Ann2mauibeach's Reviews

  • three times the difficulty (27 March 2008)

    I have the pink adhesive roller and hated it. You must press very hard to get it rolling. Very cheap though. I prefer other (maybe more costly) adhesive rollers because I don't want to use my time getting the roller to work.

  • Press as hard as you can (27 March 2008)

    This adhesive roller almost had me in tears. It is SO hard to get rolling you don't want to stop or you'll never get it going again. You have to press so hard you leave two lines on your pages where the white plastic presses.

  • Great catch all and organizer! (23 March 2008)

    Don't you love when you buy something and use it so much that you think "What did I ever do before I had this?" Well, this is that prduct for me. I have my sissors in the front, glue in the front, rulers and tearers (paper rippers) in the back, glue dots in the middle and my label maker in the back, too. Pens and pencils fit nicely. You will certaintly be pleased!

  • love the minis! (23 March 2008)

    I was just throwing various products in my basket but I have found I have used most of these little brads! The colors are great. I have 2 boys and use all the colors! I love how tiny they are! The price is unbeatable so just try them!