Punkinpye's Reviews

  • awesome tote! (13 July 2007)

    I have had my CIS jr for about 4 years now and it is still in just perfect reliable and new shape! Its very spacy for your pages, tons of pen and scissor storage and many different sized compartments for your smaller things. A real comfortable woven shoulder strap makes carrying heavy loads easy.
    I sit mine right on top of my Navigator tote and with the velcro loop it has on the back, it secures right to it and works great together!
    A very nice tote I recommend to everyone :)

  • The no fail trusty spacious tote... (13 July 2007)

    I have had my tote for two years now and I have to say, I would be lost without it! I have taken it to SO many crops, parties, classes and trips. Its been upstairs, downstairs, dragged all over the place and still is as sturdy as ever. I like its real open and wider storage spaces as well as smaller more accomodating stash areas for your smaller things. I have a smaller tote that sits perfectly on top of it when it is closed and makes my trips so much easier and organized. It also fits my cricut very easily without having to rearrange much.
    If you are an away scrapper, this tote will be your best friend.

  • the IDEAL white pen! (13 July 2007)

    This pen goes ANYWHERE and writes on it all!!! Its very opaque and will show up on so many different surfaces! so far i have used it on black and other dark colroed cardstocks and on a photo.... went on smooth and no smudging!
    Well worth it to have and one that I will always have in my "necessary tools"

  • By far... my FAVORITE inks! (13 July 2007)

    I started out with this set and now I have MANY MANY colors of these little ink pads in my collection. I really like how vibrant and easy they are to use... making that perfect finishing touch on your projects. Perfect for distressing paper edges and work well with stamping!
    They do tend to stain acrylic stamps but otherwise work and clean up just fine!

  • small but mighty (13 July 2007)

    great little alpha stamps... perfect for card making!
    my only complaint would be that they are hard to line up with such a bulky wood base. Other than that, I use these alot on my stamps and smaller projects like stamping onto ribbon or twill :)

  • The best flourish stamps ever! (13 July 2007)

    I am so in love with these whimsystamps! They work so well and copy to your project so clearly... easy to use, great variety!
    I would like to get the rest of the flourish kits since this one was so great! HIGHLY recommend... a must have for any stamper/scrapper

  • HIGHLY recommend this tote! (12 July 2007)

    I received this tote (but in purple) as a gift and I just love it!
    it is the perfect size and has a place for everything. I use it for storing the tools and items I use the most so its always on my workspace, ready for traveling to a crop or just workin at home.
    I like all the storage and spaces it provides as well as the sturdy material and trendy colors it comes in!
    Well worth the money and a must have for any scrapper, you will be so happy you got it!!!

  • found on a whim, now they are a must have ! (12 July 2007)

    I found these alphas by accident at my lss... thought what the heck and bought them. That was it! I always have to have them on hand now, the white and the black. They arent too big, real easy to cover or modify to your theme and real sturdy. They are a wee bit hard to punch out of the board but other than that, great to use!

  • Great stuff!!! (12 July 2007)

    I just bought these and I love them! I like the thickness of them and the colors they come in as well. :)

  • Great paper storage find in these!!! (12 July 2007)

    I just love these holders! I like how much paper they hold and how sturdy they are on my shelves. Makes organizing your papers a breeze! reasonably priced too :)