Scrappin Kitty's Reviews

  • awesome product (22 March 2011)

    The Martha Stewart around the page loops are awesome! It is easy to use with the guides, not hard to punch as some brands are, and gives a crisp punch without tearing the paper as some other brands also do. Only time I've ever had an issue with this punch set is by either not using the guide corectly, or not measuring right for the corners to meet the straight part, so that does take a bit of getting use to. I would recomend it to both a novice scrapper and an experienced one.

  • waste of money (30 November 2009)

    This tool is a waste of money! I've tried using it several times and everytime the results look awful. I know first graders whos cuts look better than this tool produces. The templates are awful as well, even for just tracing. The hearts especially look like something a first grader could do better on drawing free hand. Seriously don't bother spending your $ on this, you'll end up hating it.

  • Verified Buyer

    LOVE IT!!! (01 May 2009)

    I just bought this today and absolutely LOVE IT!!! The brush is small and stiff which makes it easy to do detailed work, doodle, or even journal. It takes only a few seconds to dry which makes it less likely to smear. For this particular color it is about as shiny as silver embossing powder once dry. Id highly recommend it to everyone!

  • Verified Buyer

    not too impressed (07 March 2009)

    I've had this product for a while now, and so far I'm really unimpressed. I like working with a lot of layers on my LOs, and the freeze frame is not designed to work with layers as a whole, so you have to do a layer, line up the frame, glue, and then do the next layer. Kind of defeats the purpose of the product since you can't wait to glue till the end, like most of us like to do. I'm sure it would be perfect for mosaics and stuff like that though, so if that is your thing I'd say you'll love this product, however if you like layering at all, don't bother with it.

  • Beautiful!!! (02 March 2009)

    I just bought this stack and instantly feel in love!!! All of the papers are blingy and vibrent and made me think of an English garden. I can't wait to dig into the stack, there were very few pages that I didn't care for, and even those I could think of uses for. None of the paper was bland, boring or ugly as you get with some stacks. I would highly recommend this stack to everyone wanting to add flowery bling to your LOs :)

  • Verified Buyer

    Awesome!!! (24 January 2009)

    The colors in the Bazzill Basics 12x12 Cardstock Mulitpack Destinations Dark look kind of dull on here, but once I got this pack in the mail it was beautiful! The colors are rich and dark, not dull at all. Also love the texture. This pack is perfect for pretty much anything, I have two girls, and when paired with lighter cs, or pp the colors just pop. I will be getting some more of this CS in the future!

  • Verified Buyer

    Awesome!!! (19 March 2008)

    If you are looking for a card stock that is dull and flat, then you will hate this product, but if you want a metallic stack that is vibrant, and wonderfully textured then look no farther because this stack is what your looking for. It has all of the colors you would expect in a metallic stack, like gold silver and bronze, but it also has wonderful hues like green, pink, purple and blue that all shimmer and shine like real metal. I just got this stack 3 days ago and have already used it on 4 different projects. The white core makes it easy to distress, and the linen texture catches the light to make the projects really shine. I'm pretty sure if you give this stack a try you will love it!

  • not a fave (13 November 2007)

    I love most of the Tim Holtz distress line, but this product fell a bit short of what I expected. It doesn't show up as well as some of the other Ranger embossing powders, and the gritty texture makes it to where its not good to use on any detailed designs. I will continue to use what is left of my jar, but won't be buying it again.

  • Awesome!!! (13 November 2007)

    This whole line of Rock Star Products is awesome!! The ribbon sticks really well and coordinates perfectly with the extremely cool DCWV Rock star pp, or even with a lot of the other grunge products out there. This ribbon is perfect for a teen or pre-teen with an attitude LOs, or even some one just being a diva.

  • Verified Buyer

    Coluzzle, a little small, but worth it (25 July 2007)

    I just got my Coluzzle Nested Circle Template, and it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but I just used it on some smaller circles and it works GREAT!!! The see through plastic made it so that I could position it perfectly on my card stock. I used a regular craft knife instead of a swivel knife, so it made it a little trickier to create the small curves, but it worked well on the larger ones. I then used a pair of embroidery scissors to snip the small areas that were still connected. I would recommend the Coluzzle Nested Circle Template to anyone who wants to create small perfectly round circles.