Colorado Kari's Reviews

  • Expensive but worth it! (13 November 2007)

    I have used my share of paper trimmers and this is by far the best one! You will not believe how close it trims until you use it for yourself. I love that it folds up for travel and storage. The magnetic ruler is super strong. I've cut up to 3 sheets of cardstock at a time and it works great!

  • Great Ideas! (13 November 2007)

    This book is full of wonderful ideas to decorate your home for the Christmas season. Many of the decorations could be used for year round use if you choose different papers and embellishments. The directions are easy to use and they include a helpful list of supplies as well as where they purchased the supplies.

  • Tag Maker (13 November 2007)

    I bought my tag maker a week or so ago and have used it several times. I do agree that the tags could be squashed using a hammer or rolling pin but why do that when you have a fun tool like this? My tags were getting stuck inside the squisher part but I solved that by putting just part of the tag inside the squishing part and rotating it a few times until the whole tag has been squished.