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    Not even close to looking purple! (10 August 2013)

    I got this mist as part of a gift to work on wedding related layouts, since purple was my color. This mist looks NOTHING like the image or anything I would expect from something called "dark purple". In fact, it looks almost like a burgundy color.

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    Finally got my hands on them! (13 April 2012)

    I've been waiting for these flowers for weeks, possible even months. Purple is my fave color and they looked too cute to pass up. When they finally came in, I ordered 2 packages! Glad to say they're just as good looking in person, and glad I ordered 2.

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    Cool design (13 March 2012)

    I love TCW templates, and t his one is no different! I like the geometric look

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    Bits of elegance (13 March 2012)

    Just got these, and I love them. They're so pretty and delicate. I love using metal but sometimes it can be heavy/masculine and these are just lovely!

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    Pretty and elegant (13 March 2012)

    I love the b & w color combo, and I just love bo bunny brads!

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    Pretty, but not green (13 March 2012)

    This mist is pretty, but like the previous reviewer said, it is not green at all, and doesn't look like the picture. It's blue. Light, maybe turquoise, but it's definitely blue.

  • jam-packed with ideas! (11 June 2011)

    this magazine is jam-packed with ideas, from how to organize different things, to altering and repurposing items you already own to personalize your space. There's a wide range of examples of spaces, from small to large rooms, and I was definitely inspired by many of the ideas.

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    so far, no good (01 May 2011)

    Got this recently in a secret sister swap, and finally put batteries in to use it. Seemed to work ok at first, heated up. managed to adhere ONE gem with it. tried to adhere more, and nada! sat there holding the thing for I don't know how long, didn't seem to be getting hot at all. Took the batteries out and put them back in, tried again. still nothing and now I've held it so long my wrist is sore. fooey!

  • disappointing (29 October 2010)

    I loved the first one Jen McGuire did a couple years ago, but this was a disappointment. Maybe it was because my own scrapping has advanced. But I felt like they repeated some of the same techniques, and some of the pictures really didn't show off the intended technique very well, sometimes I couldn't make it out at all.

    This might work for a beginner, but it wasn't worth $15 to me.

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    adorable (02 September 2010)

    this stamp is adorable, I had fun coloring it in, but the backing STUCK like I could not believe! I seriously could not peel the stamp off the backing for several minutes, I have never had that problem with any other acrylic stamp.

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    Not impressed (08 August 2010)

    I'm on my second bottle of this, because the first bottle totally dried up. I didn't know I was supposed to keep the flat cap on when not in use, which is a nuisance to switch.

    I bought this to use on an acrylic album, because it's supposed to dry "clear", but I can totally see it through the acrylic. I may as well have just stuck to my tape runner.

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    comes in handy (02 May 2010)

    I'm still learning about what I can do with alcohol inks, but this tool really comes in handy. however, after only like the 2nd time using it, the handle pulled off! I used glue dots to hold it down, which seems to do the trick besides being a bit loose.

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    Smaller than I realized (25 March 2010)

    The frames are very pretty, but they're so SMALL! Even the biggest one couldn't frame anything but a small photo. If I had realized it, I wouldn't have bought them.

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    useful color (07 March 2010)

    gotta love stickles. and while I ordered this color for a specific project, I've ended up using it a lot more often than expected. I think it's going to be the first bottle I replace!

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    got stickles? (07 March 2010)

    I love stickles. the silver one is really a "must" for your collection. it really does make life easier than using glitter with separate adhesive.

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    pretty color (07 March 2010)

    this is a lovely shade of blue, and turned out to be just perfect for an album I'm working on that includes alot of teal. I tried using it with a mask on metallic silver cardstock, but it didn't show very well, maybe better on a different/non-metallic cardstock.

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    shimmery with heavy application (07 March 2010)

    I'm finally getting the hang of glimmer mist. I used the silver on black power, and it did require a heavy hand to see a silvery sheen. the mist is definitely better with funky and artsy pages, not as good if you want a smooth, consistent coverage.

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    fun to use (07 March 2010)

    I really like these. I just wish there were more words!

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    pretty but confusing (13 February 2010)

    This is the first specialty/double punch I bought, and have to say its a bit confusing to use. The directions on the box aren't very good, they mention looking through a "window" on the punch - what window? and I was still confused even after watching the video on sb.com. I guess I have to hope that the punched heart stays exactly in place while I try to emboss it.

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    love the color scheme! (14 December 2009)

    I just love this pack, especially because it has the red/aqua blue color combo that I'm just loving these days. of course it has some green too, but its not the dominant red/green combos that have become oversaturated. the rub-ons are cute and I like the cards that come with it, I just wish there were some alphabet stickers with it.

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    silky smooth (28 November 2009)

    LOVE these! just got them, and I love the silky smoothness of the cream chalks, so much more than regular chalk (which I also have). they don't seem to smudge as much as regular chalk, and I love the metallic sheen.

  • cute and fun (14 November 2009)

    I like these little letters, they're cute.

  • so pretty! (13 October 2009)

    love the soft feel of this, and the antiqued metal centers with bling. do wish the blue were a little more like the picture though, they're actually darker IRL. but still pretty!

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    bling's the thing (01 October 2009)

    I love these designs. does require care when applying.

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    nothing's better than bling! (01 October 2009)

    I love all the bling items from Zva.just got t his one today and can't wait to use it, I already have some ideas in mind. just have to be careful applying it, cause its a little tricky.

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    fun punch (30 August 2009)

    Love this punch! just had to have it. I love the loopy design.

  • cute (16 August 2009)

    I got these a gift, think they'd be good on a heritage or vintage page of some kind.

  • gotta love maya road (11 August 2009)

    I love anything maya road. These chipboard die cuts are fun to play with and embellish and add some dimension to your page.

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    very luxurious (10 August 2009)

    I actually bought these for someone, but I may need to buy myself some - the softness and richness of the velvet is great!

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    gotta love Maya Road! (10 August 2009)

    I love all stuff maya road, and I love rub-ons, so these are a match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned! and it didn't hurt any that they were on clearance! the petite size make these handy for cards, or borders around photos, for corners, etc.

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    my "go-to" cardstock! (10 August 2009)

    I love AC paper in general, but the white pack is my "go to" - it comes in handy for everything, from layouts to atcs to cards!

  • lovin' these punches (02 August 2009)

    I got this one as a gift from my Secret Sister, and it is so pretty to use! I'm lovin' these EK border punches, like them better than the Fiskars ones.

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    Just what I needed! (02 August 2009)

    I was making a gift album and the 8x8 post-bound book I originally was planning to use was too narrow for the many, bulky pages I made - this ring-binder album was perfect! and since its for a baby album, even without knowing if its a boy or girl, the pastel-type shade worked out great. and didn't help that its on clearance!

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    fun color combo (13 July 2009)

    I'm having a great time exploring the different colors of alcohol inks, especially on acrylic. this is one of my fave color packs.

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    love the metallic look (13 July 2009)

    just got into alcohol inks, and thought the metallics would add a nice touch. these are more opaque, unlike the other translucent colors. they add a nice sparkly touch, but be careful - a little goes a long way and you could end up covering your other colors too much.

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    useful but may need to (13 July 2009)

    reinforce the handle. After only a few times using it, the handle pulled out of the base. I put a few glue dots on the bottom of the handle and back in it went! very useful when using the tim holtz alcohol inks, which are some of my new fave products.

  • fun and convenient (09 July 2009)

    I love having a bunch of designs to choose from and not having to cut them out myself, especially since there are no leftover pieces of cardstock to deal with if I only want one border!

  • handy for piercing (26 June 2009)

    I know I could use a needle, but this is just more comfortable because of the handle.

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    one of my new faves! (22 June 2009)

    This is the first pack of alcohol inks I've bought, and I'm having so much fun. Nothing to actually show for it since I'm still playing around with them and getting the feel for them, but I'm having fun! I love the look of them.

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    Fun to play with (21 June 2009)

    I've been too intimidated to play with acrylic, so I thought these would be a great, fun, SMALL way to start! Love the look of alcohol ink on these, but takes some practice to stamp or ink them, even with the recommended inks. I know many acrylic pieces say you can emboss on them, but I wouldn't recommend it on these, as they started to warp when I heated them. though it could be user error!

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    love the color combo! (15 June 2009)

    black/purple/lime green is one of my current fave color combos. I don't actually use many flowers, but I just couldn't resist some of these ones. I may even have to get some of the blue/green ones too!

  • pretty but sticky/clingy (02 June 2009)

    As pretty as these are, I just opened my package for the first time, and immediately got it all tangled up while trying to peel it off the plastic, and ruined it :(

  • my new fave album (31 May 2009)

    After hearing raves about these albums, especially because of the convenience of moving pages around in the binding, I finally bought one. The color on this one is great, and I'm looking forward to adding to this album.

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    another fun template (30 May 2009)

    I love all TCW templates, they're alot of fun, reusable, with multiple shapes/designs within any given template, you get alot of bang for your buck with these.

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    obsessed with stitching (30 May 2009)

    I'm loving all these bazzill templates, and am obsessed with stitching in general these days. I also like circles, but never seem to think of using them, so this template is a great way for me to incorporate circles into my layouts.

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    love the shape (30 May 2009)

    there's something about this particular shape die-cut that I just love, and these labels are just too cute. As I'm discovering now, JBS products are high-quality stuff.

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    smooth rubbing (30 May 2009)

    I love rub-ons, and I'm happy to say that these are high quality and easy to use.

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    high quality rub-ons (30 May 2009)

    these are one of the first JBS products I've ever bought, and the quality of these rub-ons did not disappoint. They rub on smooth.

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    BG - who could go wrong? (30 May 2009)

    I love pretty much anything basic grey. everything is so high quality, including these rub-ons, and we all know what bad rub-ons are like :(

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    fun stamp sizes (30 May 2009)

    I'm really liking these small new stamps from prima, they're good sizes for doing little backgrounds on cards.

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    perfect for baby album (30 May 2009)

    I'm making a baby album as a gift, and what album would be complete if it didn't include some food fight, errr fun, pages? :)

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    sweet paper (30 May 2009)

    making a baby album as a surprise gift, and t his paper was too cute to pass up.

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    Just bought it! (26 May 2009)

    I really wanted this one, so I caved and got it. I really like the one other EK edger punch I have, so I knew this would be a good buy. I used it on scrap patterned paper to create a border for a page, Its such a fun look.

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    Now I see... (10 May 2009)

    why people like chalk! bought it having no idea what I'd really do with it, but in the last couple of weeks I've been chalking up a store, especially on a baby album I'm working on, since it ads soft color. Glad I took a chance on it.

    The only thing I don't like is the applicator, the clip constantly falls out of the handle. Luckily a friend suggested I put a glue dot inside the handle, and now it stays put!

  • can't wait to use! (05 May 2009)

    just bought these recently, but I love all thickers, particularly the foam ones. These are a little smaller than some, which is good for me, because they still have some visual oomph but don't take up as much room.

  • thickers rock (04 May 2009)

    I love all thickers, but these foil chipboard ones are just cool! and I like this particular font style.

  • Love it! can't get enough! (29 March 2009)

    I just LOVE this issue, its packed full of fun examples and inspiration. I look through it again and again, especially since I'm more into mini-albums these days. If you like mini-albums, you can't go wrong with this, its well worth the cost and more!

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    Took a while (28 March 2009)

    to figure out something to do with them, but eventually I did. They're a fun interactive element, which I don't often do, which is why it was hard for me (I'd like to do more, which is why I bought them). It is a bit difficult to get the clasp open, though.

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    love all thickers! (21 March 2009)

    these are the first puffy thickers I've bought, and I like them just as much as the others I've bought.

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    handy and non-intimidating! (21 March 2009)

    Up until now, I've hated exacto and craft knives, I feel awkward using them and worried that I'll cut myself. This is easy for me to use, and comfortable.

  • fun to use (13 March 2009)

    good for a little something extra, and especially good for attaching vellum, acetate and other clear things without worrying about adhesive poking through the back.

  • fun to use (06 March 2009)

    I have several of these now. its nice to have some fun, creative borders to use (I don't have a cricut). it just makes life easier than trying to cut complicated designs by hand.

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    love embossing (06 March 2009)

    have had this handy tool for a few years now. love to emboss. make sure to warm it up a bit first before using it on your paper, it'll minimize the chances of scorching the paper.

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    love AC ribbons (06 March 2009)

    American Crafts ribbons are high quality, and the boutique ones are especially pretty. I love the shades on this particular collection.

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    obsessed with stitching (06 March 2009)

    stitching is one of my newest obsessions, and I just got the alphabet template from a recent scrapbook event. the templates just make my life so much easier, rather than hand drawing the image I want.

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    fun and easy (06 March 2009)

    I'm really enjoying these new strips from Bazzill, I have a few of them now. Allows me to have some fun and tricky borders without having to find ways to cut them myself (don't have a cricut or such machine).

  • love 'em (02 March 2009)

    I love pretty much anything american crafts. Their stuff is almost always high quality. I used these on my xmas cards, they're very cute!

  • so so (02 March 2009)

    I like the idea, but it takes some attention to get the staples fastened correctly. sometimes a prong will bend out of shape and not go through, ruining the staple and the page.

  • like the idea (02 March 2009)

    I like the idea of the big staples, but I sometimes have a hard time stapling them thoroughly with the fastenator - i.e. one of the prongs bends but doesn't go through all the way, etc. Requires a little more TLC than a regular stapler.

  • comes in handy (28 February 2009)

    while I don't use it often, every once in a while it comes in handy to have.

  • not use for it (28 February 2009)

    bought this because a bunch of my friends were on the band wagon, but just not all that impressed. I wanted to try more distressing techniques, so thought this would be great way to do it, but while I can see the underlying color when I sanded it, its just not as attractive as I thought it would be. maybe if I had gotten one of the darker/bolder color combinations and it stood out more. Its not a bad product per se, I just personally don't care for it.

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    xyron fan (27 February 2009)

    I love pretty much everything xyron. the sticker maker is handy for so many small things!

  • fun punch (27 February 2009)

    I don't buy a lot of punches, but I just had to have this one! just think its really cute and useful for all sorts of pages.

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    smooth rub on (23 February 2009)

    I love just about anything Basic grey, including their rub-ons. they're always high quality, with a smooth transfer to paper.

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    cute (23 February 2009)

    Loved the euphoria paper set and decided to use it for a mini-album gift, so got the brads to go with it. very cute, lots of fun colors and floral images.

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    fun line (23 February 2009)

    love this whole line of his n hers products! working on some fun layouts of me and the bf.

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    lovin' em! (23 February 2009)

    have used a couple of these frames, and just lovin' em! really like how the white board takes to ink, looks better and more accurate than brown chipboard. and the shapes are so cool!

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    loving it! (23 February 2009)

    so far I've only used it a few times, but so far I'm loving the velvet flock. love the soft, touchable texture. particularly good for cards, could get lost on a layout once its behind the sheet protector.

  • stunning and high quality (23 February 2009)

    DCVW always makes such beautiful paper packs, this one is no different. I actually bought one of the smaller packs because this paper is so luxurious I couldn't imagine using it for more than accents and embellies. Beautiful to look at and lovely to touch.

  • very cool (23 January 2009)

    this came in handy when I was working on a recipe swap.

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    handy shapes (11 January 2009)

    I love all the crafter's workshops templates. Just got this one, and used it right away. Liked the idea of creating a shaped page without edgy scissors., especially since its flat and fits easily in with my paper when I'm going to a crop, and has multiple designs on it. I'm a little puzzled as to what the leaves/bushes have to do with a postage stamp, but whatever! still cute.

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    very cute (11 January 2009)

    This punch turned out to be bigger than I realized, which worked out in my favor. Its so cute! I have flourish stamps but I like the idea of a punch to add some texture to a page.

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    great tool (11 January 2009)

    if you like stitching, but have a hard time doing it free hand and don't have a sewing machine. I just got this and I already used it for a page, really like the variety of edges.

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    interactive fun! (11 January 2009)

    these are cute, I finally used them after having for a few months. I used them on a layout about my family's quirks, and made a game spinner that landed on one of the quirks. I like the interactive element, tho once it goes into my album it won't matter since I'm not comfortable cutting the sheet protector around the page. still fun!

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    the only way to stitch! (29 December 2008)

    I couldn't wait to buy these, then never got around to using them, sound familiar, lol! Decided to pull them out this weekend and give them ago, and just haven't stopped! I'm not a sewing machine girl and stitching on layouts seemed so labor intensive, but these little bugs make it easy! just make sure to push down hard enough especially if you have multiple layers.

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    Perfect accessory (26 December 2008)

    for a mini-album I made for my bf of a music festival we went to this summer. They've got some shine and some attitude, and great for a masculine gift.

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    love all xyron! (26 December 2008)

    gotta love anything xyron! the sticker maker totally comes in handy, for small items and letters that are too much of a hassle to use glue sticks on. this just makes everything convenient.

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    love this line! (26 December 2008)

    I just love the paperie collection by MM. Some are feminine, some are elegant, all are fun and pretty! It great to have some fancier brads to choose from.

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    perfect for recipe swap! (19 November 2008)

    this paper is so cool. It was just the thing I was looking for to finish some recipe pages for a swap I'm doing. Because of the paper's design, the layout didn't need alot of embellishments.

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    fun and funky (17 November 2008)

    This Kelly Panacci line is so cool. What a fun theme for layouts! Its just too perfect for a layout about romantic relationships, or even brother/sister relationships. I like the graphic look of the stickers and the papers.

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    romantic and elegant (17 November 2008)

    I love just about every Dream Street collection I've seen! they're just so pretty. This line is is romantic and elegant in a black and white theme, and I can't wait to use it.

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    perfect for recipe swap! (17 November 2008)

    I was so exited to find this line because its perfect for a recipe swap I'm doing. Got it in the mail today and used it right up so I could finish up my project. I like the darker side better than the light green side, but its still cute!

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    pretty and romantic (10 November 2008)

    love the colors in this new line by MM. I'm generally obsessed with journaling spots, and love the pretty patterns on this line. also like the frayed notebook edges to go with it.

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    so pretty! (10 November 2008)

    I just love the new MM paperie line. I like the variety of the brads, from soft and velvety to shiny and textured. This new line adds dimension and romance at the same time.

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    love anything clip it up! (12 October 2008)

    I just love the clip it up, its helped me organize more efficiently and actually be able to find things. and it holds so much, had to order more of these little clips because I didn't get enough when I ordered the base and top ring!

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    wish adhesive was stronger (12 October 2008)

    I like these, they're cute, but I feel like some of the thickers chipboard letters don't stick as well as I'd like. The foam ones seem to stick better.

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    love it! (12 October 2008)

    just think the black is soo cool, and perfect for the mini album I'm making my boyfriend - its masculine as is, don't have to add anything if I don't want to. But if I do add something, the contrast is great!

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    just what I was looking for! (12 October 2008)

    I'm working on a mini-album of a music festival for my bf, and this paper was just perfect!

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    disappointed with variety of phrases (14 August 2008)

    I just got this, and while I probably only need a few anyway, I was disappointed with the variety of phrases. I thought each one would be different, when in fact, several phrases are repeated but with different font styles and texts.

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    good for gift (25 July 2008)

    I thought this was really cute, so I'm going to make a christmas gift for my mom. I'm really into "word" albums thee days, but I liked that the word was only on the title page and didn't have to cut papers around complicated letters on every page :) Not quite sure what to do with the acrylic "skin", but I guess I'll explore that later.

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    just lovely (25 July 2008)

    These papers are so pretty, I'm not sure if I can bring myself to actually use them! I really like the muted, but cheerful and attractive colors.

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    I'm in love! (25 July 2008)

    I ordered several papers from black market paper society, and they're all just as lovely in person! the colors and designs are romantic, and the paper has an interesting texture.

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    ok but curls paper (07 April 2008)

    I definitely like the sheen it gives, but I was disappointed that it curled up the cardstock I was using. I could be applying too much, but I've only used it once so far so I'll have to try it again and see what it does.

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    Just got it (25 February 2008)

    and have already used it! the circle template with the dots made it easy for me to trace an outline for brads and eyelets that i wanted to set in a circle, and keep them evenly spaced. and the flower-edged one is just so sweet, I can't wait to use it!

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    Can't wait to use it! (25 February 2008)

    I'm so excited, having just ordered this from sb.com! in fact, I accidentally ordered 2, so some friend of mine will get to enjoy the extra - the big dilemma will be choosing who gets it! The arrows are so cool, and the dots help imply a greater sense of movement, which is great.

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    gotta have it! (25 February 2008)

    I just bought several of these CTW templates, and I already LOVE them! They're easy to use, convenient to carry to crops, and give you a variety of options even with just one template!

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    gotta have it! (16 February 2008)

    this pack is just gorgeous! the papers have a warm, sweet feel to them, and are good for a variety of romantic or sentimental lo's.

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    fun but random (16 February 2008)

    I like the cool colors in this line, but some of the items, especially the diecuts, are a little too random for me. Example - there's a "crutch" die cut.

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    love 'em! (09 January 2008)

    I just got them in the mail yesterday, and haven't even used them yet, but I love them already! they add a little dimension to the page, and the office theme gives me a different way to think about my journaling.

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    gotta love it! (24 December 2007)

    this pen is absolutely great for writing on dark paper. Nothing else I have works as good as this.