens and dozens of different brands and these were by far the worst I've EVER used. Most of the rub-ons were stuck completely to the backing that is used to keep them from sticking!!! I love luxe's designs but after this bad experience I won't waste my money on their product ever again.