Janet F's Reviews

  • Difficult (12 June 2009)

    I think this paper is really really beautiful, but i actually find very big bold designs like this really difficult to work with. I'm never sure how to place my photos without taking away from the paper or making the LO look completely unbalanced. I prefer the green side actually.

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    So much to choose (02 May 2009)

    I think this is such a great gift to anyone who loves craft. i have both received and given away $10 vouchers. Obviously you could ones that cost more, but what I love is that there really is loads on sb.com that you can buy with a $10 voucher, I'd be happy to receive one any day of the year.

  • Boys and flowers (09 January 2009)

    I have only sons, but I still love flowers and these are fabulous to use on boy LOs as they have a great variety of shades and sizes and the patterns make them a little less feminine. I think they'd work great on girly pages to, but I don't get to do any of those.

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    Everyone needs this! (18 October 2008)

    I bought the black and cream version of this awhile ago and loved it so much I just had to have this 1 as well. There are so many circles on here that it will keep going for multiple LOs and none of them are exactly the same. I love the small journalling circle to. If you haven't already got this, but it quick!!!

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    So much!!! (18 October 2008)

    There is so much in this fabulous little boX!!!

    When it arrived it was smaller than I'd thought it would be, but once you get it open, there is so much packed in there and there is such a variety of beautiful flowers. A really gorgeous box, I would definately recomment this as a gift for someone, any scrapper would be over the moon with this.

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    Love it!!! (18 October 2008)

    I really love this felt fusion. Some of the other ones i have used in the past are difficult to stick because they et twisted around them selves and stuck together, but you don't have this problem with this one and it looks fabulous, I think it provides a really classy look to a page.

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    So much easier (18 October 2008)

    I love these streaks of paint. You could create them on your own with paint, but it is so much easier to use rubons and you avoid mistakes. I love the rough look they give to a page. I am using them in a mini album at the moment.

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    White pen (30 June 2008)

    This is the first time I've bought a white pen, I have always used silver before, but this pen is fab fab fab!!! I have used it on all sorts of different card and paper and it is awesome for adding that little something to a LO or even just for outlining something to make it stand out. Would definately reccomend!

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    Holiday scrapping (15 June 2008)

    I have just returned to England from 2 weeks in Canada, after umming and ahhing over whether to take my croppin' companion along(I bought it to go to my weekly crop), I can say I am so so glad that I did.

    I decided I'd have a go at scrapping while on holiday so took my tools and necessary bits with me - I used my tote as my hand luggage and fitted in my scrapping stuff + plus my hand bag, drinks and various items for my kids. It was easy to carry and fitted perrfectly in the overhead lockers.

    While on holiday I bought LOADS of scrapping supplies and everytime I thought I could not possibly fit another thing in there, it all went in. I am amazed by how much you can fit in there and although it was heavy on the way back it was still easy to carry.

    I highly reccommend this tote, it was great to support my holiday shopping and I even got 5 LOs done while I was away.