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    fun little guy!!! (30 April 2008)

    i love this little guy!!! it has lasted me so long and i use it often. it is quite easy to operate, so very useful for even the newest scrapper. it is really great for all those little things that are hard to adhese with a normal tape runner and that you might not want to glue. i use it all the time for small letters i print up from the cricut. this is a really inexpensive yet very useful tool!

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    Perfect (27 December 2007)

    this is an awesome little pack of paper. jam packed full of high quality cardstock in beautiful colors! i am going to buy one of each of their packs, i use it all the time. i like that the paper has a texture too! i use it to cut out letters and shapes and have had no problems as others have experienced. i used it in a new cricut and it turned out lovely. i would highly recommend this as a basis for any scrapper

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    Awesome (27 December 2007)

    i just love Autumn Leaves buttons! they are always a great price and the little bag makes things very handy. i use buttons all the time and these are wonderful. Autumn Leaves always have such a great selection of colors and there are always a wide variety of shapes and sizes. i have yet to find any broken buttons like some of the other brands of buttons i have tried. Awesome!!!

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    the BEST!!! (27 December 2007)

    these are the best little scissors i have ever owned! they are super sharp along the entire blade. and they come with a much needed and wonderful little blade cover. i like that they lock closed. that helps with little ones in the house. and the grippy handles make them very comfortable!

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    great trimmer (27 December 2007)

    i have had several trimmers in this price range and this is the best by far. the blade has stayed sharp much longer. i have yet to replace it where i was replacing blades monthly with previous ones. this is a GREAT trimmer in my mind. i have not had any problems as mentioned by some others. i have been using mine for some time now and as long as i am not going at a super fast rate of speed my cutter cuts beautifully straight lines.

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    coolest little guy (27 December 2007)

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE my crop-a-dile... it was the best gift i got all year!!!!!!! i have used it several times now and am looking for projects i can do just so i can use my new best friend. it is easy to use and best of all quiet. no more banging of that little hammer! it is very comfortable and punches through anything like butter!

    everyone needs one of these. they are not expensive and worth 10 times what you will pay! i would suggest also getting the little box it resides in because it comes with tons of brads in 8 colors. it is a great start to a new technique.