Sassie's Reviews

  • Gr8 customer service! (30 October 2017)

    I had a issue with a stamp. It couldn’t stamp w/out pooling. Contacted the company & a few days l8er I got a new stamp set!!

  • Wonderful Stamp! (14 April 2015)

    I really didn't know what to except with there wooden stamps.

    This isn't much like a "wooden stamp" at all really. It was a nice easy press - didn't get ink were it wasn't to be. Totally in love with this wood (and I don't like other wooden stamps much)

    Just love everything about Prima!

  • Verified Buyer

    Very Handy tool - a MUST have (07 September 2012)

    for anyone that likes to age things or just rip 'em up! This is perfect down to being able to etch into the photo!! This thing gets an A+ from me!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute little stamp (07 September 2012)

    A little bit harder to read then I was hoping -- but with all that cramed into a small space what do you expect?

    I still <3 it because of the messy look compaired to the other ATC bg's i found that were clean & crisp (boring) LOL!

  • Yes, yet another product .. (13 August 2012)

    so vercitile and super, only bad thing is learning to get the centering its worth it though ... must hae

  • Totally adult cute! Not just kids cute (09 August 2012)

    LOVE this whole line again! Finally adult style halloween stuff!! Love it, also there chipboard embelly, the specialty paper & other embellys for this line ROCK! Love ya K&C!

  • Got this WHOLE Halloween line at my LSS (08 August 2012)

    Omg its simply gorgeous! I wanted something "adult" Halloween. Since everything is basically for children with smile's all over LOL! This is fantastic - thanks for listening to the customers Moxxie, I love this line triple A+

  • Not impressed at all! (16 July 2012)

    So, I tryed this next to Glimmer Mist, Also next to Homeaid spray red metalic w/orage peralx -- and there is not much of a diffrence at all.

    I would say for the $$ if you dont care about name brand this would be a better value. There is more here, then in the Glimer Mist's ... so I guess it depends on what you want to do.

    Im kinda disapointed, I thought with all this hype .... it would have been more of a -WOW-

  • Nice but Sizzix folders are tight!! (05 July 2012)

    I was kinda disappointed when I got this. I asked the company specifically if the sizzix would fit. As I dont have many other brands, there reply was yes!

    Well they fit BUT you have to only put in the smallest side of the folder & leave the other hanging out. Also I dont feel very safe about the folders being on top, Ive yet to travel with this ... but Im concerned they will fall out.

    Ok, so they actually stick so tight in the pockets they are hard to pull out once they are in. Its been 100+ degree in heat, and some of the images have actually melted into the plastic ... and the pages have stuck together. So Ive went from 2 star's going down to 1 -- and I wouldnt recoment spending 20$ for this. Not even 10$

  • Verified Buyer

    Cute and only 1 cent .... (07 June 2012)

    Couldnt pass it up! Thanks for this awsome stamp set, I love birds & bee's YAY